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Featured: 2021 tire reviews winter tire test

In this tire test, we take nine of the best performing winter tires in the popular 225/40 R18 size and test them in dry, wet and, of course, snow conditions to see which is the best winter tire for the fall and winter of 2021/22.

Featured: 2021 tire reviews all season tire test

Do you want to know which is the best all-season tire for the whole year in all weather conditions?? In this test, we take nine of the best 205/55 R16 all-season tires on the market, plus a respected summer and winter tire, as a reference to see exactly which tire performs best in dry, wet, snow, comfort, and noise, and rolling resistance tests!

Nokian hakkapeliitta R5 – market launch

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The newest studless winter tire from the inventors of the winter tire has just been launched! The nokian hakkapeliitta R5 replaces the R3 and comes with special versions for suvs and electric vehicles, the hakkapeliitta R5 SUV and the hakkapeliitta R5 EV!

This product will be available in both north america and europe and is designed for the harshest of winters where studded tires are unacceptable. Tire reviews will test this in 2022, and we expect it to once again be a leading contender in the category!

Read on for the full information!

2021 nordic winter tire test with studs

We’re posting this a little late, so there won’t be many comments, but hopefully someone will find it useful in 2022! In 2021, mototri conducted an excellent studded tire test and included 8 of the best studded winter tires, including the new nokian hakkapeliitta 10, which later wins the test, with the michelin X-ice north 4 also performing very well.

One-third of electric car breakdowns are due to tires and wheels

We’re used to range anxiety with electric cars, but charge leakage may not be their biggest cause of problems. According to a new study, electric cars are much more likely to need roadside assistance due to tire or wheel problems than when they lose range. Breakdown company LV britannia rescue claims that over a third of its electric car breakdowns (36%) involved wheels. That’s compared to 11% for cars that run out of battery power.

Welcome to tyrereviews

Goodyear launches electricdrive GT tire for electric vehicles

Goodyear ElectricDrive GT

Goodyear has introduced its first tire specifically designed for electric vehicles (evs). The goodyear electricdrive GT was developed as both an ultra-high performance and all-season tire. It is said to offer long-lasting tread wear and low noise levels, enabling a ride as quiet as the motors of an electric car

to achieve this, the new tire incorporates the american brand’s soundcomfort technology, essentially soundproofing inside the walls. This equates to a 50% reduction in tire noise, according to goodyear.

The electricdrive GT features an asymmetrical tread pattern and tread compound that is said to provide sufficient traction in most weather conditions. Since electric cars tend to be heavy and powerful, this should give drivers confidence in the underlying rubber.

goodyear eagle F1 asymmetric 6 – press release

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6

Here at tire reviews we are always excited about new tires, and you can always guarantee that a new tire in goodyear’s popular asymmetric range will exceed our enthusiasm.

The goodyear eagle F1 asymmetric 5 was a multiple test winner, including the 2021 tire reviews UHP tire test, to learn that the new goodyear eagle F1 asymmetric 6 promises to improve on its predecessor in dry and wet conditions while reducing rolling resistance, making the tire "EV-ready." sounds almost too good to be true.

Rest assured, we are working flat out to conduct one of the first tests of the new asymmetric 6 early next year, and for now you can read the press release below. It will be available from january 2022 in the popular 17- and 18-inch wheel sides, with more to follow in the first half of the year.

2022 will be another exciting year for tire testing.

Michelin pilot sport 4S vs. Michelin pilot sport all season 4 vs. Michelin X-ice snow

If you’ve ever wondered how the modern generation of ultra-high-performance all-season tires compares in the snow to a summer tire and a winter tire, this is the test for you!

In this video, the michelin pilot sport 4 S, the michelin pilot sport all season 4 and the michelin X-ice snow are tested for traction, braking and a timed snow lap to see all the differences between the top three tires in each category!

Road tire vs. track tires vs. Slick tires

Racing slick tires are used by some of the world’s fastest cars, but how much faster is a slick tire compared to a track-day tire or even a regular ultra-high-performance street tire on a normal road car??

To find out, we pit the ultra-high-performance pirelli P zero PZ4 street tire against the pirelli P zero trofeo R track day tire and two different types of pirelli slick race tires to find out exactly how much faster a slick tire can be!

2021 auto express summer tire test

Auto express has asked tire reviewers not to cover too much of their test. so if you want to see the full results of this 225/45 R17 summer tire test, visit the auto express website!

