Transporter and minibus rental in nuremberg

The driver’s cabin of the van offers space for three people, so you have two strong helpers with you at the same time.

All carls drink diesel. We give you the van with a full tank, and you bring it back with a full tank.

Between april and october, all our carls are equipped with winterized M+S tires.

bluetooth and loudspeakers allow you to listen to your music and make phone calls safely on the road.

  • in the second booking step you have the chance to choose a van with trailer hitch.
  • With this you can pull another 2000 kg.
  • We will charge 10 euro more per rental day because of the wear and tear.

Dimensions of carl:

Our 9-seater minibus carla in nuremberg

compact on the outside, big on the inside: in addition to the driver, there is room for eight more people in our minibus – and your luggage fits easily into the large trunk.

diesel is the right fuel for our minibuses. You will get the carla from us with a full tank of gas and bring it back to us with a full tank as well.

As soon as it gets cold, we fit the carlas with winter-compatible M+S tires. between october and easter you will be safe on the road even in icy conditions.

driving with nine people can be a lot of fun – especially if you can listen to your own music via bluetooth.

  • sometimes you just need more space: in the second booking step you can specify that you want to rent a carla with a trailer hitch.
  • So you can pull 2000 kg more!
  • We then charge an additional ten euros per rental day, because the wear and tear is much higher with a trailer.

measurements from carla:

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Carlundcarla.De in nuremberg – rent vans and minibuses cheap in the city on the river pegnitz

the largest city in france, with its imperial castle, is a great place to live: nuremberg is hardly missing from any ranking of the most livable cities and is also always at the top of the environmental rankings. This may be due to the many parks and forests in the city area or to the river pegnitz, which runs through the city as a lifeline: in nuremberg you can simply feel good. The lovingly rebuilt old town attracts visitors with its pretty alleys and localities, the riverbank is a popular meeting place and the many creative people in the city provide plenty of variety with their activities as well as the many festivals and events.

cheap van hire in nuremberg

You are also drawn to nuremberg? Understandable: the city is teeming with young people because of the university, two art colleges and two technical colleges. Thanks to the beautiful nature in the surrounding area, you always have the best of both worlds: vastness and silence on the one hand and lively life on the other hand. For your move you can rent a van in nuremberg and move your belongings into your new apartment with friends. It costs little and has a large capacity, so you can finish quickly and explore the city together.

once you’ve settled in and gotten to know the city’s vibrant creative scene, you might think of us again: many of the events that musicians and artists put on here require things to be moved from a to b. Then you can rent one of our cheap vans in nuremberg again if needed.

on the road with the minibus in and around nuremberg

Many things are more fun together, and if you can travel together, you will have fun from the first to the last minute. in nuremberg no reason to celebrate is left out. Many events such as the christkindlesmarkt, the volksfest and the fruhlingsfest can easily be reached on foot or by public transport. But the city on the river pegnitz also offers a lot of musical diversion with the rock im park, the bardentreffen, the bruckenfestival, the sommerliebe festival, the wolke sieben festival and the containerlove festival, which you want to enjoy in peace and over a longer period of time. For this you can rent a carla, that is a minibus, in nuremberg and leave together.

whether you want to pack your family or friends, nuremberg also has many great places to visit in the surrounding area. the reichswald is a popular recreation area, and from the moritzberg you have a fantastic view over the city. if you want to do some sports, you can go climbing in the franconian switzerland – your equipment fits easily into the trunk, if you want to rent a minibus in nuremberg. hiking in the hersbrucker schweiz is a bit more quiet, but also great. If, on the other hand, you are more into water sports and like to go canoeing, the Altmuhltal and the Franconian lake district are the perfect destinations for you.

Which car do you need and when?

First you choose your desired booking period, then you decide for one of the 9 seater minibuses (carla) or for a van (carl). During the booking period you can book the vehicle flexibly every day via your customer account or by phone during business hours between 8 am and 8 pm.00 and 20.00 o’clock pick up and drop off.

A few infos about you

if you want to rent a van or minibus in nuremberg, we need your name, address and data from your identity card and driver’s license. bring both documents when you come to pick up the rented vehicle.

How we calculate the rental price

your booking is not binding until you have paid the rental price. the exact price will be calculated later on the basis of the kilometers you have traveled. You will get an accurate bill from us, and if you overpay at first, you will get the difference back from us.

Everything works as requested?

If you have booked one of our vehicles, we will send you an email with the information. also check the spam folder, sometimes our mail ends up here.

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