Fast help after your traffic accident!

A traffic accident means countless phone calls, paperwork and stress. We take care of all the steps for you, which you can view at any time in your online file.

All claims at a glance

Whether it’s loss of use, diminished merchantable value or damage to household goods: we examine and determine all claims to which you are entitled.

We are there for you!

Digital at a glance – personally accessible! If you have any questions, a whole team of lawyers and claims managers is always at your disposal.

Defense against apportionment of blame

The other party in the accident is trying to make you share the blame for the accident? We vigorously defend against unjustified reductions of your claims!

5 minutes of effort.
Up to 1.000,00€ more.
0% cost risk.

Settle your traffic accident conveniently online and follow the processing 24/7 in your online file.

Your contact persons

Basgal fully qualified lawyer

Ms. Basgal is a lawyer specialized in the enforcement of your claims for damages and compensation for pain and suffering.

LWins lawyer

mr. wins is a lawyer and will advise and support you comprehensively in the settlement of your traffic accident claim.

Ms. kadrija is a commercial lawyer and has several years of experience in the enforcement of your claims.

Here’s how it works

1. Free initial consultation

You file your case online in 2 minutes and we will contact you by phone within 100 minutes to discuss your case and questions at your leisure.

2. Access to your online file

If you would like to entrust us with the enforcement of your claims, you will receive access to your online file by e-mail directly after the telephone call.

3. Upload documents

You can upload documents directly into the online file or conveniently photograph them with your smartphone. From now on it’s time to take a deep breath and relax!

Partners who trust us.

Take advantage of our free initial consultation!

100% free initial consultation

FAQ – frequently asked questions

With the enforcement of your claims as well as for the associated advice and out-of-court representation, no costs are incurred. In the event of success, we receive the legal costs from the opposing party and, in the event of compensation for pain and suffering, a success fee.

If you have ARAG or DEVK legal protection insurance or are a calimoto customer, the success fee is waived in its entirety.

We bear all legal costs in the event of unsuccessful or only partially successful enforcement (liability rate), which you would otherwise incur with a traditional law firm.U. Carry yourself.

You can use our help not only after a car accident. We also take over the enforcement of your claims for damages and pain and suffering z.B. After a bicycle or motorcycle accident for you.

The sooner you report your accident, the lower the risk of losing or forgetting your claim. Depending on your traffic accident, the other party must be informed of circumstances immediately so that they can fulfill their "obligation to mitigate damages". Otherwise your claims may be reduced!

after a thorough examination of your reported case, you will receive a personal and individual feedback within 100 minutes. on request, we will answer your questions in a personal telephone call and then initiate all the necessary steps for you. you are always transparently informed about this via our 24/7 online file.

If you have any further questions, you can ask them conveniently via your online file or call us. You will always receive a personal response on the same working day.

All you need is an internet browser and an e-mail address. They can then access their personal online file with any internet-enabled device and upload and view documents.

In case of news in your case you will be notified immediately by e-mail.

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