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send rims and tires cheap including pickup

Cargo international is your experienced and competent partner for an fast, secure and affordable tire shipping.

Rims, wheels and shipping tires we can make for you according to your wishes. no matter where and when, with our tire shipping service your car tires will be picked up locally on the desired date and delivered to the recipient in germany within three working days. We carry out international tire transports within five working days. You can order single rims with us, send summer tires, winter tires or complete wheels.

as with all our shipping methods, pickup is included. Our offers are aimed at both companies and private individuals. please also note our special conditions for corporate customers and frequent shippers.

Questions and answers

What do i need to consider when shipping tires?

you want to ship your used car tires or you trade with car tires and are looking for a service provider that guarantees you a cheap and reliable shipping and the corresponding pickup of your tires? Here you can find out what to look out for when shipping your wheels. no matter if it is about rims, tires, complete wheels, winter tires or summer tires – the transport from A to B should be as fast, cheap and above all reliable and without damage as possible.

How to pack the car tires for shipment?

1. Packing complete wheels

Especially when packing complete wheels, care should be taken to provide suitable protection so that the wheels are not damaged. For this you need something sturdy cardboard box, an adhesive tape and cushioning material, such as styrofoam or foam. In the first step, place the tires on a sturdy cardboard box and then cushion the rim with the cushioning material provided. – put a cardboard box on top of it and fix the whole construction with sufficient adhesive tape. the shipping bill should be clearly visible and attached to the padded side of the package. of course – you can also send the tires in a sufficiently large cardboard box. Here you should only make sure that the wheel does not slide back and forth and that the rim is well padded.

2. Pack single rims

If you only want to ship single rims, wrap them completely with cushioning material and then pack them in a box. At sufficient padding can also several rims in one box to be shipped. Again, make sure that nothing slides back and forth.

3. pack tires without rims

Loose tires without rims do not usually have to be packed with a cardboard box. Since the package labels do not stick well to the rubber, you should wrap a few rows of adhesive tape around the edge of the tire to create a suitable adhesive surface to create.

This information applies equally to motorcycle tires, moped tires, scooter tires and the like.

Do you have to pack the tires individually?

No, who cushions his wheels sufficiently, can also put several wheels in one box. Of course, the carton must be strong enough to carry the weight of the tires without any problems. Furthermore, one should make sure that the rims particularly well padded are. Because they should be protected from deformation and unsightly scratches. In addition, unnecessary sliding back and forth of the tires within the carton should be avoided.

Where to get cartons for tire shipping?

The easiest way is to ask directly at a local tire dealer according to. There, you can even get the corresponding cartons free of charge in some cases, if the tire dealers no longer need the packages. Otherwise, you can also pack them in a local electrical, building or wholesale market inquire. These often have used disposable pallets, sturdy cardboard boxes and cushioning material. Otherwise, hardware stores and parcel stores offer the appropriate packaging material. When selecting the packaging material, however, it is essential to ensure that it is undamaged and sufficiently stable is. In addition, the old shipping labels must be removed.

Is it possible to send tires without packaging??

No. Admittedly, the packing tires somewhat troublesome. Therefore, it is often tried to tires can also be shipped without packaging to ship. In the past, tires were also accepted without packaging by parcel service providers. in the meantime, however, this is no longer welcome, since the tires damaged on the one hand and the rubber of the tires can cause a jam on the conveyor belt. Furthermore, other packages are just sent through used tires dirty. So it is better to take the trouble to pack the tires properly. Because a undamaged tire should be worth the effort.

How to find a low cost tire shipping?

Those who want to sell their shipping tires safely and reliably would like, is exactly correct with cargo international. We offer free pickup of the package and deliver it reliably and quickly to the desired destination. simply follow the instructions in our shipping cost calculator and choose a suitable offer for you in the second step.

free shipping calculator at cargo international

Cargo international provides a free shipping calculator available. According to a study by the german institute for service quality from november 2013, cargo-international offers its services at above-average shipping prices with a very good service. The car tires instead of the collection by the parcel service, taking them to a nearby shipping company to have them shipped from there is usually not worthwhile.

Can you also send the tires cash on delivery?

