Like in the movie : japan tests flying cars

From one end of tokyo to the other in just ten minutes: that’s what the sky drive company wants to make a reality with its flying cars.

This is how the Sky Drive company envisions the future of the car

This is how the company sky drive envisions the future of the car.

First of all, however, the aircraft are to be used commercially as air cabs.

this summer they will be tested completely for the first time.

  • A company in japan has announced plans to test flying cars for the first time this summer.
  • These are battery powered and have four propellers.
  • They should make it possible to fly from one end of tokyo to the other within ten minutes.
  • The company wants to commercialize its "cars" as early as 2023.

Flying cars sound like something that exists only in sci-fi movies or future projections. But the japanese government sees it differently. As the "japan times" reports, the company sky drive, with the support of the government, has been working for some time on the production of flying means of transport that can accommodate individuals or small groups.

the newsportal calls the invention a "mobility revolution. In fact, sky drive CEO tomohiro fukuzawa believes that by 2050, everyone in tokyo will be using this type of flying transportation to get from one end of the city to the other in just ten minutes. the japanese government is even planning to the point where sky drive’s means of transportation could be commercialized as early as 2023.

Fits in a parking lot

In fact, sky drive is not the only company trying to build flying cars. around 100 such projects are currently underway around the world, including companies such as boeing, airbus and uber. But the flying cars that sky drive has unveiled are much smaller than any of the previous projects and are even designed to fit into a conventional parking space.

Instead of tires, sky drive’s "cars" have four propellers mounted underneath the capsule that holds the passengers. The "car" is also battery powered. With this equipment, it is theoretically possible for the drone-like machine to fly up to 100 kilometers per hour. For the first time, such a prototype was unveiled last december.

Air cabs

This summer, the means of transport are to be fully tested for the first time. Subsequently, the sky drive CEO can imagine that commercial use of the machines could come relatively quickly. "we have in mind to soon launch a kind of air cab that can take people from one place to another in big cities."according to fukuzawa, the cabs should initially be used exclusively over water, as it is still too dangerous to fly over large crowds of people.

In the longer term, the company’s goal is to have sold at least 100 aircraft by 2028. Each model costs as much "as an expensive car".

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