Doing something for the climate with an electric car in germany

These are motor vehicles that are electrically powered. The car can be propelled by an electric motor. The battery needs to be charged at regular intervals. Some models can reach a range of up to 500 kilometers.

It depends on what you expect from the electric car. If a range of up to 100 kilometers is sufficient for them, the purchase costs will be around 7.000 euro. For a model with twice the range and a top speed of 200 km/h, you need to be around 39.000 euros.

The Electric Mobility Act (emog) passed in 2015 allows cities and municipalities to set up electric parking spaces including charging stations. These parking spaces may only be used with an electric car.

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electric cars in germany

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How do electric cars work?

How electric cars work?

diesel driving bans, investment in expanding infrastructure for cycling, introduction of e-scooters – Drivers have to share the road with an increasing number of other road users or are some zones no longer allowed to be driven in at all?.

Many of these innovations are aimed at carbon monoxide emissions to reduce and thus save the climate. An important factor in the new transport policy is also to be the electric car its. This is because almost emission-free driving and thus promote sustainable mobility.

But how does such an electric car actually work? What is the achievable range of an electric car? range, before the vehicle has to be recharged? What costs electric vehicles? These questions goes the following guide to the bottom and informs them comprehensively.

How does an electric car work?

As the name suggests, an electric car differs from conventional cars in one important respect: the drive is not by an internal combustion engine, but by an electric motor.

In order to start the vehicle, the driver’s license must be obtained battery charged will. This is usually mounted in the trunk or on the underside of the car. Due to the electronic motor, an electric car is clearly quieter than models with combustion engine.

The battery is also used to power the lights or windshield wipers. Accordingly, electric cars do not have a gas tank, but a connection for charging the battery.

However, components such as airbags, air conditioning and a radio are also included in an electric vehicle. Through the non-existent exhaust system the electric car is considered environmentally friendly.

Important: you may use a do not drive an electric car without a driver’s license. Even if it does not have an internal combustion engine, it is still a motor vehicle that requires a driving license. If this is not present and you drive anyway, you are liable to prosecution!

What is a hybrid car?

Cars with electric drives need to be recharged regularly

Cars with electric drives need to be recharged regularly.

A compromise between a conventional car and the electric car the hybrid represents. It is an electric vehicle powered by an electric motor and another energy converter.

For hybrids, therefore, a recharged battery important, however, the vehicles also have to be fuel refueled. A hybrid car offers all the advantages of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, but is considered more environmentally friendly.

electric car: what is the range of the electric cars?

An important argument that speaks against the purchase of an electric car for many people is the fact that the range of an electric car is quite limited is.

While it is possible to cover longer distances with a full tank of fuel, the battery of an electric car will not last longer electric car longer distances usually not so goodt from. But here, too, things have changed in the last few years.

A small electric car such as the renault twizy achieves a maximum of range between 100 and 120 kilometers. Other models, such as the nissan leaf or the mercedes B-class electric drive, can also cover distances of up to 200 kilometers.

The absolute leader in terms of the range of an electric car is currently the tesla model S tesla model S, which is a distance of up to 500 kilometers without intermediate charging can be bridged. In addition, this model can reach a top speed of 250 km/h.

Notetesla can be considered a pioneer in the field of electric mobility. However, this dominance of the electric car market is also reflected in its price. This is how much it costs tesla model S for example 80.000 euro.

Buying used electric cars

Will electric cars completely replace vehicles with internal combustion engines in the future?

In the future, electric cars will completely replace vehicles with internal combustion engines?

If you are considering buying an electric car, it may not have to be the latest model from tesla. There are definitely others vehicles with electric motor, which clearly has more favorable must be obtained.

So there is the already mentioned renault twizy already available for ca. 7.000 euros. One option to get an electric car at a reasonable price is to buy it used. However, the used car market by far not as big as for cars with combustion engine.

So it may take some time before you find an offer that fully meets your expectations. When buying an electric car, you can benefit from the so-called benefit from environmental bonus. The federal office of economy and export control states in this regard:

The federal government has set itself the goal of promoting the sale of new electric vehicles with the help of the electromobility incentive program (environmental bonus). This can make a significant contribution to reducing air pollution while at the same time boosting demand for environmentally friendly electric vehicles by around 300,000 vehicles. The measures will support the rapid spread of electrically powered vehicles in the marketplace.

You will receive purchase of an electric car a premium of up to 2.000 euro. private individuals, companies, foundations, corporations and associations are eligible to apply.

Parking for e-vehicles: special features

So that the use of an electric car also brings benefits far from the financial support, allows the electromobility law the establishment of so-called electric parking lots. These are parking spaces including charging station, which are exclusively reserved for electric vehicles.

The municipalities can decide for themselves, whether electric cars free parking or appropriately reduced parking fees for these vehicles be offered. There are different regulations for e-parking all over germany.

So in some cities the electric car is allowed on corresponding areas only shut down be if there are also actually loaded otherwise you will receive a fine including a warning. This is a relatively minor sanction compared to the consequences that can result if a gasoline-powered vehicle is parked in an e-parking lot.

This can namely towed when an electric car urgently needs the charging station. In hamburg or essen, this procedure against parking violations is common practice.

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