Here is a very basic overview of the results. Note that there is a mix of tire types in this test, with more performance-diagonal patterns like the michelin pilot sport 4 and goodyear eagle F1 asymmetric 5 versus touring-diagonal tires like the bridgestone turanza T005 and pirelli cinturato P7 C2.

2021 AZ SUV winter tire test

In the 2021 SUV winter tire test of auto zeitung, ten SUV winter tires in size 235/55 R18 were tested with a VW tiguan crossover SUV.

since this is a smaller test compared to other winter tire tests, we will keep the introduction short. All ten sets of tires went through the usual mix of dry, wet and snow tests, as well as rolling resistance and noise levels.

2021 auto bild sports car winter tire test

The 2021 winter tire test of auto bild sportscars has tested twelve of the best winter tires in the size 245/40 R18 with a mercedes C-class AND included as a reference a summer and an all-season tire.

this is extremely useful for those of us wondering whether to fit winter or all-season tires for the larger tires, and for variety auto bild named the all-season tire used vredestein quatrac pro.

However, the single reference tire has some disadvantages. The quatrac pro is now an older model and certainly no longer the best all-season tire on the market. That said, although it did well in the dry, it didn’t beat all the winter tires as you would expect (the michelin crossclimate 2 certainly would have), it struggled in the wet, and if you expected it too you will be surprised when it comes last in a group of winter tires in the snow tests.

Winter tire test without studs and studded 2021

If you live in a part of the world that experiences extreme winters, such as the northern United States, canada and northern europe, you’ll know that normal central european winter tires just won’t cut it.

Winters with many months of snow on the roads and lots of ice require extreme winter tires, and there are two types to choose from. The original is the studded winter tire, a tire where studs (pieces of metal) are incorporated into the soft winter compound, allowing the tire to really bite into snow and ice.

Unfortunately, studs are so big that they damage roads, which is why tire companies invented a category of winter tires called spikeless-friction-winter tires. Although these have no lugs, they have a much better performance than a "normal" tire winter tires a vastly improved capability on snow and ice, and with advances in compounding technology, they are quickly becoming an excellent alternative for all but the most extreme climates .

2021 autobild SUV winter tire test

In the 2022 auto bild allrad SUV tire test, ten SUV/4×4 winter tires in the popular 235/55 R18 size were tested, including a reference summer tire.

As in the tire reviews winter tire test, there was a tie for first place with the goodyear ultragrip performance+ SUV and the michelin pilot alpin 5 SUV for the win.

Both tires had slightly different grip concepts, the goodyear was the more balanced tire, winning only the wet handling test but doing well in almost all other tests, while the michelin won every snow test but did relatively poorly in the wet test.

The bridgestone blizzak LM005 again performed well, it is a tire that seems to do well in all tests with its only real weakness being the worst dry braking in the test, and the vredestein wintrac pro came in fourth with an excellent wet braking and snow grip result.

2021 autobild winter tire test

auto bild’s 2021 winter tire test began life as a 50-tire wet and snow braking test, with the 20 best-performing tires going through this test. Thus, the twenty tires in this test are among the best winter tires for 2021 on the market!

In addition, auto bild has included the usual reference summer tire, but also a cheap winter tire. it was not clear from the article how this tire was selected, but i imagine it was one of the worst tires from the 50-tire brake test, which is supposed to show how bad cheap tires can be. The results confirm the theory, the inexpensive winter tire performs well below average in almost all tests.

As always, the results were close to the top, with the new continental wintercontact TS870 narrowly beating the michelin alpin 6. The new german tire had a very consistent test, doing well in almost all categories and had the best wear in the test!

2021 auto image all-season tire test

In the auto bild all-season tire test 2021, sixteen of the best all-season tires in the popular 225/50 R17 size were tested.

Auto bild is the european leader in tire testing and goes as far as no other publication can with its tests. To select the sixteen all-season tires in this test, they first put thirty-two sets through a dry and wet braking test with the top sixteen qualifying to ensure that these sixteen were among the best on the market.

overview of the all-season tire market in 2021

For the 2021 fall season, auto bild tested 32 all-season tires in the popular 225/50 R17 size in dry and wet braking conditions.

The top sixteen of these tires will be featured in the full auto image all-season tire test in the next few days.

Michelin crossclimate 2 – available sizes

As you probably know, the michelin crossclimate 2 was launched in europe this month and is a big improvement over the outgoing michelin crossclimate+ (you can see our review of the michelin crossclimate 2 vs. Crossclimate+ here !)

