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We know that expert reports must be well-structured. Therefore, the first page of our expert report always shows a summary of the entire calculation:

  1. Repair costs
  2. Value reduction (if applicable)
  3. Assessment
  4. Reprocurement value (if necessary)
  5. Residual value (if necessary)
  6. Repair duration
  7. Reprocurement duration (if necessary)
  8. Loss of use (for cars and vans)

The following pages contain the other parts of our professional expert report:

  • Technical vehicle details
  • equipment information
  • Text description
  • Detailed list of the damage (calculation)
  • Pictures

A damage report from expert office schmitz& gerlach gbr is systematically built, clearly structured, comprehensibly explained, and reduced to the essentials.

It also supplies complete, true, legally compliant, objective, and unambiguous information.

We believe that our experts report must be compiled as to be seamlessly comprehensible and plausible for laypeople and specialists alike!



Our approach for compiling expert reports for passenger cars or industrial vehicles is identical in all cases:

  1. You call us to describe what happened. You can do so at any time, and even on weekends and holidays!
  2. We schedule an appointment with you. You do not need to come to us. We can come to you.
  3. Vehicle inspection – please keep part 1 of your registration certificate and the police accident report at hand.
  4. We will prepare the expert report and collect any required details from the party that caused the accident.
  5. We will usually compile the expert report within the next 24 hours (this does not apply to residual value queries and special reports) before submitting it to the opponent’s insurance company. You will receive a copy of the expert report from us.
  6. Based on the assignment signed by you, we will settle the amount directly with the opponent’s insurance. You will merely receive our invoice for your information.

Advice: claims always must be processed based on the law of the country where the damage occurred. Therefore, it is possible that the expert costs may not be borne by the opponent’s insurance company. We will gladly inform you of the exceptions and options for this provision.


Motor vehicle expert for passenger cars in essen

We will accept your call around the clock. We are your partner if you were involved in an accident without fault and need an expert in or near essen. We accept orders from anywhere else in germany as well!


Motor vehicle expert for industrial and special vehicles

As a motor vehicle expert, we are the right contact not only for assessment of passenger cars, but also for industrial and special vehicles.


We work as a motor vehicle expert in essen and anywhere in north rhine-westphalia, or even anywhere in germany. Just call us! We will set out to provide quick, objective, and professional help to you in case of a claim.

We offer the following special features:

  1. Available to you around the clock
  2. Available anywhere in germany
  3. No prepayment of costs required
  4. We have our own car lift.
  5. Rental car (even when there is no claim)


We do not advertise artificially raised repair costs, but rather fairness and a low dispute rate. Our main focus is on producing a expert report that is technically and factually correct and that cannot be contested or challenged. We may end up with a lower total claim than some other experts would. However, we will make sure that you receive your money, rather than having to pay the difference to a reduced expert report compiled by a different expert out of pocket in the case of a repair. This is quite a frequent occurrence when expert reports calculated too high are subject to review and reduction by the opponent’s insurance company. Restoration of the resulting damage to the original condition should and must be borne by the opponent’s insurance. There is no space for discussion there.


We stand out by another thing as well: we will answer your questions! We take time for you and your request. We will explain our procedure to you – even after we have completed the expert report! We will only leave once you have all the answers you need. Rather than rushing from appointment to appointment, we take as much time as we actually need.

Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment now:

Car expert opinion

motor vehicle expert essen car

Call us around the clock. We are your partner if you have had an accident and need an expert in essen or the surrounding area. Also possible nationwide!

truck testimonial

motor vehicle expert commercial and special vehicles

As automotive experts, we are the right contact not only for the assessment of passenger cars, but also for the assessment of commercial and special-purpose vehicles.

What sets us apart

  1. 24/7 available for you
  2. Working for you nationwide
  3. No need to pay the costs in advance
  4. Own lift available

there for you 24/7: ✆ 0201 / 536 760 81 – give us a call!

Small ruhrau 28
45279 essen
telephone: 0201 / 536 760 81

as automotive experts we are not only active in the greater essen area, but also beyond the state borders and even in the whole of germany.

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