Traffic offence on the freeway – when do you get points in flensburg??

Important: on 9. November 2021 is the date originally set for 28. April 2020 planned stvo amendment finally comes into force. Information on the higher fines for speeding can be found in our guide to exceeding the speed limit. What other changes have been made since the 9. November 2021, you can find out at this point.

On highways every day some violations of the road traffic regulations (stvo) committed. Often, these violations are distance offenses or speeding offenses. On the freeway there are even more offences to be punished. The choice in the fine catalog is large. Vehicles with a design speed of less than 60 km/h have no business on the federal autobahn. This is intended exclusively for speeding vehicles and those transporting goods.

A highway consists of two lanes and a median, among other things

Generally a highway consists of two lanes, caused by a median strip are separated. Mostly also several lanes available, at least two on freeways in germany. The left lane is intended solely for overtaking maneuvers, as the right hand drive on the freeway attention must always be paid to. But which regulations apply on the freeway? What are the penalties for the individual violations? And above all: from when threaten points in flensburg With a traffic violation on the freeway?

General guide to the freeway

catalog of freeway fines

fine points driving ban
entering the freeway as a pedestrian 10 €
entering or exiting at illegal places 25 €
no emergency lane formed for police or rescue vehicles when traffic is at a standstill 200 € 2 1 month
. With obstruction 240 € 2 1 month
. With endangerment 280 € 2 1 month
. With accident 320 € 2 1 month
unauthorized use of an emergency lane that was formed out of town with traffic at a standstill 240 € 2 1 month
. With handicap 280 € 2 1 month
. With danger 300 € 2 1 month
. With accident 320 € 2 1 month
driving on the freeway with a vehicle whose maximum speed is less than 60 km/h 20 €
driving on the freeway with a vehicle whose permissible height together with the load is exceeded (total height not more than 4.20 m) 20 €
driving on the freeway with a vehicle whose height together with the load exceeds 4.20 m 70 € 1
using the hard shoulder for faster progress 75 € 1
when entering the motorway, the right of way on the through lane is not observed 75 € 1
. With danger 90 € 1
. With accident 110 € 1
did not drive far enough to the right, although this would have been possible (with danger) 80 € 1

parking and stopping on the highway

misdemeanor fine points
stopped on the freeway without permission 30 €
. With disability 35 €
parked on the freeway without permission 70 € 1
. With endangerment 85 € 1
. With accident consequences 105 € 1

Reversing, driving against the direction of travel or turning on the freeway

misdemeanor fine points driving ban
driving against the direction of travel or reversing into or out of an exit ramp 75 € 1
. With danger 90 € 1
. With accident 110 € 1
turning on hard shoulder or side road 130 € 1
. With endangerment 160 € 1
. With accident 195 € 1
Turning in tunnel 60 € 1
turning into an entrance or exit 75 € 1
. With danger 90 € 1
. With accident 110 € 1
driving backwards, against the direction of travel or making a U-turn without hesitation depending on the severity of the offense 3 revocation of driving license
Turning on a continuous road 200 € 2 1 month
. With danger 240 € 2 1 month
. With accident 290 € 2 1 month

fine calculator freeway

Freeway: the most important questions& answers

on the autobahn in germany there is no speed limit on some sections but only a speed limit of 130 km/h.

Click here to find out which regulations truck drivers must comply with on the highway.

This table shows the penalties for traffic violations on the freeway according to the catalog of penalties.

How fast can you drive on the highway??

On the autobahn, a speed of 130 km/h is recommended

There is no set maximum speed on many highways in germany. Rather, motorists are to participate in a speed limit of 130 km/h orient. About 50 percent of german autobahns fall under this category.

On just under a third the freeways have a set speed limit, with the speed limit varying according to the remaining traffic and weather conditions directs.

In order not to endanger traffic safety, the speeding on the highway in poor visibility conditions always be adjusted.

Speeding on the highway?

Every day, countless motorists commit a traffic violation by driving a speeding on the freeway commit. The sanctions will be based on the the speed at which they are driving. Here are a few examples:

  • From a speed of 21 to 25 km/h speeding the first time points are due: a fine of 100 euros and one point in flensburg are the consequence here.
  • 26 to 30 km/h too fast will be fined in the amount of 150 euros and a point in flensburg penalized.
  • For speeding between 41 and 50 km/h expect a fine of 320 euro, two points in flensburg and a one month driving ban.

Speeding on the freeway during the probationary period?

Speeding on the highway? During the probationary period, violations are punished more severely

Especially on the freeway young drivers should extra attentive and careful drive. Due to their inexperience and the amount of cars on one spot, novice drivers can be fined quickly overwhelmed become. In addition high speeds why you should stay calm when driving.

fine, points in flensburg and driving ban The amount of the fine also depends on the severity of the offence committed. In the probationary period however, there may be more to come quickly.

traffic violations on the freeway during the probationary period are penalized as follows:

  • A speeding will from 21 km/h as A-violation rated. This means a probationary period extended from two to four years as well as the participation in a advanced seminar.
  • Stopping and parking on the highway is one of the B violations. However two of these offenses committed, then the above-mentioned measures will also be due.
  • Reversing, driving against the direction of travel or making a U-turn on the freeway are also considered to be A-violation understood. The same applies to the overtaking on the right on the hard shoulder.

Regulations for trucks on the freeway

Different regulations apply to trucks on the highway

In contrast to car drivers, truck drivers on the federal freeway have to pay a prescribed speed note. The maximum speed limit for trucks on the autobahn is 80 km/h. This information applies to trucks with a weight of 3,5 tons.

A speed of 100 km/h may also be allowed in special cases. Here it depends on the technique of the vehicle indicates how fast you can drive. Due to their higher weight and the accompanying longer braking distance, trucks have to be used for poor visibility conditions drive slower to protect other road users and yourself not to be put in danger.

If you, as a truck driver, do not adhere to the prescribed speed limit, you could face a fine of 16 to 20 km/h if you are speeding, you will receive a fine of 140 euro and one point in flensburg.

The hard shoulder: when can drivers use it??

In addition to the individual lanes, freeways also have a hard shoulder. This is located next to the road and is separated from it by a solid line.

Its tasks include the securing the roadway and improving the traffic flow. if, for example, there is a breakdown or an accident, the hard shoulder used so as not to obstruct following traffic.

Even with a construction site traffic can be diverted to the hard shoulder if construction work is taking place on the actual lanes. For freeways without a hard shoulder, the accident risk 30 percent higher. For this reason, a federal highway without a shoulder must have at least a emergency stop order.

If, for example, there is a traffic jam, however, the side strip may not be used in any case for faster progress. In case of disregard, a penalty will be due again. This consists of a fine of 75 euro and one point in flensburg.

Should you use the side lane to turn or reverse then this can cause more than just damage to your wallet: turn without hesitation against the direction of travel or reverse on the freeway is punished with a fine, which is calculated according to the severity of the offense directs. Additionally you have to pay three points in flensburg, revocation of driving license and a prison sentence of up to five years calculate.

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