15.03.2019 | Germany missing rebecca: was the suspect car found?

Mid-february disappeared 15-year-old from berlin. So far there are few clues as to where she might be. Now a suspicious car has been found. All news about the case rebecca here with us.

Photo: berlin police

This case moves all of germany: since 18. February 2019 the 15-year-old rebecca disappeared without a trace in berlin. Despite intensive search, the girl has not yet been found alive nor her body discovered.

Still running a large search operation of the berlin police in brandenburg. Criminal police assume that rebecca was killed and that she was targets the husband of rebecca’s sister.

+++ latest development +++

In the search area of missing rebecca is a raspberry-colored renault small car turned up. This is very similar to the car that is currently still being searched for. In it, rebecca’s brother-in-law is said to have been traveling after the disappearance. However, there are doubts as to whether the renault found is the vehicle she is looking for. The owner told the BILD that the vehicle has not been moved recently. In addition, the berlin homicide commission is aware that there is a similar car in the search area.

In addition, the BILD reports that the lawyer of the suspected brother-in-law florian R. Detention appeal filed is said to have. Should this be granted, florian R. Be released from custody under investigation for the time being.

Had rebecca met a man on the Internet? At least that’s what rebecca’s mother said in an interview with the magazine "bunte" indicated (issue 12/2019, from 14. March). "there was actually someone. A max or maxi," says the mother. This is what rebecca told her in january.

Also on wednesday (13. march) the police continues the search for the missing rebecca. In a woodland near the village of rieplos, 50 km southeast of berlin members of the homicide commission and the THW are in action.

Also on tuesday (12. March) the police is looking for woodland near storkow near kummersdorf continue after rebecca. Included are the forensics, officers of the homicide commission, the technical relief organization (THW) and on-call police officers. According to the berliner zeitung, the forensics team there plaster casts of tire tracks have taken. The police apparently want to match this with the tire impressions of the red renault twingo of the suspect brother-in-law.

By the manhunt for the car, used by brother-in-law, police hope for important clues. The raspberry red renault twingo with berlin license plates (see picture below) was on 18. February at 10.47 o’clock and on 19. February at 22.39 o’clock on the highway 12 registered between berlin and frankfurt (or) by an automatic license plate recognition system.

"according to the current state of investigation, only the 27-year-old brother-in-law had access to this car at these times," the police announced.

The investigating murder commission considers this trace so relevant that on wednesday it posted not only photos of the car but also photos of the suspected brother-in-law on the internet, although the man is already in custody under investigation.

Photo: police berlin twingo (front view)

The police are now asking who can provide information about the man’s whereabouts to can make the two times. In addition, the question is whether acquaintances of the brother-in-law know anything about places in brandenburg where the man knows his way around. Also asked about the purple fleece blanket that disappeared with rebecca. In the trunk of the car, police are said to have found hair of the student and traces of fibers from this blanket.

Under the phone number 030 / 46 64 911 333 witnesses who saw the car between the times mentioned or who can give information about the whereabouts of the suspect can come forward.

When exactly did rebecca disappear?

Rebecca was last in the house of her oldest sister jessica (27) and her husband florian R. (27) on maurerweg in berlin-neukolln seen alive. She had the night of 18. February, a monday, spent the night there in the living room. In the morning she was no longer there and also did not show up at school.

What happened on the day of rebecca’s disappearance?

The last hours before rebecca’s disappearance are unexplained. The statements of her family members to the media so far indicate the following chronological sequence of events morning of the 18. February CLOSE.

5.45 o’clock

Around this time, rebecca’s brother-in-law, florian R. (27) have come home from a company party. He works as a cook in a hotel on the berlin kudamm.

6 to 8 o’clock:

Between 6 and 8 o’clock the cell phone of rebecca still in the wifi router of the house of the sister had been logged in. This is reported by several media. sister jessica had already left the apartment at 7 a.m. to take her daughter (2) to daycare and then drive to work at a real estate company, as the B.Z. Reported.

At 7.15 o’clock calls the mother of rebeccas on the cell phone of her daughter. But the cell phone is switched off. afterwards the mother is said to have called jessica. mom’s request to jessica: she should call her husband florian to wake up rebecca and send her to school. The brother-in-law claims later: at this time the living room where rebecca had spent the night was already empty. also gone were rebecca’s school backpack, her handbag and a purple fleece blanket.

Contradictory in this context: classes at rebecca’s school didn’t start until 9 that day.50 o’clock. It would only have taken her half an hour to get to the walter-gropius school. So why should rebecca have gone off so soon?

8.42 o’clock:

at this time rebecca’s mother sends her daughter a whatsapp message. In it, mom wants to know if rebecca got to school on time. Message arrives on cell phone but is not read.


rebecca to be back home with her parents by afternoon. mother and father inform the police when they do not come and report the daughter missing.

How the police and public prosecutor’s office have investigated so far?

A few days after rebecca’s disappearance, a homicide squad took over the investigation. On thursday, 28. February florian R., rebecca’s brother-in-law first arrested by police after interrogation. The investigation had "strengthened the suspicion of a crime". On friday he will be released again, because a judge saw no urgent suspicion. The police are not saying what the suspicion against the 27-year-old is based on.

On Monday, 4. March brother-in-law is arrested for the second time, on tuesday morning, the arrest warrant was announced to him on urgent suspicion of manslaughter. He is in custody. According to the public prosecutor’s office, rebecca’s brother-in-law, who is suspected of committing the crime, remains silent. 348 clues were until tuesday morning received by police, which investigators are now looking into.

Thus, in trunk of the car the sister jessica and her husband florian R. rebecca’s hair was found, as well as fiber traces of the ceiling secured related to the disappearance of the 15-year-old.

At wednesday evening (6. March) the berlin state criminal investigation department ZDF program "aktenzeichen XY" (XY file) before. There the officer says, from the telephone behavior of rebecca and the router data in the house of the brother-in-law, it results that the suspected brother-in-law must have been alone in the house with rebecca at the alleged time of the crime.

On thursday and friday (7. & 8. March) the police combed a wooded area near kummersdorf, near the town of storkow 50 km southeast of berlin with a squad of one hundred people.

At saturday, 9. March the search continues in the woods. According to a police spokeswoman, in the meantime over 1000 clues received. Later in the day, the police relocates its search continues to the west in the direction of lake wolzingen. The "world" rebecca reportedly sent a whatsapp message shortly before she disappeared. then her cell phone was off and her mother could not reach her anymore.

At sunday and monday (10. & 11. March) are meanwhile over 1200 tips message received by police about rebecca’s disappearance. The police must first evaluate these. The search will not continue on these two days.

What rebecca’s family members say?

the brother-in-law has so far remained silent on the charges against him. rebecca’s parents and sisters continue to believe he’s innocent of the crime. Rebecca’s father told RTL: "the whole thing is connected to another matter, but I’m not allowed to tell you that." he asked his son-in-law: ‘florian, just talk’"! Clarify this so the whole search goes the other way, and in the right direction. We have to find becky."

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