Yes, but not for every product. For each product you will find options in the shipping calculator (second step), look there for the option "cash on delivery". Buyers who fear that they will not receive the prepaid goods often ask for a shipping cash on delivery. The shipment of car tires cash on delivery brings the advantage for the buyer that the goods are usually shipped immediately. In this case, the seller does not wait for the receipt of payment to be made. The shipping costs must be paid in advance by the customer to cargo international, this cannot be offset against the cash on delivery amount.

Fast shipping when paying cash on delivery

in advancethe shipping costs must be paid in advance by the customer of cargo international and cannot be paid by cash on delivery.

Compared to a payment by bank transfer or cash in advance, the seller does not wait the usual one or two processing days to ship the ordered goods. Another advantage is that cash on delivery orders can be placed even if you have a negative schufa entry. Because most providers allow payment by invoice, so after receipt of the goods not if the buyer has a negative schufa entry. In the case of shipping wheels cash on delivery the goods are handed over personally by the parcel carrier. In this case, the buyer must also pay the invoice amount due. However, additional COD charges increase the purchase price of the tires.

What is the cost of cash on delivery?

The cash on delivery option is currently only available for forwarding and currently costs 15.30 euros. With a foreign shipment of tires there are other surcharges. The cash on delivery shipment of tires however, this has the disadvantage that the buyer should be at home when the package is delivered, if possible. The deliverer deposits cash on delivery parcels namely not with a neighbor. Instead, the shipment is taken away again and tried to deliver the next day. The cash on delivery option is not available for every product.

How does the shipment of tires work??

First of all should the size and weight of the tires must be measured. In the shipping calculator of cargo international you can then choose the shipping method and specify the number of packages. In the next step, you enter specific data, such as the pick-up and delivery address and the pick-up date. After you have packed the tires, you stick the shipping label on the package and the rest is done by the parcel service provider. Cargo international collects the tires, on the booked pick-up date, on the spot and free of charge and delivers them to the recipient.

Can I ship my tires abroad?

Yes, cargo international also covers the shipping of tires to foreign countries. Also in case of import or export you can send your tires with us via a parcel service or a freight forwarder. In this way, both private customers and commercial or corporate customers find a suitable solution for shipping wheels. Especially when shipping tires or rims over long distances, which can even be done by air or sea freight, you should make sure that you have a secure packing of the tires pay attention. The price is based on the distance.

package damage or loss – how to react?

If winter or summer tires are damaged If a package does not arrive at a neighbor’s house or is even lost on the way, this is particularly annoying. But what is the best way to react in such cases?? Basically, the recipient should check each package to make sure it is intact. Because with the signature with the parcel carrier exactly this condition is confirmed-. If damage to the packaging if you notice the package, you should ask the delivery person to open the package in your presence. If the deliverer does not agree, you can – refuse acceptance or note the damage on the hand scanner or transfer bill. If you do not see any damage from the outside and discover the defective goods only after opening the package, the damage must be reported immediately via the customer account under the heading "my orders"> "report damage" should be claimed.

For all shipping orders, the goods will be picked up from your location.
(this pick-up service is already included in all stated shipping prices)

Further information

you can also order your rims, wheels, complete wheels or shipping tires, by choosing our forwarding shipping or parcel shipping as shipping method. in case of forwarding they should be packed on a pallet, in case of parcel shipment in a square cardboard box.

Cargo international is an experienced and competent forwarder, who also offers a low-priced tire shipment.

Ship your tires as you wish. No matter where and when, with our tire shipping the tires are picked up and brought to the recipient. Everything at one price.

Convenient and easy – our tires shipping

after a short online registration on our homepage you can use our forwarding service. All you have to do is place an order and the tire shipment is ready to go. With our various transport services, you can have the shipment notified before delivery by our telephone appointment. For a small surcharge, the rims can be shipped with the vehicle.

A tire shipping and much more than that

Cargo international specializes in shipping bulky goods, large packages and pallets. Check out our versatile XXL shipping and ship with us your surfboards, refrigerators or bicycles at unbeatable prices. The fact that all shipping costs listed on our website include local pickup makes our prices transparent and low compared to other transport providers.

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