Which rims am i allowed to drive (kba/abe)??

Today you can choose between many different rims for your vehicle. Even if there is information on the approved rims in the vehicle registration document, this information is not always complete. We explain the subtleties you should know when thinking about buying new rims.

  • 1 which rims am i allowed to drive?
  • 1.1 what does the KBA number on your rims mean??
  • 1.2 what is an ABE in relation to rims??

Which rims am i allowed to drive?

in principle, your vehicle documents state which rim sizes you are allowed to drive. You will find this information under item 22 in your vehicle registration document (registration certificate part I). Sometimes, however, this information is not complete. Then you should check the EC certificate of conformity, which is also called coc document (certificate of conformity). Furthermore, you may drive the rims for which there is an ABE, in which exactly your vehicle is named. The most important rim parameters are: offset, rim width, rim flange type, diameter, bolt circle and number of holes. A registration of your new rim is always necessary, if no suitable ECE-certificate or ECE-approval is available. No ABE is available for the rim (or. there your vehicle is not mentioned).

What does the KBA number mean for your rims??

The KBA number is a registration number at the federal motor vehicle authority in the format "KBA-4XXXX", which is cast into the rim. Rims that are not manufactured for sale in Germany do not always have such a KBA number (and there is then usually no ABE). A registration of rims without KBA number is necessary, you need an individual acceptance for example by the TuV or the dekra.

What is an ABE in relation to rims?

As with an ABE for other vehicle components, a rim ABE is a so-called general operating permit. This document provides information on which vehicles these rims may be used on without special registration. For example, under A01 there may be conditions which you must fulfill. You can have the TuV confirm compliance with this, for example, with an installation confirmation. The ABE itself can, but does not have to be registered. You will usually receive the corresponding papers when you buy the rims. If you no longer have these, look for the recessed KBA number (KBA-4XXX) on your rim and request the ABE for a fee via the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

⚠ When do alloy rims have to be registered??

If your vehicle is not listed in the ABE/ECE certificate, you will need the corresponding certificates/approval. These must then be subsequently entered in your vehicle documents.

⚠ When do you not have to register rims??

Do you have an ECE certificate or. An ABE without A01 (i.e. no important restrictions) and if your vehicle type is explicitly listed as permissible in these papers, you do not have to have the rims registered. However, registration is possible in principle if you do not want to carry the relevant documents with you at all times.

⚠ where to get an expert opinion for rims?

At all recognized technical inspection institutes, such as TuV or dekra.

⚠ Where can I have my rims registered??

The registration of your new rims is generally carried out at your responsible vehicle registration office. You will find the relevant address on the authority websites.

⚠ What do you need in order to register rims??

To register your rims in the vehicle documents, you will need the ABE (possibly with a modification certificate/confirmation of installation), the certificate of individual approval or. The parts certificate. In addition, of course, you need your vehicle documents.

⚠ how much does it cost to have rims registered??

If the registration of your rims in the vehicle documents is necessary and if the necessary certificates are available, you have to expect costs of 30-70 euro.

⚠ what does it cost to register rims with an expert opinion??

A certificate of conformity (ABE with A01) usually costs less than 50 euros. If a parts certificate is required, this usually costs 60-80 euros. A single inspection (no vehicle-specific inspection certificate available) starts at prices of around 120 euros. The pure registration afterwards costs 30-70 euros.

⚠ you can have larger rims registered?

As a rule, you can drive a vehicle with different, often larger, rims. Please pay attention to the information in the ABE or the certificate of conformity. The ECE certificate and whether the corresponding specifications also apply exactly to your vehicle, so as not to experience any unpleasant surprises.

⚠ What do I need to register my rims??

It is best if you can provide the appraiser with as many documents as possible. If, for example, there is an ABE in which your vehicle is not listed or in which conditions are noted under A01, then this must be brought along. In this way, you can avoid unnecessary costs, because a confirmation of installation from a relevant testing organization is often sufficient.

⚠ How do I get a certificate for my rims??

In principle, the recognized technical vehicle inspection organizations, such as TuV and dekra, will prepare any necessary certificates for your rims. However, a visit there is only necessary if you do not have an ECE certificate or an ABE. There is no ABE without A01.

⚠ Where can I find the KBA number on the rim??

A five-digit KBA number (KBA-4XXXX) is located on the rim, which identifies the rim manufacturer without any doubt at the Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrtbundesamt). About this number, you can also get the necessary documents (such as an ABE), if you should have lost them.

⚠ What is an ABE for rims??

An ABE is a so-called general operating permit. If there is a so-called ABE without A01 for your rims (in which your vehicle is listed), no registration in your vehicle documents and also no installation confirmation is required in Germany. the same applies in germany if an ECE certificate (a seal of the economic commission of europe) is available, because this serves the same purpose. If you only have an ABE with A01, you need an installation confirmation, which can be issued by the TuV for example. Please note that you need the ABE resp. The ECE certificate must be carried at all times.


Finding the right rim can be a little more difficult than expected. This is especially true if you are looking for a very specific type. Whether a certificate from dekra or TuV and a registration in your vehicle documents is necessary, depends on the documents that you get with the rim. Make sure that you only drive with approved rims in order to avoid damage to your vehicle and to enjoy optimum driving safety.

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