Advantages of the automobile club: the benefits of membership

A membership in an automobile club offers you an enormous range of services from A to Z – from starters to ignition locks. All great knowledge. But the most important thing about a membership: if you have a breakdown, you get towed away.

If you are one of those long-suffering motorists who have had to sit on the side of the road with your broken-down vehicle, you may already be aware of the benefits of membership in an automobile club. The benefits of membership are many and varied.

If you are on the road a lot, you should definitely consider a membership in an automobile club. Advantages of an automobile club: we list the most important.

These are the most popular automobile clubs in germany

Membership in an automobile club offers many advantages. The path does not necessarily have to lead to the ADAC: although this is the best-known automobile club, it is not the only one in Germany. When it comes to membership in an automobile club, most people think of ADAC. This is certainly not far-fetched, because the level of awareness of this automobile club is enormous. But what many people don’t know is that there are alternatives. And they don’t have to be bad.

ADAC and its services

It’s amazing what ADAC has achieved: over the years, it has become a highly respected automobile club that countless car owners trust. If you are thinking of joining an automobile club with your station wagon, you will certainly have thought about the yellow angels. But they know exactly what services are offered here and at what price? When applying for membership in the well-known traffic club, you first have to decide whether you want a classic membership or the so-called adacplus membership.

The latter includes not only the benefits that are also granted with the classic membership, but extends them with additional assistance. For example, they would find support if they had an accident with their station wagon abroad. The standard rate for membership is 44.50 euros per year. Severely disabled persons and young people under 27 years of age only have to pay a reduced amount of 33.30 euros per year. It will also be cheaper if you book a partner tariff.

Interesting alternatives with the automobile club

An interesting alternative to the ADAC is for example the automobilclub von deutschland (avd). The service catalog includes not only worldwide roadside assistance, but also medical assistance and accident assistance. In addition, you can take advantage of the workshop service, the precautionary service and the travel market service for your station wagon – all at a price of 59 euros per year.

The best value for money is basic membership with mobil in deutschland e.V. – this amounts to only 24 euro per year. In return, however, the traffic club limits its services to breakdown and accident assistance. If you wish to extend the range of services, you will have to pay 54 euros per year. However, this also includes european and worldwide breakdown and accident assistance. In addition, the traffic club organizes both medical and vehicle repatriation from abroad.

Advantages of the automobile club: the many offers

advantages automobile club

Advantages of the automobile club: flight rescue from ADAC

There are many automobile clubs in this country. the range of benefits varies from club to club and depends on the respective tariff. The classic among the services offered is, of course, roadside assistance. Here the member of an automobile club feels the advantages of a membership most clearly. With the breakdown service you save money, as the breakdown technicians usually succeed in repairing the motor vehicle on the spot. This means that, in the best case scenario, there is no need to visit a specialist workshop any more. The breakdown service usually covers the costs of towing the vehicle away.This applies to both the recovery and towing of the car after a traffic accident.

Vorteile automobilclub: list of the most important german clubs

  • ACE auto club europa e. V. (ACE)
    the ACE auto club europa is the second largest automobile club in germany with approx. 550.000 members the second largest automobile club in germany. The club is divided into 6 ACE regions and about 220 district clubs. It offers comprehensive roadside assistance& accident assistance, various courses and trainings, legal information, partner workshops with special offers for members and other service and advice offers.
  • ACV automobile club of traffic e.V.With over 270,000 members, the ACV.000 members one of the largest automobile clubs in germany. It consists of 7 regional groups and over 90 local clubs. The ACV offers various insurance services, legal advice, touring advice, a 24-hour emergency damage hotline and various benefits for its members through numerous cooperation partners.
  • General German Automobile Club.V. (ADAC]with over 17 million members, the ADAC is. members the largest and most influential automobile club in germany. It offers numerous services such as roadside assistance, insurance, financial services, tourist information and many others, and also produces city maps and street maps. It also operates several driving safety centers. ADAC air rescue has one of the two largest fleets of rescue helicopters in germany
  • Avd automobile club of germany e.V. (avd)the avd is one of the largest german automobile clubs. The association is made up of around 44 local clubs and has approx. 200.000 members. It primarily offers breakdown and towing assistance and operates its own 24-hour emergency call center. It also offers its members an insurance service, a travel service, legal advice and other services.
  • German Automobile and Travel Club (ARCD)the ARCD has more than 100.000 members. The club’s services include classic cover letter services, cost sharing in various claims and a wide range of travel information.
  • BAVC-bruderhilfe e.V. The BAVC brother aid e.V. Is a church-affiliated automobile and traffic safety club attractive services around the car and while traveling.
  • german ladies automobile club e.V.The DDAC has approx. 350 sporty female drivers represented in ten regional clubs throughout the federation.
  • VCD verkehrsclub deutschland e.V.the verkehrsclub deutschland (VCD) e.V. As a non-profit organization, it promotes environmentally and socially compatible, safe and healthy mobility.
  • New automobile and traffic club e.V. (NAVC)The NAVC is divided into 12 regional associations with 75 local clubs and offers various services at home and abroad. The club does not provide its own roadside assistance and towing vehicles, but provides these services through outside companies.
  • KS motorist protection e.V.The motorist protection e.V. Counts with about 450.000 members among germany’s largest automobile clubs. It offers its members various benefits such as breakdown and towing assistance and an emergency service.

other services provided by the automobile clubs

In a nutshell, it can be said that you are not on your own in the situation of a car breakdown. If the vehicle cannot be repaired immediately, a rental car is available in case of doubt – and usually free of charge. For example, membership in an automobile club guarantees you the continuation of the journey. Who would want to do without this service? However, the range of services goes even further. Depending on the tariff, it can include a complete return transport of the vehicle to the home country, the assumption of overnight costs in case of a longer lasting repair as well as immediate assistance in case of a total loss abroad. It is precisely the latter point that makes drivers realize how important membership in an automobile club is.

If the vehicle breaks down after an accident in a foreign country, only an automobile club can help effectively. this organization arranges an unscheduled trip home and, if necessary, pays for the costs of an interpreter. And if the worst comes to the worst, the automobile club provides medical evacuation and, for example, its own home pick-up service especially for children. If you are short of money, the cash service will help you.

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