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Your car should be even faster, look cooler and simply fit better to you? then you are exactly right in our onlineshop! Here you will not only find all parts for your cartuning, we also explain what you have to pay attention to when tuning legally and how to get the best out of your car.



What does tuning mean?

the term tuning comes from the english and means in german "fine tuning". This is the term used to describe all modifications that improve the performance, sound and other functions of a car. If only the appearance of a car is changed, it is called styling.

What types of tuning are there?

Engine tuning

The engine tuning increases the power of the engine by increasing the medium pressure, the stroke volume and the revolutions per minute. One of the latest trends is chiptuning, which electronically improves the engine performance. Further engine accessories are among other things sport air filters. They protect the engine from contamination and in certain cases can even reduce fuel consumption. Sport silencers are also part of engine tuning, but their main function is to produce a more powerful engine sound.

Body tuning

The modification of the body – for example with a spoiler or a sill – often serves the improvement of the driving behavior. For example, the car can be tuned to be more aerodynamic. The exchange of body parts is also used for optical beautification.

suspension tuning

Suspension parts are replaced, especially lowering springs and shock absorbers. This will z.B. An increased curve performance achieved. Lowering and raising the car are also popular tunings.

Interior tuning

You can optimize the interior of your car with upholstery made of high-quality material or the installation of multimedia devices. Various additional instruments such as an oil pressure gauge are mounted in the dashboard.


The adaptation of the lights is very popular. The brightness, the shape of the headlights and the light color of the interior and exterior lights are changed. For the installation of additional lighting, there are, for example, license plate lights.

Tuning and styling – what is allowed?

Basically everything is allowed, as long as the general approval of the car does not expire.

The approval can expire in the following cases:

  • The approved vehicle type is changed.
  • A traffic hazard is to be expected.
  • The exhaust or noise performance deteriorates.

Which types of approval are important for car tuning??

parts certificate

Some tuning parts have to be inspected after purchase at a approved test center, z.B. DEKRA, GTu or TuV must be handed in. The experts inspect the component and determine the installation specifications. After the installation, the assembly has to be checked again.

General operating permit (ABE)

Most components are supplied with a general operating permit at the time of purchase. This ABE lists exactly for which car and under which conditions the component is permitted. This means that a parts certificate is often no longer necessary. Here in the ATP online store becomes the available ABE for the product is always supplied to you.

But be careful: the components cannot be combined in any way, despite the enclosed ABE. For example, when installing a steering wheel and new tires, an expert must first check whether these parts are compatible with each other and safe. In the ABE, a partial certificate can also be explicitly required.

Type approval

The national type approval, like the ABE, is valid only in germany. You confirms the production standards of the component. The international type approvals, the ECE approval and the EC approval, are valid for the entire EU. tuning parts with type approval are marked with a test mark. The national approval mark is composed of a wavy line, a letter and a number. With the EC-approval you will find an "E" in a rectangle and with the ECE-approval an "E" in a circle. For the european signs, the number 1 must also be included, it stands for the approval in germany. Caution: if you modify the parts, their approval expires!

individual acceptance by an officially recognized expert (aas)

If you change your car to such an extent that it is no official vehicle type more conforms, an individual acceptance must take place. It is best to have this done before tuning.

Where to register the tuning?

If the installation of the tuning parts has been approved by an expert, the modification is in a test certificate registered. This you must always carry with the registration papers of the vehicle with you. The report of the inspection body must be presented to the registration office. This then carries the approved changes enter your vehicle documents. in this case you don’t have to carry the test certificate separately anymore.

How tuning affects car insurance?

You should in any case your tuning project check with your insurance. If the insurance company has not been informed of the changes to the car, they can refuse payment or take recourse against you in the event of a claim. then claim back a part of the damage sum from you. The insurance premium can increase by the tuning, but usually are then also include the new tuning parts.

now you are well informed to give your car an upgrade according to your taste. Take a look at our huge selection of styling and tuning parts now! inspiration and instructions for the right tuning lifestyle can be found in our blog. There we tell you how you can protect your rims with little effort

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