Van and minibus hire in munich

Since the driver’s cabin of the transporter offers space for two other people, you do not drive your freight alone through the area.

Our carl needs diesel. We fill the tank before you pick up the van, and you fill it up again before you bring it back to us.

winterized M+S tires are obligatory for all carls from october to easter.

our carls have bluetooth so you can make phone calls and listen to music while you are on the road.

  • If you need more space, you can specify in the second booking step that you would like to rent a carl with trailer hitch.
  • With that you pull an additional 2000 kg.
  • we charge 10 euro more per rental day for these vans, because the wear and tear is much higher.

measurements by carl:

Our 9-seater minibus carla in munich

Despite the large luggage compartment, there is room for nine people in our minibus, including the driver.

you get carla from us with a tank full of diesel. Before you bring her back to us, you simply fill up the tank as well.

Between october and easter, we fit all our carlas with winterized M+S tires so that you can get from A to B safely.

So that you can listen to your music on trips in the group, our carlas have bluetooth.

  • Some of our minibuses have a trailer hitch (AHK), with which you can additionally up to 2000 kg.
  • in the second booking step you can specify if you want to have such a bus.
  • In this case we charge ten euro more per rental day because the wear and tear is much higher due to the extra weight.

Measurements from carla:

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Carlundcarla.De in munich – rent vans and minibuses cheaply

Munich, some claim, is the largest village in germany. Others point out that it is, after all, the third largest city in the country. But you can’t deny that the bavarian capital has retained some of its village charm (which unfortunately is not reflected in the rent). indeed, munich is a city of extremes: young creativity meets time-honored tradition, first-class business location meets countless green spaces, coziness meets oktoberfest, nymphenburg meets landtag, frauenkirche meets olympiapark, weisswurst and brezn meets italian delicacies. In munich they all meet and – coexist harmoniously. There is a magic of its own that emanates from this city.

Transporter rental in munich for different occasions

If you would like to move to bavaria’s capital, you can rent a van for the move – we keep the carl ready for you in munich at favorable conditions. Just pack two of your people in the cab and bring your belongings to your new home. Once you’re done, you can explore your new home: from surfing in the english garden to dancing in maxvorstadt, schwabing or the city center to chilling on the banks of the isar or the great fun of rafting on the isar, you simply have plenty to discover and do. And then at some point the oktoberfest breaks over the city like a force of nature!

The creative scene in munich is manageable, but courageous. if you want to get involved here, you can take a look at wannda circus for example – besides dance nights, there are other exciting events here as well. If you want to get involved in the scene and help out, you can always rent a van again at a reasonable price – in munich with us.

Rent a minibus in munich for trips and festivals

The surrounding area of munich easily leaves almost all other cities in germany behind. the alps, crystal clear lakes, rivers, large parks and forests – so much variety is already luxury. Therefore, there are also many beautiful destinations that you can go to with your friends or your family. If you want to rent a minibus in munich, you can get the carla for a good price and all of you can go together. For example, for skiing in winter; all the equipment will fit in the trunk of the car. Also places to climb are not too far away. south of the city you will also find the forstenrieder park and the perlacher forst, where you can go for a walk or a run. If you usually only go to the english garden for this, the trip offers an exciting change!

for many festivals you don’t even have to go far: the streetlife festival is a huge free& outside, and the twice-yearly tollwood festival is within the city limits – as is the isarinselfest and the theatron musiksommer. If you want to go to the chiemsee summer, you can rent a minibus in munich and set off together – with up to nine people you can make your way to the party.

When do you need which car?

Decide for a carl or a carla, before you indicate the desired booking period. During the booking period, you can book the van flexibly every day via your customer account or by telephone during business hours between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.00 and 20.00 o’clock pick up and drop off.

These infos we need

Bring your ID card and your driver’s license when you pick up the carla – we need data from both documents to give you the carla.

payment in advance

We will first estimate the rental price according to your given kilometers. Once you have completed the binding booking, you must pay the rental price. Afterwards we will check how many kilometers you actually drove. If it turns out that you have paid too much in advance, we will of course refund you the difference.

Was the booking successful?

Have a look in your e-mail box after your booking: here you should find a message from us, in which we send you all relevant information. Sometimes it ends up in the spam folder, so it’s best to check here as well.

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