Which corona rules are now in effect in hamburg? The big overview

Vaccination status: when am I considered fully vaccinated or recovered??

Previously, a double mrna vaccination with moderna, biontech and astrazeneca vaccines was considered complete vaccine protection. With the introduction of booster vaccination, this definition has changed. Health Minister karl lauterbach (SPD) explained in an interview with bams: "a complete vaccination consists of three doses." this means that only boosted individuals are now considered fully protected. according to the robert Koch institute (RKI), persons who have received two doses of vaccine have a so-called basic immunization.

The great exception johnson& johnson is no longer an exception as a result of the new rules. Previously, people who had received one dose of the vaccine were considered fully vaccinated, with a further dose of vaccine by moderna or biontech they were considered boosted. This has changed, because now you also need to put the johnson& johnson vaccine double dose mrna. For people who have previously received a cross-vaccination consisting of a J&J vaccination and an mrna vaccination, this means that they are now no longer considered boostered, but only basic immunized, and therefore require a further vaccination dose.

Who is considered a booster in hamburg?

people with three mrna vaccine doses (z.B. Biontech, moderna)

persons with three johnson& johnson vaccinations

People with two johnson& johnson and mrna vaccinations

People with a johnson& johnson vaccination and two mrna vaccine doses

The period to be considered recovered has also been changed. 28 days after the first positive PCR test, an infected person has recovered status. 90 days after the test expires. the recovered status is therefore for 62 days.

Hamburg: where apply 2G and 2G plus?

2G plus applies primarily to leisure activities such as the gym or hotel stays. In pandemic hamburg, 2G plus is also provided for the following:

  • Tourist city tours and tours of the port of hamburg
  • Fairs and exhibitions
  • accommodation and handling of cruise ships
  • Prostitution offers
  • pubs, cafes and restaurants
  • Sporting events with an audience
  • Volkfeste
  • Cinemas, musicals and concert halls
  • Sports facilities and operations such as swimming pools, yoga and fitness studios
  • Casinos and betting offices
  • senior citizen meeting points
  • educational facilities used for recreational activities

exceptions are offers from recreational facilities and guided tours for guests that take place outdoors. 2G plus also applies to personal care and hygiene services, except for hairdressing and pedicure. There 3G still applies.

2G is obligatory in all retail stores that are not stores for daily needs. Proof of complete vaccination or convalescence is also sufficient for access to libraries, museums, bookstores, exhibition halls and memorials. the libraries of the hamburg universities are open for lending only.

Currently, only convenience stores and businesses are exempt from the 2G or 2G plus regulations. These include, for example, grocery stores, beverage stores, pharmacies, drugstores, medical supply stores, baby stores, gas stations and banks.

Hamburg: mandatory testing for 2G plus – who really needs a corona test??

2G plus actually means that if you have been vaccinated twice or have recovered, you also need a negative corona test, for example, to go to a restaurant or gym. However, some groups are exempt from this rule and do not need to be tested to access 2G plus services.

Those who have been vaccinated three times, i.e. boosted, do not need a test for 2G plus. The same applies to people who have been vaccinated twice and recovered once. the order of vaccination and recovery does not play a role here. Children and adolescents under 16 are also exempt from testing regardless of vaccination status, as are dually vaccinated students who are regularly tested at school.

On the other hand, people who are only doubly vaccinated need a test for 2G plus offers. Even convalescents who have been vaccinated once must take a test.

Anyone who has only been vaccinated or recovered once, but without additional vaccination, will not have access to 2G-plus offers even with a test. The same applies to persons who are neither recovered nor vaccinated.

mandatory masks in hamburg: where do they apply and where are even FFP2 masks mandatory??

A medical mask is also mandatory for most 2G or 2G plus offers in hamburg, especially indoors. These include:

  • city and port tours
  • visits to the hairdresser, foot care and other hygiene treatments
  • Shopping in retail stores and weekly markets
  • Church services
  • hotels
  • educational institutions
  • Public buildings of the city of hamburg
  • Cultural facilities such as libraries
  • Casinos and betting offices
  • Prostitution establishments
  • airplanes, cabs and other means of public transportation
  • nursing and medical facilities

In offices, authorities such as the employment agency and other professional operations, the mask may only be removed at the person’s own workplace. The same applies to visits to restaurants, where the mask may be removed at the table.

Even though medical masks are mandatory, the better filtering FFP2 masks are strongly recommended. FFP2 masks are even compulsory in public transport such as buses, trains, ferries, airplanes and cabs in hamburg.

Quarantine: how long do i have to stay at home in case of infection or contact?

Anyone infected with corona must be in isolation for 10 days from the time of the positive test result. After seven days, people who have no symptoms of illness for at least 48 hours can be released from isolation. A quick test is all that is needed. Those who leave isolation after 10 days do not need a test. Exceptions apply to employees in hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities. You also have to be symptom-free for 48 hours in order to be cleared after seven days, but you need a PCR test to do so.

Contacts do not need to be quarantined if they have had basic immunization within the last 90 days, i.e., received the second vaccination, or have recovered. People who have recovered before this period and have basic immunization do not have to be quarantined, nor do boostered people. You can be cleared from quarantine after seven days with a rapid test. Exceptions are schoolchildren and daycare centers. You have the option of free testing after only five days, provided that regular testing continues at the educational institution in question.

Hamburg’s quarantine rules: can I at least go for a walk??

People in isolation or quarantine are not allowed to leave their homes – not even to take a short walk in the fresh air.

For the domestic quarantine, the rules are indeed very strict. It is not allowed to leave the shelter, not even to get a breath of fresh air or to walk the dog.

Lawyer nicole mutschke told the bild-zeitung newspaper

workplace and home office: when do i need a daily test?

For employers and employees, the following applies in hamburg 3G. If you are not vaccinated or have not recovered from illness, you must have a daily test. If you are able to work in your home office, you usually don’t need a 2G or 3G certificate for your employer.

If your child has to stay at home after a positive corona test, parents may still be able to go to work. Here are the rules for contacts. Those who are boosted, double vaccinated and additionally recovered or double vaccinated or recovered in the last 90 days may continue to go to the office.

Positive quick test – and now?

If you have a positive corona test, you should have a PCR test to be on the safe side. If this is also positive, you must immediately enter the ten-day isolation period. The period of isolation starts from the first appearance of the symptoms. For people who have a symptom-free course, the day of the smear test is considered the start of isolation.

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