These are the 10 most creative car brands in germany

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Volkswagen outruns the competition

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These are the most famous digital brands in germany

The most creative automotive brands 2017*

rank 2017 client points prices
1 volkswagen 980 65
2 smart 472 40
3 audi 432 32
4 opel 144 11
5 BMW 100 6
6 mercedes-benz 52 6
7 mini 48 3
8 fiat 36 4
9 daimler commercial vehicles 12 1
10 maserati germany 8 1
10 porsche 8 1
12 mazda motors germany 4 1

VW tiguan "laughing horses" (agency: grabarz& partner)

Follow on the ranks smart and audi, which, as in previous years, also impressed with a whole range of creative advertising activities. smart and the agency scored BBDO in the previous year, mainly with funny advertising clips and guerrilla campaigns, while audi demonstrated its high claim to innovation on a broad scale: from elaborately produced commercials to digital measures and extraordinary trade show appearances. The ingolstadter serve with different agency partners like blackspace, creators, KMS, loved, mutabor, philipp and keuntje, sapient razorfish, semicolon, schmidhuber and thjnk the entire keyboard of creative communication.

The industry had high expectations of mercedes and its specially created agency for the brand antoni. However, the agency, which was founded in mid-2015, and the stuttgart-based carmaker have so far only left a soft mark in terms of awards. On the one hand it took a while until the first joint work became visible at all. That’s why antoni only started in 2017 with the first, selective submissions to award shows. After all, it was already enough for a bronze Cannes Lion for the "grow-up" last year-campaign for the compact car family. it is expected that 2018 will see further award successes for this and other work such as the s-class film with the "lion"-manager and the spectacular installation of the g-class at the auto show in detroit will be added.

While the car manufacturers have weakened a little in recent years in terms of creation, it can currently be observed that all have shifted up a gear again. In 2018, this trend will continue and there will certainly be one or the other creative surprise from VW, audi& co give.

The ranking of the most creative car advertisers is a special evaluation of the HORIZONT ranking of the most creative brands, which was published in december 2017. Bu

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