With rental car on mallorca: in the car across the spanish island

With a rental car on Mallorca you can reach even the most remote dream beaches

With the rental car on mallorca even remote dream locations can be reached.

The plane is at the balearic island in spain landed and you would like to immediately area on the spot explore? Then you can rent a car with some providers already at the airport of palma rental car book. Mallorca has round trips by car a lot to offer. Bathing fans get their money’s worth with the variety of beaches on the island.

For example you want to discover beaches by rental car? to explore Majorca on four wheels makes then in any case sense, because you will have always flexible and also long distances independent be able to travel by public transport. Even those who are interested in historical buildings can explore mallorca with a rental car, because the island offers numerous castles. Last but not least, there is also a lot to offer for connoisseurs. In the countless bars and restaurants of the island you can enjoy the vacation over sangria and paella so really enjoy. A rental car in spain can be used in many different ways on the island of mallorca.

With the rental car on mallorca: what to consider? how to book a car rental on mallorca? And what does a rental car on mallorca cost if you want to be serious?? we answer these and other questions in our guidebook.

FAQ: car hire on mallorca

You can book a rental car both before the trip on the internet or on the spot at the airport. If you are in mallorca during the high season, it is advisable to find out about offers in advance. Here you will find.

The price of a rental car depends on factors such as the season, the duration of use, the extent of the car insurance, the tank regulation, the mileage, the vehicle category and the equipment. Find out more here.

In principle, you can drive a rental car from the age of 18 years. There may be a young driver fee for drivers under 23 years of age.

further information about car rental in spain

Majorca: book a rental car directly from the airport

if you leave the airport after landing, you should consider a detour to the center of palma, because the old town is a great place to stroll around. The monastery of lluc or the pilgrimage site of puig de randa are also worth a visit.

rent a car in mallorca: book in advance or on the spot?

Book a rental car in Mallorca or from home? Both is possible

Book a car rental in mallorca or from home? Both is possible.

Many vacationers ask themselves in advance: should I rent a car? car rental only in mallorca request or in advance from home the booking contract? Possible are basically both options, why everyone can decide for themselves how and where to rent the car. For holidaymakers on the island who do not want to receive the rental car immediately after landing, but only at the hotel, car rental companies generally offer this service as well.

The rental car on site to book, seems to be at the not a bad idea at first glance to be. You can take a closer look at the rental car for your mallorca vacation before you rent it and know what you are letting yourself in for. With the landlord on site tourists are entitled to a single direct contact at disposal. Spontaneous vacationers can decide on arrival whether they want to book a rental car at all.

Despite the mentioned advantages rates car rental companies as a rule from there, to rent a car in mallorca on the spot. Above all, because holidaymakers who want to request a rental car on the most famous Balearic island – one of the tourist hotspots par excellence – are better advised to do so on the basis of the strong demand to be implemented in advance.

Who is in the peak season a car rental if you want to rent a car in mallorca, you can even, in the end all over without vehicle to stand there. It is not uncommon for the fleets of the providers to be quickly complete fully booked.

car hire in mallorca: what are the prices here??

car rental: prices vary in mallorca depending on season and provider.

For many consumers, the following question is decisive when choosing a vehicle for their vacation: what does it cost a car rental in mallorca? Various factors play a role in the price of a rental car. What the cost of a rental car u.A. The following list shows how they can be put together:

  • scope of car insurance
  • Fuel regulation
  • Kilometer volume
  • Vehicle category of the rental car
  • Extras in the equipment (z. B. Additional options like u.A. a child seat)

This is only a selection of possible factors, which can be extended by further points depending on the provider. Car rental companies generally offer a variety of different car rental packages which differ in the scope of the services covered.

During basic contracts only include the most important insurances in case of an accident with the rental car are all-inclusive offers usually much more extensive, but correspondingly more expensive. Consumers should therefore decide individually, depending on their expectations of the rental car, which offer meets their own needs.

With europcar costs a car rental on mallorca for example for a period from a week about 182 euro. In this case the price would include a rental car of the category small car with fully comprehensive insurance without deductible. In addition, here is another driver mitverischert if they want to claim this. Glass and tire protection are also included in the offer. The fact that the costs vary depending on the provider becomes apparent when looking at another service provider. For the car rental AVIS costs a car rental the same category at same services about 241 euro for one week. comparison is therefore worthwhile from the consumer’s point of view.

How to pay for a car rental in mallorca?

The easiest way to pay for a rental car in Mallorca is by credit card. EC cards are also often accepted

the easiest way to pay for a rental car in mallorca is with your credit card. EC cards are also often accepted.

As a rule, consumers of reputable car rental companies are entitled to a different payment options at your disposal. Regardless of whether you book the rental car on site in mallorca or request it in advance, you can normally choose between different payment methods. The following list shows which payment methods can be used.A. Offered are:

  • Credit card
  • Cash deposit
  • Payment by debit card resp. EC card
  • payment by direct debit or. SEPA direct debit

Who unsure is, which payment methods the respective provider allows, you can either ask yourself on the company website on the internet or at the rental car station ask on the spot. Since some providers do not allow you to book a rental car without a credit card, it is always advisable to ask before signing the contract.

With the rental car on mallorca: from what age is the?

Basically the minimum age for every driver 18 years (driving license possession at least 1 day). A deviation of the minimum age is however in depending on the vehicle category possible. For example, you can only rarely book a sports car or luxury class vehicle as a rental car on mallorca with 18 years of age.

Unfamiliar routes, a new vehicle and often different traffic rules: those who travel abroad by rental car have a higher risk of accidents. If the worst comes to the worst, it is worthwhile for drivers to have what is known as a mallorca policy. Why this is important, we reveal in this guidebook.

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