How does the car heater work??

How does the car heater work?

How does the car heating work on blower side, blower side and water circuit? In fact, the study of heating consists of examining two different circuits: one that generates heat and another that distributes it throughout the interior of a car.

Let’s first start with the heating circuit on the ventilation side.

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Heating circuit (ventilation side)

Here is a diagram of the ventilation of the car, so you know how to regulate the heat intensity (see also the operation of the automatic air conditioning). if there is an air conditioner, there is an evaporator (this is the case in the diagram of my example), otherwise the mixture consists of ambient air (outside) and air heated by the radiator. the more the flaps in front of the cooler are opened, the more heat there will be. Here you can read more about how the blower works.

depending on the heat of the radiator, the opening of the blinds and the intensity (coldness) of the air-conditioning evaporator, the air heats up more or less. When the heater is switched on, the evaporator (or. The air conditioning compressor) turned off and the louvers opened to the maximum.

How does the car heater work?

The heating is also an integral part of the defrosting system. Here by fogging up under the windshield (you must not put too many heating resistors, such as.B. on the rear window)

Heating circuit diagram (radiator water circuit)

Together with the vehicle’s cooling system, the heater uses water from the engine to heat the passenger compartment. Therefore, it should be noted that heating does not cause excessive consumption, unlike an air conditioner that requires energy to compress the gas (through the crankshaft pulley). But let’s take a closer look at how the circuit works and how it is controlled.

How does the car heating work?

How does the car heater work?

In this diagram I show also cooling circuit so you can see how two chains


. Because you need to know that the heat of the water contained in the cooling circuit is used to heat the vehicle. However

Concentrate on the tip

That the heating circuit. Here the heating is off, drive / valve (top left) prevents hot water (marked red) from the cooling circuit from entering the heater core (small above, bottom – to cool the water in the engine).

How does the car heater work?

When we turn on the heaterthen crane (upper left corner) MAKE IT HAPPEN water combustion to the small cool which then becomes very hot. A VALVE then go send air through the air vents into the passenger compartment. At the end you get hot air

How does the car heater work?

on older cars the valve was operated by a lever (cable connection between regulator and valve), while the newest cars use solenoid valves / solenoids controlled electrically by a computer (which allowed automatic air conditioning).

Engine overheating and overheating?

If the engine overheats, the heater should be turned on to maximum to cool down the engine. In fact, their vents then serve as additional auxiliary heaters and the water cools down faster.

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