Vacation in italy: travel despite corona – these rules should be observed

Note: since 1. august, all travelers must be able to present either a current corona test, proof of a complete vaccination or a convalescent certificate when entering germany. Children under 12 years of age are excluded. The new entry rules apply to all countries- Regardless of whether it is currently a non-risk area, a high-risk area or a virus variant area, as well as regardless of the type of transport used.

vacation in italy: corona location on the mediterranean sea

Italy is the favorite vacation destination par excellence and has a lot to offer. Sunny beaches, turquoise seas, art treasures and cities full of culture are popular with many holidaymakers. However: not every tourist hotspot has low incidence rates. That’s why more and more countries are tightening their previously relaxed corona rules. In Italy, more than 4.35 million of the total of around 60.4 million Italians are now infected with the virus and its mutations. Although 4.13 million are now considered recovered, there have already been 128 in italy.136 covid-19 fatalities (as of 5. August). Only France and Great Britain have more corona deaths in Europe.

On 6. August 2021, 64.4 percent of the italian population has been vaccinated once against the coronavirus, and almost 54 percent of italians have already received the second vaccination. Currently italy no longer as risk area, many precautionary measures have now been lifted by local authorities. For example, masks are no longer mandatory when outdoors. Since the whole of italy currently consists of so-called "white zones," there are hardly any corona restrictions anymore. You can find out what the corona rules are in other EU countries in this vacation overview.

Vacations in italy: government tightens corona rules as of 6. August

However, the victory of the Italians in the 2021 European soccer championship has caused the number of corona cases to explode, according to the assessment of the responsible authorities. Because before the final, 293 corona cases were reported in rome within a week, after the final there were already 4.516. Italy’s government therefore has to the 6. august tightens the rules. According to this simple proof of vaccination, a negative corona test or an proof of recovery for indoor restaurant visits, museums, gyms and swimming pools are presented.

the delta variant* of the corona virus is already widespread on the boot as well. With now about 95 percent in all samples of the last four weeks (as of 10. August), the mutation has long dominated the infection scene in italy. the 7-day incidence rate in italy is currently 69.6 (status: 10. August) and thus at a higher level than in germany. For some time this number has been increasing.

Vacation in italy: what rules must be observed on entry??

although the corona situation in italy is currently considered to have been defused, the following rules apply to entry into italy: the negative corona test must not be older than 72 hours (PCR test) or 48 hours (rapid test) at the time of entry – the time of the smear test applies. Fully vaccinated and recovered no longer have to present the test if they can prove their status*. Children under the age of six are also exempt from compulsory testing. However, an entry form is obligatory for all holidaymakers. for a vacation in south tyrol, an additional online form must be completed

Attention, exception! Special rules apply to travelers who have been in the U.K. in the past 14 days. In any case, you will have to show a negative test in Italy, and you will also be subject to a five-day quarantine at your travel destination. Subsequently, another negative test must prove that they are not infected with the coronavirus. Since the delta variant is particularly widespread in Great Britain, the Italian authorities feel compelled to impose these rules on their guests.

Vacation in italy: driving through austria and switzerland is possible

German vacationers traveling to Italy by car drive via Austria or switzerland. However, this does not pose a problem: according to information from the ADAC, transit through austria is basically permitted. It is also possible to travel through Switzerland without any problems. In addition, transit through italy from EU member states is exempt from compulsory testing as long as the transit does not exceed 36 hours.

vacation in italy: masks, distance and co. – THESE RULES ARE CURRENTLY IN FACT

Since the incidence of corona in italy is again at an elevated level, the local authorities have again tightened some rules. These are the rules you need to know:

  • distance: a minimum distance of one meter must be maintained.
  • mask obligationcompulsory wearing of the mouth-nose protection applies in closed rooms, in public places and on public transport. Wearing a medical mask is not mandatory, community masks are permitted as long as they consist of at least two layers of fabric.
  • In the carIf people from several households are in the vehicle, masks and a minimum distance also apply in the car. According to the ADAC, the passenger seat must remain free, there must be no more than two people in each row, and there must also be a free seat between them. Although other rules may apply in some cases, violations will in any case result in heavy fines. The authorities are also allowed to prohibit further travel in the event of an infringement.
  • On the trainmasks and distance requirements also apply to rail travel. Violations can be punished, and recalcitrant passengers can also be asked to leave the train.
  • In public places such as restaurants and barsaccess to restaurants in italy will in future require a health passport. According to the Italian government, the so-called green passport must be presented from the age of 6. August 2021 mandatory. The document, which is valid throughout the country, contains information on corona vaccinations, past infections and corona tests. Unlike in other countries, in Italy the first vaccination is sufficient to obtain a passport. A complete immunization is therefore not necessary.

vacation in italy: what bathers should watch out for on the beach

Even on beaches and islands like sicily and sardinia, there are corona rules to follow. For example, some of the privately run beach resorts in italy often require registration. In addition, owners are allowed to insist on a fever test before being admitted. The beach chairs must be at least one and a half meters apart to ensure the minimum distance. masks are mandatory in enclosed areas and common areas such as restrooms and beach bars.

Returning from your vacation in italy: what to do on your return to germany?

When the vacation in italy is over, the return journey is imminent. Travelers arriving on or after 01. If you enter germany on august 2021, you must comply with the general regulation on the containment of the corona pandemic*. This means that a negative corona test, proof of recovery or proof of a complete vaccination against the coronavirus must always be presented with entry into germany.

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