How do you dispose of old tires??

i am cleaning up my workshop. I have accumulated a lot of worn tires, of which I have always thought, oh come here for a short round they go again. But blow, from schiss I make then nevertheless rather new on it. I admit I order new ones on the net, because the time is too precious to me to visit a store. They must then also first order.

So how do you do it, where do you put the old tires??

– quite a sin for the environment, the wear and tear of VM – driving.


  • 19.04.2015
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Independent mechanic

  • 19.04.2015
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Two options. As a tradesman collect, cut out the valves from the hoses, bundle and give it to schwalbe-bohle for a fee. They make them into mats, which they sell at a high price.

Civilians dispose in the household garbage. I now dispose of my waste in the yellow garbage can. The plastic stuff is only recycled termically anyway*, and the burners need temperature.

*or does anyone seriously believe that VM bodies are made of it.


  • 19.04.2015
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Residual waste or yellow sack, is actually a valuable material. And since most yellow bags are thermally processed and not recycled, this should not cause any problems. Ne sauerei is that nevertheless! But if they would be taken back somewhere, one would surely have to pay a disposal fee (like with car tires). Since my bicycle tires are usually more expensive than those for the car would then be analogous also higher than with passenger car tires, and with it I would not agree absolutely.

Klaus d.L.

  • 19.04.2015
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Let that times the DSD not hear that you over the yellow tonne and/or. Dispose of the bag. We have once left a full yellow garbage can with the sticker "inadmissible waste thrown in". After a fax from me telling them to please immediately fulfill the disposal contract they entered into when they bought the packaging and fit the garbage can with a lock before making me responsible for the contents – after all, the garbage can stands on the sidewalk for hours, it was then always emptied regardless of the contents.

For hoses I occasionally have secondary uses, as binding ropes or as chafe protection on metal pipes. I always have a hose with a cut out valve area for tinkering repairs, as well as a decimeter piece of worn coat as an emergency insert, if a coat has a larger hole times.


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Residual waste.
Excerpt from the county’s litter guide:

Thomas neubauer

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It’s a mystery to me how you can throw tires into the yellow bag when you already know that they can’t be recycled. just as stupid is to simply say the bags will all be burned. Because that is not true.
Why then not simply in the residual waste with it, which is burned safely.

Ever thought that the bags are so often burned because people throw any shit in it?
So you just create your own arguments.

The recycling system is certainly stupid, as it is now, no question.
But so stammtischmabig chatter goes me just so on the geisst that I can not let it stand like that. This leads to less than nothing.


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Some dealers also offer to dispose of the coats in an environmentally friendly way. Whatever that may mean. There are quite projects, where from old bicycle tubes and coats then new things are made, as z.B. A belt. I do not know if this is an option for you.

Klaus d.L.

  • 19.04.2015
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the problem is that the introduction of the yellow garbage can has made the gray one smaller – or disproportionately expensive.

years ago i read a documentary, where the packages were sorted before being burned .

Because the garbage can is too small?

Nope, they already tear when emptying and are then sorted in any case.

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