Design – how car design is created using the example of hyundai

design at hyundai ©hyundai

design is a creative term used by professionals to describe a design or form of a product.

the korean automaker has experienced an enormous upswing in sales figures in recent years, and his skilful design was not the least of the factors responsible. peter schreyer – a design visionary – was significantly involved and responsible for this process. Schreyer, who was born in bad reichenhall in 1953, studied industrial design at the university of applied sciences in munich. in 1979 he received a scholarship to the famous "royal college of art" in london, the world-renowned institute for artistic design.

He then worked for the volkswagen group and in 2006 moved to a leading position in the design department of kia motors (hyundai group). in 2013 he was promoted to one of the company presidents of the south korean automaker, and shortly thereafter he also took over as head of the design offices of the parent company hyundai motor company. Schreyer has since been responsible for the entire hyundai kia automotive group. Peter schreyer is not only an absolute star of the scene, but also a visionary in terms of design. He stands for forward-looking ideas and designs cars that not only look great, but that you can really feel good in. Numerous design awards underscore its recipe for success.

Peter schreyer ©hyundai

"our customers decide on good design when they drive their hyundai with a smile even years later."

A lot starts at the hyundai development and design center in russelsheim, Germany

Here in russelheim, in addition to the design centers in korea and california, the visions of hyundai’s chief designer and his design team become reality. This is where vehicles with an unmistakable design language are created. Flowing lines, dynamic details and a self-confident character – years in advance, before a model is presented to the market. Designers must therefore have a keen sense and a well-developed sensibility for future trends and currents in order to draw and develop a successful model. the task of a good designer like schreyer is mainly to give the right strategy to the different teams working around the globe. He himself speaks of "orchestrating" his teams.


It all starts with a sheet of paper – from sketch to model

Even the drawing in the designer’s sketchpad conveys what will characterize the finished vehicle: power, dynamism and sheer driving pleasure. schreyer’s credo for the design language is "fluidic sculpture," which means flowing lines. every new car model at hyundai starts with countless sketches and drawings on paper. In teams, the sketches are reviewed and a design is selected, which is then worked on in the computer. Only the computer animation shows in 3D effect its real forms. here, changes and wishes of the design leadership are tested until a decision is made to build a prototype. A 1:1 model is built up with clay to form a clay model, which is then covered with a colored foil. Now you have a real impression of the design, the dimensions, the reflections of the body and can even experience this in an animation in the streetscape as if it were real, using a computer and 3D glasses. Now only small changes can be made before the decision is made to build this new model.

In the next step, once the board of management has approved the new model, the exact dimensions for the production of the sheet metal parts are determined by computer. This process from the first sketch on paper to the release of a new model can take between 2 and 3 years.

world premiere at the iAA 2019 the first sketch of the brand new i10

the new hyundai i10 ©hyundai

We are currently able to show you the sketch of the new i10, which will soon be presented at the IAA. The latest addition to the Korean automaker’s i-series features a dynamic new design that contrasts soft surfaces with sharp lines. the proportions of the new model have been redefined in terms of width, height and wheelbase, giving hyundai’s city runabout a dynamic and agile appearance. It is pleasing to note that even city runabouts and small cars increasingly have an expressive design, which plays an important role in the purchasing decisions of today’s generation.

With its young and dynamic design, the new hyundai i10 stands out fashionably in the A segment. Its wide radiator grille expresses its sporty character and integrates the daytime running lights. The triangular air intakes emphasize the width of the vehicle and improve aerodynamics. The X-shaped C-pillar, visible from a distance, clearly identifies the vehicle and draws the eye to the logo mounted on the pillar.

As far as we could learn from hyundai, the new hyundai i10, best seller in its segment, will also offer a range of new connectivity and safety features. Blue link®, apple car play, android auto, wireless smartphone charging and a rearview camera – a driving experience without compromise. the new model is also said to have one of the most comprehensive safety packages in its class.

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