Whatsapp: with this message you have to watch out like hell

Whatsapp: do you get THIS message from friends? Then you have to watch out like hell

whatsapp: these are the mistakes you should never make

Users of whatsapp must pay attention.

A message is currently spreading via the messenger service that draws attention to a tempting prize draw. To this end whatsapp-message even abused the logo of a popular car dealer.

But this is fraud!

Whatsapp: VW tiguan as a prize? This message looks amazingly real!

Once again, a message is spreading via whatsapp that points to a fake sweepstake.

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the volkswagen car group, there is supposedly a VW tiguan to be won. But VW has nothing to do with this whatsapp message. volkswagen gmbh was founded in 1949 and therefore does not even celebrate its 80th anniversary.

This is whatsapp:

  • The instant messaging service was founded in 2009 in santa clara, usa by jan koum and brian acton
  • 2014 facebook inc bought. Whatsapp up for 19 billion US dollars
  • The application is available for all major operating systems: android. Ios, windows phone and windows 10 mobile
  • The betatesting of whatsapp business started in germany on 25. January 2018
  • Whatsapp payments is currently only available to users in india, but is expected to come to other countries soon

It looks amazingly real: the whatsapp message contains not only the VW logo, but also brief information about a sweepstakes offering free gifts from the car company.

Moreover, the whatsapp message contains a link that leads users through several fake VW pages, on which the way to winning the tiguan seems child’s play. But taking part in the competition could have fatal consequences.

Whatsapp: this is behind the fraudulent scam

whatsapp users must answer several simple questions to enter the sweepstakes and then share the left with five whatsapp groups or 20 whatsapp contacts.

whatsapp users are also being asked to register on a platform where, among other things, they are supposed to provide their address. But even this step will not lead to winning a VW tiguan.

More about whatsapp:

The real point behind the sweepstakes: the scammers want to collect your data in order to sell you subscriptions or send you spam mails afterwards.

You should become suspicious as soon as you receive the link with the VW logo on whatsapp. A company like volkswagen would never offer a serious sweepstakes via whatsapp.

To stop the spread of the fake sweepstakes, you should simply ignore the link and never forward it to your whatsapp contacts. (MKX.)

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