How to wash a car at aral – instructions

Anyone who owns a car knows that regular car cleaning is unavoidable. For exterior cleaning, you can either use a bucket of water and shampoo and soap the car with a brush, or you can go to a professional, such as an aral gas station. High-pressure cleaners, washing lines and washing portals are available there for all-round clean cleaning. But how does car washing work at aral ? After all, the offer is large and can confuse especially novice drivers.

So, how does car wash work at aral? A ticket is purchased at the cash desk, which entitles the holder to have the car washed in the car wash facility. When you buy your ticket, you have to choose between a portal car wash and a car wash line, as well as various cleaning and care programs.

In the past, you used to wash your car in the driveway or on the street yourself. The cleaning was always superficial and the waste water seeped into the ground afterwards. A state of affairs that is no longer up to date today. Modern gantry car wash and washing lines offer comprehensive service. Cleaning and caring for the car while protecting the environment. In addition, the operation is simple. Once you have learned how to do it, you will soon be a pro. With a how does car wash at aral work – instructions the car wash becomes child’s play.

How to wash your car for the first time – how does the car wash at aral work?

Basically, at the aral service station you do what every other car owner does when he wants to wash his car. He goes to the cashier and buys a ticket for the car wash there. But a look at the price board reveals the first problem. Here, the customer can choose between a wash portal and a wash line. In addition, different types of cleaning are offered. This can be confusing at first glance, which is especially the case if you don’t have the practice. Even the terms and designations are unfamiliar and require some experience.

Finally, it is not necessarily clear from descriptions such as basic, all-round, fast and shiny which type of cleaning and care is the better option for your own car. All-round, for example, also includes cleaning of the underbody, which is not included in the basic package. base is therefore suitable for the wash in between. If you bring your car in for a car wash after a long winter, you should also have the underbody cleaned, as road salt lies on the roads in the winter months, which attacks the paintwork and the underbody. A thorough cleaning is recommended at the beginning of spring.

But the choice between washing gantry and washing line is not always easy either. For experienced car washers the wash portal is suitable, for less experienced or for comfortable car drivers the wash line is the better option. This is reflected in various points, for example in the operation and the prewash.

How to proceed correctly with a car wash at aral?

What do airports and the car wash at aral together? Nothing at first glance. Both are used by millions of people every day and are so well organized technically and logistically that there are hardly any problems. The operation of wash lines and wash portals is designed to be intuitively easy to grasp.

Problems that occur are usually due to other reasons. One of them is not properly preparing the vehicle for cleaning. Before a car is cleaned in a washing line or a washing gantry, it must be prepared for this purpose. It goes without saying that a car wash can only deliver good results if the appropriate preparations have been made.

How to prepare your car for the carwash or the gantry carwash?

Both a car wash and a gantry provide pre-cleaning services. During pre-cleaning, the paint and windows are lathered. The foam is used to loosen coarse dirt particles, which are then easier to remove.

A gantry system is less expensive, but is usually operated by the customer himself. Occasionally, a semi-skilled helper is present to operate the gantry system. For the portal car wash, the car is parked in a marked area. The system then goes into operation. The car stops and the system moves back and forth, cleaning the vehicle.

In a washing line, the system is basically at a standstill, only the brushes rotate and move. The vehicle is taken on a chain and pulled through the system. The car passes through various stations. The first one takes over the prewash. Trained personnel usually take action here. The difference is that cleaning in a car wash is more thorough, but the price is higher. A car wash offers further advantages, which are discussed in the following points.

Why is the prewash so important?

The answer to this question lies in the properties of car paint. The operator is exposed to various types of stresses throughout the year. Not only allergy sufferers suffer from pollen in the spring, but also the paint can be attacked by pollen. Insects can turn out to be annoying visitors at the summer night party that you didn’t even invite. If they hit the paint at high speed, they can burn into it.

In autumn, leaves fall from the trees and lie on roads and cars. However, the leaves store moisture. If you step on a leaf, you can slip on it. If leaves are left on the hood or roof for a long time, the moisture can attack the paint and damage it. In winter, it is chemically treated road salt that leaves ugly white marks on leather shoes and also clogs the paint and underbody.