The most frequent question we have had since the tire’s launch is: "is the crossclimate 2 available in my size??"

To answer that, here’s a list of all the sizes the michelin crossclimate 2 is available in europe. There are a few more sizes due later this year, and another expansion in 2022, but this is a really impressive launch list.

2021 auto image SUV all-season tire test

German SUV magazine auto bild allrad is the second magazine in 2021 to publish its all-season tire test, and the first to include the new michelin crossclimate 2 (much to our disappointment, we wanted to be first!)

The all-wheel-drive tests aren’t quite as thorough as the industry-leading auto bild tests, but they’re still an excellent reference point for the market and especially useful if you drive an SUV or are interested in how an all-season test tire compares to summer and winter tires, since both are included as references.

The size tested is 215/65 R17, which fits many popular suvs such as the test vehicle VW tiguan, the audi Q5, mercedes GLA, nissan qashqai and many others. It should be remembered that SUV tire sizes sometimes have different constructions than their regular cousins, which means that surprising results can be a feature in this type of test!

Michelin crossclimate 2 VS michelin crossclimate+

In this test, we look at the improvements in dry grip, including the already very impressive dry braking, the advancement in wet grip and aquaplaning resistance, the huge improvement in rolling resistance, which means lower fuel consumption / better MPG for your car, and the serious step forward michelin has made in snow performance of the new tire.

watch the video to see how the new michelin crossclimate 2 is better than the michelin crossclimate in almost every way+!

New lap record on the nurburgring for the pirelli P zero trofeo R

Lap records on the infamous nurburgring are hotly contested, so it’s certainly news that the 2019 lap record for compact cars has finally been broken!

Pirelli and audi have teamed up to set the lap record on the new audi RS3, which wears the track-oriented but street-legal pirelli P zero trofeo R. The new record of 7:40.748 minutes on the 20.8-kilometer track beats the previous record for compact cars by 4.64 seconds!

Interestingly, the tire sizes 265/30Z R19 front and 245/35Z R19 rear were chosen. We are not sure if this is a factory setup but it will certainly help with understeer on the track!

2021 camper van / SUV tire test

The German magazine promobil tested eight summer tires in the popular size 235/55 R17 with a VW T 6.1 camper tested!

this test is slightly more relevant than usual tests for motorhomes / suvs, because the magazine has the "normal" the tire option 235/55 R17 instead of the commercial size 215/65 R16 C, with which the VW transporter is often mounted is based on.

However, this tire size is not only limited to motorhomes, but also to many large sedans and mid-size crossover suvs such as BMW 7 series, BMW X3, audi Q3, ford S-max, honda CRV, VW tiguan , VW, california, VW caravelle and many others!

as usual, the eight sets of summer tires were subjected to the usual dry, wet, noise and rolling resistance tests to find out exactly which tire was the best in each key area.

2021 track day 200TW tire test

For the 2021 tire reviews 200 treadwear track tire test, we selected eight of the most popular 200tw track-focused performance tires with access to michelin’s laurens proving ground in south carolina, which offers very fast, grippy and dry handling test track.

you can either watch the full test video with all the gorgeous footage of the beautiful E36 M3 test car or click through to read the full results.

2021 motor summer tire test

The polish magazine "motor, published later than usual due to travel restrictions, tested ten 225/55 R17 summer tires in the usual series of wet and dry tests.

the tested 17-inch size can be found in a wide variety of vehicles, such as the audi A6, BMW 5 series and mercedes e-class, smaller vehicles such as the BMW 3 series and mini countryman, crossovers such as the honda CR- V, nissan X-trail and skoda karoq and even minivans / people carriers such as the chrysler voyager, fiat scudo and opel vivaro.

2021 auto bild 19 inch summer tire test

In an unexpected release, auto bild has just published its second ultra high performance tire test of 2021, this time with the popular tire size 235/35 R19 and again with the new bridgestone potenza sport against the best from continental and michelin. Oddly, auto bild included the goodyear eagle F1 asymmetric 5 instead of the goodyear eagle F1 supersport, which would have been a more natural choice for this group, but it’s still a really interesting test.

As always, it’s right at the top, and michelin takes a narrow victory, just ahead of bridgestone and continental in joint second place.

2021 ACE / GTU summer tire test

It seems that every year there is a tire test that is not up to standard, and this year it is the ACE / ARBo / GTu summer tire test.

The test starts as a regular summer tire test. There are nine tire samples in the popular 225/45 R17 size and they were tested on a VW golf, which is the standard test car. However, once they are done with the results, things get a little confusing.

