How to install a car radio?

Who buys a car, which buys in the today’s time also directly a car radio with suitable loudspeakers with. Whether it’s a new car straight from the factory or a used one, the car radios are usually already included here. However, if you want a better model with a higher quality hifi, bluetooth or other new features, you can install the new car radio yourself, provided you have a little manual skill. Installing a new car radio yourself is easier than you might think!

Remove the old radio to be able to install a new car radio

As with the installation of a parking heater or head up display, you also have the option of installing a new car radio. If the necessary connections are available, nothing stands in the way of the installation here. The first step to install the new car radio is to remove the old one first.

Step 1: disconnect the battery

To be on the safe side, the battery of the motor vehicle should be disconnected beforehand. This is done mainly for your own safety and this step should therefore not be skipped under any circumstances.

Step 2: loosen the bracket

To loosen the bracket, you need suitable pins, or in some cases screwdrivers, which are simply inserted into the opening provided for this purpose. The clamps will loosen all by themselves if the pins are positioned correctly.

step 3: remove the cable

Now all the cables that are plugged into the connectors can be removed from the old car radio and it can be pulled out of the shaft completely. The screwdriver can be used to help with this.

The removal of the old radio can be expected to take only about five minutes without complications, provided that all the necessary tools have been selected and prepared in advance. If you no longer have any suitable pins, you can also borrow them from a workshop.

Installing a car radio is as quick as removing the radio before (c) istock.Com / nicolas_

Installing a car radio buttons Track 15

install the new car radio

The biggest mistake when installing a new car radio is not reading the manufacturer’s instructions correctly. Because in order to be able to install a new car radio, the assignment of the cables is also dealt with separately here. If the car is already old, it may be necessary to use an adapter as a connection for the wiring.

After installing the car radio, you can test its success directly via the speakers (c) istock.Com / bizoo_n

car radio installation loudspeaker car

because to change from an obsolete 150 ohm antenna connection, also called DIN, to an antenna connection of the 50 ohm ISO form, an adapter is needed when installing the car radio, which is available in well-stocked specialist shops. Once all the cables have been connected, they are carefully pushed backwards into the slot together with the new car radio. To make sure that all cables are connected correctly, the car radio is only pushed in halay, the car battery is reconnected and the control panel is attached to the radio. Now you can check if the radio can be switched on and if the loudspeakers are connected and working. if this would not be the case, all connections for power and loudspeakers could be checked again, before the radio is pushed into the slot completely. Also, the time to install the car radio is calculated to be only about ten minutes for the installation, if everything goes properly.

What else should be considered when installing a car radio yourself??

the total time for removal and installation is about 15 to 20 minutes and can be done quickly with a little technical know-how. the trip to the workshop is unnecessary in most cases. But something can go wrong when installing a car radio? Are other cables affected?? Can other built-in devices be damaged?? this is quite possible if the battery of the car is not disconnected when installing the car radio. if the cables are not connected properly during the installation of the car radio, a short-circuit could also affect other devices in the car, such as a connected rear view camera or other special connections that are dependent on the car battery.

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