Accident on the freeway: keep calm!

On the highway, an accident happens quickly at high speeds and distraction

On the highway, an accident happens quickly at high speeds and distractions.

Every year, numerous accidents happen on the highway – whether due to wrong-way drivers, speeding or a other misconduct. It is not uncommon for people to be injured or killed.

So what to do if you get into an accident on the freeway, witness it or are possibly even responsible for it yourself??

How to react correctly and which notes the following guide could be of use to you in this situation.

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highway and accidents: important rules of conduct

On the highway there are usually many drivers traveling very fast. These do not normally expect an accident, colloquially also often called a crash. If it does happen, many people are taken by surprise. Therefore First rule, that all drivers directly and indirectly involved keep calm should. One reduced speed increases the safety of those involved in the accident, as they must first – if possible – secure the scene of the accident.

Below you will find the most important steps once again summarized. this is what you should follow if you are involved in an accident on the highway advised:

Accidents on the highway can pose a risk to other vehicles, especially in the case of trucks carrying hazardous materials

Accidents on the highway, especially involving trucks with dangerous goods, can pose a risk for other vehicles.

  1. All involved should use their car as far as possible park at the edge and the switch on the hazard warning lights.
  2. People, which outside the vehicles move, should have a warning vest carry. Be careful here and pay attention to the traffic.
  3. Adjust your position warning triangle on. This should be several hundred meters from the accident site to ensure that following vehicles are also warned in good time.
  4. If the scene of the accident has been secured as well as possible, you should – if necessary – take precautions notify police, ambulance or towing service.
  5. In the event of an accident, don’t forget to call the exchange insurance data and taking photos or. An accident report and a accident sketch to be made.

In the case of a bus accident on the highway the general instructions for accidents on freeways must also be observed. However, you should act even more carefully, since there are probably many people involved. A sufficient distance is advisable here.

truck accident on the highway: special features

It goes without saying that truck accident to follow the above checklist. A special feature here, however truck with dangerous goods dar. The accident site can be very quickly dangerous especially if explosive substances are involved.

To avoid endangering yourself, do not get too close to the scene of the accident. There are experts who take care of. A keep a distance of at least 60 meters is recommended.

What to do if it is not possible to continue the journey?

A fatal accident on the highway is unfortunately not uncommon

A fatal accident on the highway is unfortunately not uncommon.

If you are not directly involved in the accident on the freeway and a continue the journey you are not possible for safety reasons, then you feel the same way as many other drivers behind you: you are stuck in the middle of the road for a while traffic jam.

Of course, this is annoying, because so perhaps appointments are missed or they even arrive late at work. However, it is often a matter of life and death. Keep in mind that there is nothing you can do about it at the moment anyway and keep calm.

To warn other motorists behind you, it is best to turn on the hazard warning lights a. It is also important rescue lane kept clear will. Especially when a fatal or serious accident has occurred on the freeway, a warning triangle must be set up rescue vehicle getting to the scene of the accident. Also a towing service is usually necessary.

FAQ: accident on the freeway

We have compiled the most important rules of conduct for an accident for you in the following list. If you are involved in an accident, please think of your own safety and walk behind the crash barrier when setting up the warning triangle.

Other motorists must form a rescue lane when traffic is at a standstill so that rescue forces can reach the scene of the accident quickly.

Yes. Gaffers who obstruct rescue forces must expect a fine or even a prison sentence of up to one year (§ 323c abs). 2 stgb). Anyone who even photographs or films the injured person is also liable to prosecution, § 201a stgb (german criminal code). For this threatens prison of up to two years or also a fine.

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I have a question and that is if a car had an accident on the overtaking lane (freeway) and the car stopped on the right side of the overtaking lane because of this accident and because of fear the driver ran out and left the driver’s door open to the stop. He only switched on the hazard warning lights, but did not set up a warning triangle and only waited for the police on the central guardrail. Then another vehicle came from behind and because the accident site is not sufficiently secured (z.B. With warning triangle) could the 2. Vehicle 1. vehicle not perceived properly and then had to swerve to the left, but since the driver’s door was completely open a collision between door of 1. vehicle and the front right side of the 2. vehicle can no longer prevent. Who would then be liable? or. Who is to blame for the collision??

