How easy is it to rent a car in greece?

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We are very pleased that you are planning a trip to greece! When you come to crete, we would be happy to work with you and provide you with a pleasant, stress-free experience when it comes to renting your car.

If you want to see our catalog, you can do it here.

We have gathered some general information about how easy or difficult it is to rent a car in greece. We can’t speak for every other agency, so if you have questions about their policies, you should contact them directly.

Car rental in greece can be a straightforward experience

The procedure to rent a car is not very complicated. As long as you meet the minimum age requirement, there are just a few simple steps to get the car you want to drive in greece.

While there are many car rental agencies in greece, all reputable agencies comply with greek rules and regulations for vehicles and rides. Slight differences between companies when it comes to other variations.

Car rental with a view in Greece

Car rental in greece – step by step

step no. 1. Choose a car rental

Every reputable car rental company has a website. This way you can browse the car rental catalog, compare prices, read the terms and conditions, etc. If you do not find what you are looking for during the research and planning phase, you will also find the appropriate contact information on the website of a good car rental company.

Step #2. choose a car and a price

Once you have chosen a car rental agency, it is time to find out about the available vehicles and price plans. All companies have a wide range of vehicles and price levels to choose from. Prices depend not only on the agency you choose, but also on the size and type of car you need, the days you will use it, and any other extras that will be charged extra.

Volkswagen Golf - Car Rental in Greece

At rental center crete, the price you book is the price you pay. We pride ourselves on not charging sneaky or surprising surcharges or hidden fees. You can read our conditions here.

Step #3. Book in advance (if you can)

This is not mandatory, but highly recommended, especially if you want to save money and drive an automatic transmission. The cars with this transmission can go fast, especially in the peak travel season.

However, you should check the cancellation policy beforehand.

Curvy road by the sea in Crete

If the company does not offer these cancellation terms, you should change the car rental company.

We offer a very generous cancellation policy because we understand that plans change.

If you fly to crete, an agent can pick you up at the airport with your rental car! We also have a rental station only 100 meters from the terminal in heraklion, if you want to wait until landing to rent a car.

Step #4. Apply for your international driving license (IDP)

Some non-Greek travelers are required to carry an IDP in order to rent a car in Greece. Since IDP’s are only valid for one year, you will need to obtain one shortly before your departure.

Usually one to two weeks in advance is sufficient, unless you do the procedure by mail. Then you need to make the request a good two months in advance. Make sure your regular driver’s license is valid for at least one year before you start your trip.

If it expires while you are away from home, your IDP will be invalid and you will no longer be able to drive your rental car.

Some car rental companies will tell you that your driver’s license is valid and can be used to rent a car from them. However, you must make sure that this applies to your country of residence.

Travel documents / passport and international driver's license

National driver’s licenses issued in the EU, USA, UK, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Israel, Russia and Ukraine are accepted.

An international driver’s license is required from all other countries.

Step #5. Pick up your car

When you arrive in greece, go to the desk of the car rental company you booked with and fill out the standard car rental form. these forms are standard all over the world and ask the same questions. Make sure you have your passport, ID card and domestic driver’s license with you.

make sure to check all damages on the car before leaving the premises. Take photos if you want to be sure that you return the car in exactly the same condition as when you rented it.

Couple renting a car at the airport

Driving around crete is a fantastic experience that we recommend to every traveler, especially to those who are visiting us for the first time.

Just make sure you do as much research before choosing your car rental as you do when choosing your hotel or accommodations.

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