Customs auction: buy a car or motorhome at a bargain price

Customs auction: Buying a car at an auction can be cheap

customs auction: buying a car at auction can be cheap.

At customs buying a car? Does not sound so obvious at first. But in fact there is a vehicle auction. There it is then true in a certain way that you can be assigned to buy cars at customs can. These are – depending on the outcome of the auction – even significant cheaper than on the market.

Therefore, it may be worthwhile to check out a customs auction to look for a car. Maybe you will find at such a customs auction the motorhome, you have always wanted? It is quite possible that you will find a bargains make.

But there are also some things to consider, if you want to buy through a auction at customs buy a used car. If you are now also interested in "customs cars" if you are interested, you can learn more about this in our guide below.

FAQ: customs auction

customs regularly holds public auctions at which seized and impounded vehicles are auctioned off. The dates are announced online.

Take a look at our infographic to see how the process works.

customs does not provide any warranty for a vehicle purchased at auction. Also test drives are usually not possible. Buying a car at a customs auction involves a certain risk.

When does which customs auction take place?

You are interested in, to buy a car by customs auction? the customs provides an overview of the current auctions online. There you have the possibility to choose between different categories (vehicle parts, trailers, accessories, etc.).). Besides the location as well as the current bid for the car in question you will also be shown, when the auction ends. This way you will always stay!

everything about customs auction by internet at a glance

The following graphic summarizes everything important for the customs auction by internet together: which before or. Disadvantages brings the whole with it? What should you do preparation Consider? And how does a customs auction via internet work at all?? Find out here:

Our graphic offers an optimal overview to the customs auction of a car.

customs auction for cars: what exactly is it??

Many people have heard about this before: regularly, the customs an auction instead of. vehicles can be purchased there cheaper than usual. But from where do the vehicles actually come from customs at the auctions??

These are cars that have been declared by the customs authorities seized, impounded or confiscated were. And it is by far not only about vehicles, but about everything that can be confiscated. Among them are quite various things as an example:

  • Clothing
  • computer
  • Food and beverages
  • Antiques
  • jewelry
  • Musical instruments
  • books etc.

All of these things are listed in a public auction sold to the highest bidder. the auction itself is quite unspectacular. each object has a minimum bid, and whoever has the minimum bid must highest bid auction is held, the buyer receives – as is usual at auctions – the surcharge.

The advantage of the whole thing: if the customs office offers cars at auction, then – unlike z. B. With online auction sites – about the seriousness of the dealer DON’T THINK. A possible fraud is therefore excluded from the outset. In addition, all cars are inspected beforehand for the auction at customs. The expert opinion you can see in each case at the object description.

When and where does the car auction at customs take place??

At customs, the sale of cars takes place as an auction

At customs the car sale takes place as an auction.

In the past, it was customary that regularly – about once a month – a public auction took place, to which one could go and bid as desired. The objects were on display and could be viewed. Part of it still exists today sporadic such public auctions. the financial administration of the state of north rhine-westphalia, for example, holds a car auction in dusseldorf once a month. The dates are announced on the website. The vehicles are not demonstrated at the event itself, but can be directly before the event inspected on site become.

In the meantime, however, most of the internet. There the customs operates a auction platform (customs auction.De), where not only customs itself but also other federal, state and local authorities auction movable objects. In addition to confiscated goods, this also includes sorted out objects of the administration, for example, office furniture that is no longer needed or old company cars. The offer is accordingly great and you can search it comfortably on the internet page.

Since the customs auction for vehicles now takes place primarily on the internet, the advantage is that you can not at a certain date needs to be physically present somewhere: you can at the customs auction at any time purchasing a car. However, the vehicle auction at customs naturally also always has a certain duration with a end date, by which time the bids must have been received, as is also known from other auction platforms on the internet.

In addition, however – even if the auction yourself completely online especially in the case of cars, it is always recommended that they be inspected on site beforehand. Because a personal viewing may let you judge quite differently than it is possible from a mere description and some pictures. As a rule, either specific times are specified for the inspection, or a appointment by telephone possible.

How a customs auction works: buy your car at an auction at your convenience

As a rule, the car can be presented at customs before the auction inspected be. In addition there is also a detailed description before. On this basis you can prepare for the auction and make a decision. It can be useful, multiple options to have, if it should not work out with a car at the customs auction, because someone outbids you.

