Toy cars – the perfect toy for little racers

Toy cars

Car toys are no longer just for boys. Girls also often like the small and big toy cars and become the daring racer. The reason for the popularity of these toys is simple: a toy car is a connection to the adult world for children. They can use it to act out something they know from their parents, namely driving a car. Not only toy cars serve this purpose, but also a baby steering wheel.

Toy car test 2021 / 2022

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from wood to electric – there is a toy car for every child

Toy cars

Toy cars are very versatile. which means that they have different areas of application and also appeal to all age groups. While small children are particularly fond of playing with their wooden cars, older ones are especially attracted to electric variants inspire. In every case, however, one thing is true: the car must be the fastest of all.

Different types of toy cars are:

  • Wooden cars
  • cars made of metal
  • Cars with remote control
  • Pullback car

In terms of material, cars made of wood and metal are absolutely recommendable. Both materials are characterized by very robust workmanship and best quality from. This means that the cars are particularly durable and can withstand even the biggest crashes. The situation is different in the case of car toys made of plastic. These models tend to be more fragile and break down more quickly.

While small children are usually still rather unpretentious, it can not be spectacular enough for older boys and girls. Cars with accessories are particularly popular with children remote controlled are. These models are suitable from the age of six years and should be used primarily in the open air. In the house and apartment, the danger is too great that the toy car with remote control collides with the valuable floor vase or the patio window and something gets broken. The applications of these cars are:

  • yard
  • garden
  • Playground
  • open spaces

However, always make sure that your child is comfortable with his or her remote control car never interfere with road traffic or annoy other children with it. In the open air is always required the greatest alertness.

Much less dangerous, on the other hand, is playing with the so-called pullback cars. These drive off by themselves if you wind them up beforehand by driving backwards. this technology is so simple that even toddlers can quickly grasp it.

High quality toy cars from famous brands

Leading brands for toy cars, which often also become test winner in a test report have been chosen:

  • hot wheels
  • Nikku
  • Siku

Hot wheels is undoubtedly one of the most famous brands that offer toy cars on the market. The company’s range is very broad and includes many different types of toy cars, all of which have different features and often also include offered in a set become. These offers are often quite inexpensive and ensure that they pay less than if they were to buy all the toy cars individually.

Nikku is a specialist for remote controlled toy cars. The brand is aimed specifically at older children and offers many different car models. These include:

  • Monster trucks
  • formula1 cars

There are also leading brands that appeal not only to children but also to adults. one of these is siku, which specializes in, legendary cars in mini format to rebuild. These models are so detailed that they not only make children’s hearts beat faster, but collectors’ hearts as well. Among the best sellers of siku are the brands:

  • Mercedes
  • Porsche
  • BMW

In the assortment of the manufacturer you can also find a cab, tow truck and tractors. These toys are also very popular and make playing with the toy train car even more versatile and exciting. siku also offers some of its cars as a set.

  • Attaches great importance to safety and quality
  • sale of the goods through arendicom gmbh
  • Numerous TuV and quality seals
  • A brand of the simba-dickie-group
  • Wide range of toys
  • Very good price/performance ratio

Cars – a disney classic conquers the car toy world

Besides the well-known brands, especially the toy cars from the disney movie "cars" very popular with children. The assortment includes not only simple toy cars from large to small, but also various models that are remote control are as well as a race track.

Popular characters from the movie that are also available as toy cars are:

  • Lightning mcqueen, a red race car
  • Hook, a tow truck that is getting on in years
  • Fillmore, a motley VW bus
  • Sally, a blue porsche carrera

The features of these cars are all very different from each other. One thing they have in common, however, is that they all have a face. This serves humanization the cars and does justice to the story of the movie "cars.

One of the most popular toys for children

experience has shown that not only boys, but also girls like to play with a toy car. For this reason, there are also different models which specially designed for girls are also well received in the test.

Toy cars serve primarily to keep children occupied and pursue no explicit educational goal. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, they are among the most popular toys. If you watch your child play, you’ll see that it doesn’t obey the traffic laws or the laws of physics. Accidents are as common as cars that can suddenly fly.

hint! Do not try to teach your child and explain to him right and wrong. imaginative play encourages the child’s creativity.

Advantages and disadvantages of toy cars

  • Encourage creativity and imagination
  • Also suitable to take along for longer car journeys
  • Available for purchase in large sets
  • Sometimes disappear without a trace

Buying toy cars – what to look out for

A short research is enough to realize that the choice of good toy cars is huge. If you want to make the right choice, you should prepare yourself well and make the comparison. In your case, it can help if you ask around in advance among friends and acquaintances or even read experience reports on the internet. The experience, ratings and recommendations, what you can hear and read here will help you a lot in choosing the best car.

if the product is supposed to be cheap on top of that, it is helpful to do a price comparison before buying it. This test shows you at a glance the best prices and the cheapest toy car store. It is important that despite attractive prices also always pay attention to the quality of the cars. If this leaves a lot to be desired, your child will not enjoy the toy car for long. This advice applies especially if you are looking for a car with remote control.

Low prices in this case are usually a sure sign that the products are poorly made and may also be a source of danger for your child. What you must not forget is that remote control cars with electricity a poor-quality product is quite capable of causing an electric shock. In this case it is always the better choice to buy a high quality toys select.

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