The various loads cause coarse dirt particles to collect on the surface of the paint. In order for the paint to be thoroughly cleaned, these dirt particles must first be removed. After that, the car wash can proceed to the second stage, the fine wash. The fine wash is a prerequisite for the subsequent care and sealing of the lacquer.

The car paint – a little primer clears things up

When the car was in the salesroom at the car dealer, the surface of the paint was still smooth. The shine of the new one stuck to it and this was noticeable by its shine. Out on the road, the paint is exposed to snow, insects, rain, dust and UV light from the sun, all of which attack the surface of the paint over time.

Microscopic irregularities are formed. They are responsible for fading the shine, as dust and other dirt are deposited in it. Also, water will not bead up as quickly as on the smooth surface of a new car. After cleaning in the car wash or portal car wash, the car shines like new again. Finally, dust and dirt have been removed from cracks and cavities in the paint, making it shine again. To prevent dust and dirt from settling back in, the paint can be retreated.

Microscopic particles fill cavities and smooth out irregularities in the after-treatment process. This creates a smooth surface again, where there is no room for dust and dirt. The surface is then sealed. The result is a freshly shining paint, on which water also quickly rolls off again.

Can a car be damaged by a car wash??

The question cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. Basically, car wash gantries and car wash lines are technically very sophisticated and offer very high safety standards. Worries about bent windshield wipers are unfounded, as long as they are in the normal position and are not switched on. The windshield wiper should therefore never be turned on in a wash system. This may sound strange, but it can happen if the rain sensor is not turned off. The fact that the car radio antenna should be retracted is also mentioned here for the sake of completeness.

If you drive your car into a car wash or a gantry car wash, you should always make sure that the sunroof, windows and doors are properly closed. While windshield wipers are almost never turned on in the car wash, a poorly closed door is more often overlooked. In the case of older cars, porous seals on the doors also mean that there is a risk of water penetrating the interior of the car under high pressure.

Another source of possible damage is offered by wash portals. As mentioned above, the car is parked and the system moves back and forth during the washing process. Many carwash gantries are operated by the customers themselves, a helper is often not present. It is the customer’s responsibility to drive into the portal. Since you are not instructed, you should make sure that there is enough space on the left and right side. If necessary, the exterior mirrors should be folded in. In order for the washing process to run smoothly, the car must be in a straight position, otherwise the vehicle could be damaged during the back and forth movement of the washing system.

After the car wash – what now?

Many car washes dry the car. But there are places where hot air does not reach or does not reach sufficiently. This is the case, for example, with doors and trunk lids. In many car washes, paper is therefore provided to dry these areas manually. It also doesn’t hurt to have a kitchen roll in your trunk. You should always carry them with you anyway, for example to clean your hands after changing a tire.

So, open the doors and check the door rebate for water ingress and clean with paper if necessary. The entrance is cleaned last. Here one always works according to the principle from top to bottom. This also applies to the trunk lid or. The tailgate.

Which program do I choose for the car wash??

How does car washing work at aral ? It’s easy with the right choice of washing system and program. as already mentioned, it is worthwhile to clean and seal the paint and underbody after the winter when washing the car. For the cleaning in between a simple basic wash is suitable. Ultimately, however, the wash also depends on the condition of the paintwork and how high the load on the paintwork and underbody is.

Reasons that speak for an aral washer system

if you put your car in an aral wash, you get a clean car with a shiny paint job. It is all the more pleasing to know how environmentally friendly cars are now washed in portal car washes and car washes. Aral superwash systems, for example, consume only 15 to 20 liters of fresh water per wash cycle. The rest of the water is used water, which is filtered and treated after each wash cycle. How it works car wash at aral not only thorough, but also environmentally friendly.

More questions and interesting facts

At this point, we would like to offer you some additional tips that are related to your original question. We would be happy if we could help you with this and if you leave your opinion, for example as a comment.

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