How can you finance a car as a trainee??

Often the workplace is only difficult to reach by public transport. Not all towns and cities are well connected in terms of transport. the commute to work by public transport often takes a while twice as long like a car trip with parking space search.

Do I need my own car?

In big cities with few parking possibilities and much traffic jams one may still prefer public transport, but what if the workplace is quite remote??

Environment or not: a long way to work and permanent commuting generally have already proven to be unhealthy in the long run. if no better possibilities are offered, it runs then probably nevertheless on own car out.

If you have a bad conscience and want to do something good for the environment, you should try to carpooling form. This has one big advantage: as a group, you only drive to work in one car. Not only parking problems are to be solved with it, but also to high fuel costs.

One thing is certain: owning your own car makes your life easier. Just think of how much you would have to carry around on foot: groceries, water bottles, suitcases, etc. The list is long.

With the car you can also transport something from A to B faster without breaking a sweat. You are generally more flexible and independent.

What kind of car do you need as a trainee??

First of all one thing, to get to work. It doesn’t have to be a sports car with the top down. But there is one crucial question you should ask yourself in advance:

  • Which requirements must the car be fair?
  • Can it my expectations meet?
  • Does it perhaps need a special size?
  • Or one increased safety comfort?
  • Diesel, gasoline, hybrid, gas or electro?
  • Can it be a conspicuous color or should it rather be simple?

For the single person, a small car already from. With family it becomes more difficult. In order to be able to stow away the baby carriage and the shopping, for example, the station wagon more likely.

What are the costs of owning a car??

The cost factor is enormously important to consider, especially for trainees, because the income still very low is. That’s why most of the taxazubis at this time also still with your parents. High rental and ancillary costs are therefore spared for the time being. In addition, there are numerous other ways to save money during the training period.

With the purchase of their own car then also come some running costs on you. These include not only the purchase of the car itself, but also the annual Car tax and the car insurance. The actual costs incurred are calculated individually in each case.

The car tax

Dhe car tax serves mainly the purpose of getting the car driver to buy a car that is as environmentally friendly – i.e., low-pollutant – drive a car. The amount of tax to be paid is calculated here from various characteristics of the vehicle:

  • Type ofmotorization
  • size of the engine capacity
  • Value of the emitted emissions
  • emission class
  • Date of first registration
  • particulate filter available?

Since the reform in summer 2009 also plays the date of first registration a role. Because for cars registered before or after, different rules apply. And if the stroller does not yet have soot particle filter, will there be any additional fees. Thus, the tax contribution can vary from 25 to 300 euros.

Motor vehicle liability insurance

With the car liability insurance on the other hand play age and driving experience of the driver a big role. Because the sum insured is based on how long the insured person will be in the accident-free is driven. Therefore, the novice driver, which you are as an apprentice usually still, also pays the highest contributions. you have to prove your driving skills first.

in addition, other factors are also included in the calculation, such as the profession or also the mileage, which is estimated to be set aside per year. Thus, the amount of the costs incurred can vary quite significantly.

Often, in addition partial or fully comprehensive insurance completed. There comes already neatly what together. you are welcome to get some tips from us on how to keep costs as low as possible can.

Other costs incurred

Besides these fixed costs you may have the following maintenance costs do not lose sight of the

  • TuV fees
  • Fuel consumption
  • Parking fees
  • Care
  • Maintenance costs

If you all these costs When you first become aware of this, you’ll probably ask yourself how you’re supposed to live on your apprentice’s salary?

Finally you still have to prove your cell phone contract monthly, are perhaps still a member in a sports club or go regularly to the gym. In addition, you may want to consider other hobbies finance, times go to the cinema, you buy great clothes and going on vacation.

And that’s exactly why you should get take time and think about the best way to buy your car finance can.

Possibilities of the auto-financing

So that you can save on all that at the purchase of your own car you don’t have to do without, we give you a small orientation aid along the way. In the following you can see which possibilities there is to finance a car and which ones advantages and disadvantages thereby on you come:

Financing offers from the dealer directly

dealers offer when buying a new car also now and then special loans to. Partly even with an annual interest rate of 0%. In this case, you would not have to pay the fees that would normally be charged when taking out a loan.

That does not sound actually so badly. But these offers are usually short-lived and usually only apply to high-priced or more specialized company vehicles. This means that you are bound to a specific model and the installment payment is usually not very flexible in their term.

The car loan

To take out a loan elsewhere, offers you the possibility, to act as a cash payer at the dealer. Due to the one-time payment directly cash on the hand you can from him then even mostly still a satten expect discount.

However, you should be 18 years old its and a fixed monthly income prove.

Also when classic credit you are bound to a fixed term with monthly constant installments bound. The rate amount basically depends on the contract period, which, on the other hand, can be agreed individually.

There are, however, also credit providers who will let you off the hook and offer you a cash loan offer you a more flexible contract can. How your individual financing plan then could look, you can also already in advance on the Internet query.

some save can be calculated if you pay attention to the following:

  • Is the loan to be processed online?
  • Flexible rates and terms are offered?
  • Is it possible to repay the loan early??

If you can handle a loan online, there are usually already lower interest rates, because less work is required. Another advantage is the faster handling. You can also apply for a loan at short notice, as soon as you have seen your new dream car.

The leasing

In addition to taking out a loan to finance a car, there is also a alternative: the leasing.

Here you perform only a down payment and thus commits itself to a monthly leasing rate until the end of the contract period. You are renting a car. With the expiration of the runtime, it is up to you whether you return the car give or against the payment of the residual value entirely purchase.

Often you pay for this service but quite high interest rates. The principle is also more suitable for companies. The private individual benefits less from this.

You see, even a trainee can afford his own car!

With a flexible car loan, you complete online you can, you are independent of special offers from car dealers and get a fast and inexpensive service guaranteed.

Good luck with your car purchase! Or do you already own one? Then send us a photo of it in the forum.

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