With kind regards,

Basically you have committed an offense, because you as a participant in a traffic accident did not secure the traffic, so that it came to another accident. This is usually punished with 35 euros. With regard to the insurance-related settlement of damages, they will at least be partly to blame, if not the main one. It is best to contact a lawyer for this.

your fine info team

Me is when threading at "stop and go" on the highway a truck drove into it. Now I am accused by the police of a regulatory offense. Probably I have to pay 110 EUR umd get a point. Do I have to attend a follow-up seminar??

Thanks for an answer.

Hello amelie,
if you are still in your probationary period, it is quite possible that you will have to attend a postgraduate seminar after this offence.

Your fine info team

disregarded right of way 100,00€ 1 point.
Rescue lane drive through 100,00€ 1 point
that could happen, although it was on instruction and the other went through too.
But the withdrawal I think is not possible.

Hello dear people,

I have tried to find out what threatens me, but do not really get further
A7 HH-kassel

traffic jam rescue lane.
Left lane I drove on the far left of the guardrail, middle lane full of trucks no rescue lane, from behind tow truck with horn and light (yellow), with insane speed.
I then stood on the left and saw that would never durcjkommen, further ahead was a large gap on the right, I am then purely,
i let the tow truck pass,then wanted to get into the left lane and continue to the beginning of the traffic jam to merge into it.
When changing lanes, it came to a collision with a car, light sheet metal damage scratches, dent, no personal injury.
The tow truck saw this stopped and came running back and asked if we had touched each other?
Since the other party had a small child on board, he told us to follow through the alley, to the front of the police.

I was not so fast with my transporter behind, because I first had to enter the lane and no one made space.
So I was then after about 15 minutes in front, there was immediately the theater started, I could not give a statement, I was immediately yelled at, hit and run,
they threatened to take me to the police station and to immediately revoke my driver’s license.What the prosecutor did not approve (according to the policeman).
I had no opportunity to express myself, I was only yelled at, that I was to blame, he had witnesses that I had driven into it.
He said revocation of the driver’s license 11 months.

I let a tow truck through in the traffic jam, then I wanted to change to the left lane to get into the front lane, like you do.During the lane change there was a collision.Very light damage to the car, no personal injury.The tow truck saw that has stopped came running back and said we should follow through the rescue lane to the police!
I came with the transporter not so fast behind and arrived only later in front, because hardly place was made.
I was immediately threatened by the police with kidnapping to the guard, immediate driver’s license suspension should follow, prosecutor said first no.
I have obstructed no one, nothing blocked, the alley I drove through on instruction, as the other party in the accident also.
What can happen? FS for 25 years 3 points phone and speed.
Mfg thorsten

Hello thorsten,
in this case it is advisable to contact a lawyer.

Your fine info team

Hello dear team,

I had a few days ago an accident on the highway, where I drove on the left, because I wanted to overtake the truck in a short distance. By swallowing and sudden coughing fit, I have with 130km / h (what is prescribed there) the guardrail grazed. After I had the vehicle now again under control, I drove – with attention to the traffic – on the hard shoulder (max. 1km away from the accident). Fortunately no one else was involved! Of course I called the police, who reassured me on the phone. I put on my warning vest and got out on the passenger side to set up the warning triangle.
When the officers came, I described the course of events. Both were visibly happy that I was still alive and that no one else was involved! A fine of 35 € I had to pay and my insurance in knowledge set, because of the autobahn meisterei and the accident.
I am still in the probationary period and hope now that this is not punished with a point, because I have not behaved so seen disorderly. The insurance company told me that if I would bear the damage of the AM itself, I would not of course in the percentages rise. My car needs some new parts, fortunately I am unharmed.
What do I have to expect now?

Thank you in advance& many greetings

Hello jotti,
Unfortunately, it is not clear to us what your question refers to.

Your fine info team

I have a question I had an accident on the highway by a moment of carelessness I came against a guardrail by the impact the car has turned and has been thrown onto the road then came a following car that has driven into me in the rear. What would come to me how do you see the situation.

Since we are not allowed to give free legal advice, we can not comment on the facts of the case.

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