Firstly, no data is provided by the testers, only a points system, which makes it difficult to analyze the results accurately. second, the test gives a weighting to tire price, but does not test wear, which means that a cheap-to-buy tire will do well even if it has a lower overall score due to high wear.

But the strangest thing is the overall results.

Drivers reminded of important tire tests for driving after the lockout

It’s important to check your tires thoroughly after a long period of not using your car much, especially now that the uK is getting ready to come out of lockdown. Your driving habits may have changed dramatically since early last year, as homework has become much more common as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Tires can deteriorate over time, and you may even need to replace nearly new tires if your car has been used much less than in previous years.

Michelin has reminded drivers to check their tires before frequently reusing their vehicles. It includes a step-by-step checklist to make sure you don’t forget any part of your tires and wheels.

2021 vibilagare summer tire test

For 2021, vibilagare’s test experts tested eight of the latest 225/45 R17 tires, with a surprising result!

The maxxis premitra HP5 prevailed in the tire test, taking first overall ahead of the new goodyear efficientgrip performance 2 in second place and continental premiumcontact 6 in third place. This is a really impressive result for the maxxis brand, especially when you consider that price was NOT a factor in the final results!

The only caveat to remember is that wear was not tested in this test. In previous tests that included wear results, the second-place goodyear efficientgrip performance 2 had a significant advantage over other tires in the test, and the maxxis did not perform well.

Top 14 summer tires for 2021

Good news, 2021 will be a really exciting year for tires. We have a brand new UUHP contender taking the fight to michelin, goodyear and continental, some extreme updates to existing patterns and the promise of new tires on the horizon later this year!

Look out for the exciting details!

2021 sport auto UHP summer tire test

It’s the second time in history that the new bridgestone potenza sport has been tested in a tire test, and it’s very exciting to see if it can match the first-place finish of the auto bild sportscars test !

There are some small differences between the two tests. First, auto bild tested 20-inch tires on a ford mustang, with sport auto using the toyota supra / BMW Z4 platform for this test, which wears 255/35 R19 front and 275/35 R19 rear tires.

Sport auto also added some depth to the test by using both UUHP (or maximum performance) and UHP tires. This means that we are using the goodyear eagle F1 asymmetric 5 against the best of michelin and bridgestone and not against the goodyear eagle F1 supersport.

Chevrolet corvette Z06 with huge 345 mm michelin pilot sport cup 2 tires

The new 2022 corvette Z06 from chevrolet was discovered with some of the widest tires ever fitted to a production car. In pictures published on corvette blogger, the rear tires are shown in detail. They are 345/25 michelin tires and sit on 21 inch rims. Standard Chevrolet corvette models use 305-section rear tires, which means the two tires contain nearly 8 inches more rubber. the Z06 has a wider stance than the regular stingray model, and therefore!

As with many high-performance cars, it is assumed that the corvette Z06 will use michelin pilot sport cup 2 tires . These will be much stickier than you’d expect from a street car, as the Z06 is influenced by the brand’s racing division. The width of the tires and the compound of the rubber should help the car grip well.

2021 auto bild 16 inch summer tire test

After the massive 53-tire brake test, auto bild took the best 20 205/55 R16 tires to further testing, which included wet and dry handling, aquaplaning, rolling resistance, noise, and a rarity in tire testing and wear.

Since the 2021 summer test covers tire reviews UHP and SUV sizes, this is the most complete reference we have this year for the 16-inch summer tire market. But if you want to have a look at a 16 inch summer tire test, this is the right place to look at ours from last year .

2021 auto image UUHP summer tire test

It is the test we have all been waiting for. It is the first test of the brand new bridgestone potenza sport , the only new tire in 2021 that has the chance to bring the fight to the established ultra high performance tires such as the michelin pilot sport 4S, the continental sportcontact 6 and the goodyear eagle F1 supersport.

Of course it is the best testers in the industry who do it first, the german publication auto bild. They tested nine 265/35 R20 UUHP tires dry and wet with a very un-European ford mustang.

2021 sport auto summer tire test

For the 2021 sport auto summer tire test, the German publication tested eleven tires in the relatively small 195/65 R15 tire size. As this tire size is intended for smaller vehicles such as the audi A1, ford fiesta, peugeot 208 and other cars of similar size, sport auto used a seat ibiza for testing and placed all eleven sets of tires in the usual dry, wet and ambient based tests.

