What helps against martens on cars

If martens are looking for a hiding place, not only caves, attics and bushes, but also cars come into question. Such a shelter is particularly tempting when the vehicle has just been parked and is still warm.

Barriers provide the best protection

There are many home remedies to prevent marten bites. However, extensive tests in the past have proven that both scents and other questionable methods do not offer sustainable protection.

The only way to stop a marten is to seal your own car. For this purpose, it is best to drive the car on a lifting platform to find possible loopholes for martens. These can then be closed off by a piece of fine-meshed mesh fencing.

Another way to block the engine compartment is by means of electricity. Metal objects are placed on the vehicle, which can electrocute the marten. This is by no means fatal, but acts as a deterrent.

ATTENTION: such a system must be installed e.g. in the vehicle. Be identified by warning stickers so that it can be turned off before repairs are made to the vehicle.

Other remedies for marten bites provide short-term relief at best. Dog hair, toilet stones and other scent carriers have been and still are used to keep martens away from your car.

Nibbling fun for rodents and the consequences

The problem is not the marten itself, but its behavior. It is in the nature of these animals to survey the territory – this includes entering vehicles.

Be it because of curiosity or because of the scent mark of another animal – once the marten smells danger, it will be destroyed. Territorial fights can also lead to damage in the engine area, as the animals can become extremely ferocious in their defense.

If a marten has found its home under the hood, this can end badly for the driver. Problems can arise even when the engine is started for the first time if live wires or even coolant hoses are cut off. The engine does not start or overheats – catalytic converter and other components can suffer severely.

For example, if you buy a new car that is always parked in the same place and is only ”entered” by a marten, this is not a problem because the marten does not have to defend a territory. If you park somewhere else and another marten smells your car, it will defend its territory and destroy cables, for example.

How to recognize that a marten has been in your car?

If your engine won’t start or your coolant has completely leaked out, this may be an indication of a marten.

if you take a closer look at the engine compartment and notice bite marks, you can be sure that an animal has made itself comfortable in your car.

Often the telltale footprints are already on the engine block or other components. Then, at the latest, it is time to act.

if you are affected, your insurance company may be able to help you. Damage caused by marten bites is usually covered by partial insurance.

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