If it is an online auction on the platform of customs, you must first be register, before you can bid. This is free of charge. You can also make a pseudonym set up to be displayed at the auctions when you place a bid.

The customs auction then proceeds for automobiles in the same way as for everything else: there is a minimum bid, that can be increased little by little. Depending on the amount of the bid will result in minimum bidding step. This means that if, for example, up to a bid of 5000 euros, the minimum increase is 50 euros, if the bid is 4000 euros, you will have to bid at least 4050 euros to get above the previous bid.

Customs sale: you can buy a used car at a low price

customs sale: you can buy a used car at a low price at this auction.

A presence auction is ended by the auctioneer. The highest bidder gets the contract. As there is no auctioneer on the internet who calls the last bid several times and thus gives the other bidders the opportunity to raise again, there is a so-called 5-minute rule. This states that the last bid five minutes must pass.

In this way, to prevent bidders from bidding until the LAST SECONDS wait until the auction to place your bid and thus not allow overbidding. With the regulation it looks then however as follows: if the auction for example official until 15 o’clock goes and someone places a bid at 14:59, so extended the auction five minutes, that is until 15:04.

If someone bids again during this time, the rule will be applied again accordingly, until finally there is a bid for five minutes. If you finally get the get a surcharge if you are the lucky winner, the item becomes your property. But of course they have to pay.

In presence auctions, the purchase price must normally be paid on the spot in cash or by card (using a PIN). In the case of online auctions, the payment method stated, the normal case here is a bank transfer. After the payment has been made on time, you will have a deadline for collection of the car on site. It should be noted that under certain circumstances there are no papers.

what to bear in mind when auctioning a car at customs?

when the customs auctions vehicles, there are some special features to note. An important point to consider is related to the special origin of some items. Because with the things that are garnishment the auction, it is possible that the auction will suddenly be cancelled will. The reason: the owner has the object with a payment again triggered. So do not be surprised if the customs auction of a vehicle is suddenly canceled.

At the customs auction the car has no warranty

what you should also know: in the case of seized, impounded or confiscated items, the warranty excluded by law. So, unlike other sales channels, when you buy something at a customs-organized car auction, you assume the full risk.

For this reason it is important that you read the description and the appraisal carefully. as a rule there are all defects precisely listed. also use the opportunity to inspect the car yourself before the customs auction! For such terms and conditions of sale in which you provide the item without any right of complaint acquire it as it is present and described, you may receive a own appraisal being more informative in person than simply looking at photographs.

But even if you use the inspection option, there is still a small restriction: although you can buy the car offered at a customs auction, it cannot be inspect and therefore check for visible defects, a test drive is in all rule but not allowed. You must therefore buy the car at the customs auction as you see it, without having driven it first.

If you buy a car at a customs auction, you should pay attention to the approved payment methods

If you buy a car at a customs auction, you should pay attention to the approved payment methods.

buying a car at a customs auction: the payment

If you buy a car from customs at an auction, you also have to pay attention to the permitted methods of payment pay attention. At presence auctions are normally only payments in cash or with card permissible. The card payment must be accompanied by PIN entry take place. It is also important here, before paying the bank the disposals to ask for the card to ensure proper payment. If the card payment does not work, you will have to pay the amount in cash.

And that must you actually: because by placing a bid and being awarded a contract for it, you are entering a binding purchase contract a. So you are obliged to pay. Should you fail to do so, customs will subject the car to a re-auction feed. If a lower price should be obtained in the process, you pay for the difference. But if the price is higher, you are not entitled to the extra proceeds.

After the auction at customs: the car pickup

you have purchased a car from customs at auction. But how does it get into your hands? In the case of a presence auction, the answer is relatively clear: after paying the purchase price, you can buy it pick it up there on the spot, usually within a period of approx. One week.

But if you online you have purchased a car at a customs auction? Here you should always pay attention to, where the car is offered for sale. Unlike smaller items such as crockery or books, which change hands at auction, cars are normally sold by the auctioneer for obvious reasons not shipped. So you must be collected from the seller.

car from customs auction may not have papers

Especially in the case of confiscated stolen goods, it can happen that the vehicle documents are no longer available. In this case you get a confirmation of ownership issued to you, which identifies you as the new owner of the car and with which you can apply for new papers.

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