Michelin e.Primacy – started

The new Michelin e.Primacy

In december 2020, michelin announced the new michelin e.Primacy on . Now, in march 2021, it is widely available on the british market. The new michelin e.Primacy was developed to sit alongside the extremely popular michelin primacy 4. It offers some incredible stats for both electric vehicle (EV) and internal combustion (IC) drivers who want to save money, range and have an interest in protecting the environment.

The new michelin e.Primacy is the first tire that is climate-neutral at the time of purchase and has the lowest rolling resistance in its class. It is based on michelin’s core principle that a tire has a performance of up to 1.6 mm, which avoids premature tire changes, reduces environmental impact and saves the customer money. It is impressive that after 30.000 km is still capable of passing the EU wet braking test, a distance at which some competitor tires may have already exceeded the legal tread depth limit!

2021 ADAC summer tire test – 225/50 R17

After ADAC already received the 2021 ADAC 16" -tire test, ADAC has also published its somewhat sportier 225/50 R17 summer tire test.

During the 16"-test received wear data, for this test we have wet braking data and the range between the best and the worst is wider than ever before!

2021 ADAC summer tire test – 205/55 R16

For the 2021 ADAC summer tire tests, the German organization selected the popular summer tire sizes 205/55 R16 and 225/50 R17.

As usual with ADAC tests, only a few raw data are provided. Instead, the testers rate each tire with a score. This year, however, we receive wear data (below) and even some subjective thoughts from testers about the tires, which is an excellent addition .

2021 53 summer tire brake test

Every year, the german publication auto bild provides the most comprehensive overview of the summer tire market, testing a wide range of tire capabilities in dry and wet conditions to find out which twenty tires deserve to be tested in their full summer tire review.

For 2021, auto bild has tested 53 tires in europe’s most popular tire size, 205/55 R16.

All 53 sets of tires have their wet and dry braking results below, with the shortest 20 combined braking distances leading to the full test, which will be published on the website shortly.

2021 auto newspaper summer UHP tire test

Tire testing season for summer 2021 starts early. The excellent team of auto zeitung publishes in february its 10-set summer tire test 225/40 R18 with 10 sets!

Since this test is published so early in the season, it means that the test would have been completed at the end of 2020, which means that the new bridgestone potenza sport is missing, but it’s still an excellent start to the year as AZ they always explore the subjectivity of tires that covers dry handling, wet handling and comfort!

All tests were conducted with a seat leon FR, and the popular 225/40 R18 UHP tire size should cover many mid-size sports cars, including the popular VW golf, the front of a BMW 1 series, the audi TT and many other vehicles.

2020 auto bild performance winter tire test

After the 52-winter tire brake test, the top 20 245/45 R18 winter tires were subjected to the usual auto-bild winter tire tests to determine the best performing winter tire for the 2020 season.

2020 auto image all-season tire test

After the 32-tire brake shootout, auto bild put the fourteen best all-season tires to the test and included a summer and winter tire as a reference.

As with the tire reviews for the full season test, auto bild ranked the new goodyear vector 4seasons gen-3 as the best all-season tire, not because it excelled in any one area, but because it showed well-rounded performance in almost all tests.

Nokian one all season – launched

Nokian tires recently launched the new nokian one all-season tire for the north american market. On the surface, this looks like a standard all-season tire launch, but with two interesting additions for the consumer.

the new nokian one not only comes with a HUGE warranty of 80.000 miles (or 129.000 km) for treadwear, but also has a pothole protection guarantee. If you encounter a pothole that causes the tire to be irreparably damaged, nokian will replace the tire with a new one free of charge.

This results in an extremely durable tire – not only can you drive almost three times around the circumference of the earth, but you can also be sure that unexpected road problems won’t damage your wallet.

Nokian hakkapeliitta 10 range – launched

The winter experts at nokian tyres have updated the highly successful studded series, the nokian hakkapeliitta 9, with three new models – the nokian hakkapeliitta 10 , the hakkapeliitta 10 SUV and the hakkapeliitta 10 EV .

The new hakkapeliitta 10 series has a number of new features, including an innovative tread pattern and multifunctional sipes to improve snow traction and noise levels, a stiffened center rib to improve steering feel and speed, a new compound to improve overall wet grip and revised lugs that sit on a cushion of softer rubber and air to improve grip on ice, cause less damage to the road surface and further reduce noise levels.

Pirelli cinturato all season SF2 – launched

Pirelli has announced its latest generation all-season tire, the pirelli cinturato all season SF2 (snowflake 2).

