Usa: car plows into crowd at christmas parade “some fatalities”

It was supposed to be an idyllic pre-Christmas celebration and ended in a nightmare: an all-terrain vehicle steers into a street parade in a small town in the US state of wisconsin. Many of the reasons for the rampage are still unclear – now it is reported that the perpetrator is a US rapper. He is said to have already expressed frequent killing fantasies.

After the deadly incident at a Christmas parade in the U.S. state of wisconsin, a child has succumbed to his injuries. That’s what a prosecutor told a court hearing Tuesday, according to several U.S. media outlets. This brings to six the number of fatalities following Sunday’s incident. Among the dozens injured are several children.

The incident occurred in waukesha, a suburb of metropolitan milwaukee. The small town hosted the waukesha christmas parade on sunday afternoon (local time). The fatalities ranged in age from 52 to 81, police said. Investigators now rule out an act of terrorism.

USA: SUV crashes into crowd – perpetrator may have been fleeing

The background was initially unclear, but now there are reports about the possible trigger. According to media reports, the driver was possibly on the run after another incident. NBC station, which gives the suspect’s age as 39, reports it may have been a fight with a knife.

waukesha police chief dan thompson said a red suv broke through barriers, drove onto the main parade route and hit more than 20 people, including children. He spoke of a "tragic incident" and at the same time emphasized that there is no further threat. A suspicious vehicle had been found, one person was in custody. He did not get more specific. Thompson stressed that the investigation was ongoing.

The person killed is believed to be a U.S. rapper

According to american newspaper reports, the alleged perpetrator is darrell E. B. acting as a rapper under the name "mathboi fly is known. The playlist on his youtube channel – which has been removed in the meantime – also contained the song "gon kill U" ("i will kill you"). in another song from his soundcloud page it says: "sliding through the city with no safety on." ( we are gliding through the city without safety ). In other songs, he vulgarly insults donald trump and the police, and in a video, he also railed against president obama. In one of his music videos, the rapper can even be seen with an SUV that looks like the vehicle used in the rampage.

"I only heard screams", says one witness

"All I heard was screaming, and then people screaming their children’s names", eyewitness angela O’boyle told the CNN news network.

An officer shot at the car to stop it, the police chief said further. No passers-by were injured. According to previous findings, no shots were fired from the vehicle.

disturbing scenes on videos in local media

Many families with children had attended the parade. On initially unverifiable video clips that spread on social media, chaotic and disturbing scenes could be seen: from various perspectives, an off-road vehicle was filmed in different snapshots, first speeding past participants in the parade, then ramming and running over various people in the street procession, and finally breaking through road barriers and speeding away.

The video footage shows people screaming and running. In one scene, the car narrowly misses a child dancing in the street.

wisconsin governor tony evers expressed dismay in a tweet, calling it a "senseless act".

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