As a result of climate change, with winters becoming less extreme in many parts of europe, interest in all-season tires is growing year by year.

Historically, tire sales have been 60% summer tires and 40% winter tires, but the all-season market is growing rapidly, with only 3% in 2014, 14% in 2020 and a projected 20% by 2025. Of course, these are numbers for areas in europe with milder winters, special summer and winter tires are still the best option if you live in an alpine area.

2020 tire reviews ultimate summer tire test

want to know which tire is best for each day? In this test, we take eleven of the best 205/55 R16 tires on the market, plus a well-regarded budget tire, to see exactly which tires perform best in the dry, wet, comfort, noise and rolling resistance tests!

2020 consumer reports north america winter tire test

Unfortunately, very few professional tire tests are conducted in north america. However, consumer reports magazine does an excellent job of educating the market with a series of comprehensive tire tests each year.

Although public data is limited, you must be a member to see the full results. We thought it would be important to gather the information we need to help our american audience choose the right winter tire.

The 2020 consumer reports winter tire test has tested seventeen of the best winter tires on the market in the popular 215/60 R16 size.

2020 nordic and studded winter tire test

If you plan to conduct a massive nordic friction test and studded winter tire test, it’s critical to have the right equipment to perform the test. fortunately for test world, they have one of the best independent arctic testing facilities in the world. That’s why we’re very pleased with this 21-tire test, which covers all the major frictionless studded and studded winter tires on the market.

All tires are in the popular 205/55 R16 and were tested with a VW golf. There were some interesting new tires in the test, including the first test of the michelin X-ice snow without studs.

2020 sport auto all-season tire test

The 2020 sport auto all-season tire test covered seven of the best all-season tires in 225/45 18 with a new BMW 3 series.

Most of the tires tested were also included in the 2020 tire reviews full-season tire test. However, since sport auto used a different size and vehicle, this test is still interesting!

2020 auto newspaper winter tire test

2020 auto newspaper tested fourteen 205/55 R16 winter tires, including new winter tires from bridgestone, goodyear and maxxis, as well as a low-cost retread tire.

While all tires were tested in dry, wet and snow, the auto newspaper unfortunately did not include handling data, but only a subjective evaluation of the feeling.

2020 auto image SUV all-season tire test

The 2020 auto bild crossover SUV all-season tire test tested 11 of the best all-season tires in the rather small 215/60 R16 tire size with a VW T-roc.

Auto bild also included a reference tire for summer and winter, so we can see the different performance between the three types of tires, but unfortunately did not share which tires were used as reference tires.

2020 studded winter tire test

For the 2020 vi bilagare winter studded tire test, swedish magazine tested 8 of the most extreme studded winter 205/60 R16 tires.

Since this is a studded winter tire test, testers placed much more emphasis on snow and ice performance. So if you are in a region that sees a lot of compacted snow and ice on the road in normal winter, this is a very important test useful test.

2020 vi bilagare nordic friction winter tire test

For their second winter test in 2020, the excellent vi bilagare have tested eight nordic friction winter tires (without studs).

As with the studded version, vi bilagare have conducted a thorough test covering dry, wet, snow and ice, and should be considered one of the benchmarks for extreme winter testing in europe.

This test is particularly interesting as the new michelin X-ice snow, bridgestone blizzak ice, pirelli ice zero FR and nexen winguard ice plus WH43 compete against the established nordic winter tires from continental, goodyear and nokian.

All season vs. winter vs. nordic vs. studded tires

VS winter tires for the whole season are a hotly debated topic, and although we have conducted our own test at different temperatures, unfortunately there were no ice tests or things like wet treatment and rolling resistance tests.

Fortunately, our friends from vi bilagare have covered us once again. During their nordic winter tests in 2020, the magazine included an all-season and "european" winter tires and the usual selection of nordic friction and studded winter tires.

Since the all-season and european winter tires were tested from a nordic perspective, significant testing was done on ice, which is a rarity for an all-season tire.

The results . Well, I’m sure you can imagine how each of the four tire types performs on each surface, but it’s really cool to see all this data from one source.

2020 tire reviews all-season tire test

With the promise that a tire will perform in all conditions, all-season tires are a rapidly growing market segment.

To find out which of these all-season tires is the best and whether it matches a summer and winter tire, the 2020 all-season tire test tire reviews tested nine of the best 225/45 R17 all-season tires on the market and included a summer and winter tire as a reference.

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