Taking your own car on vacation – surprising facts and practical tips

Do you also find it exciting to explore the world on your own initiative while on vacation?? While others squeeze into cramped buses and follow rigid travel routes to italy or croatia, you can simply do your own thing with the car. Apart from package tours with all-inclusive or half-board, there are a few things you should keep in mind when on vacation.

We have summarized some tips and facts for you so that you can start your car trip well prepared.

Which law applies?

In the event of an accident abroad, the law of the country in which the accident occurred applies. nevertheless, never sign an admission of guilt or documents that you do not understand – not even for the police.

car accident abroad – who pays for it?

Did you cause the accident or is the question of fault not clear??
Report the accident to your motor vehicle liability insurance within one week in the case of sheet metal damage. In the event of personal injury, a local lawyer is usually helpful.

If the fault lies clearly with the opposing party?

Claims settlement for motor vehicle accidents abroad:
condition is that the vehicles involved in the accident must be in the EU or. Are insured in iceland, liechtenstein, norway or switzerland. the austrian insurance company responsible for the settlement of the claim can be found at the austrian insurance association, department: kfz auslandschaden (motor vehicle damage abroad). The telephone number from austria is: 01/711-56

Outside the EU, things get more complicated:
contact the foreign insurer directly to settle the claim. To minimize linguistic and bureaucratic hurdles, an attorney may be advisable.

Were you injured?

be sure to get a medical certificate in the country of travel. Certificates obtained later in Austria are often not recognized by the foreign liability insurance company.

Attention in case of accidents with the rental car

Do not take any measures on your own initiative, such as towing away the vehicle! Contact the rental car company directly at the scene of the accident to clarify whether the costs will be covered.

Two women sitting on the hood with a road map

traffic ticket abroad – do i have to pay?

  • . The fine is at least 70 euro (in germany 25 euro)
  • . The penalty is imposed in liechtenstein, switzerland or in an EU member state that has created a legal basis for enforcement.

In this case, the fine can be collected by the Austrian authorities. If you have any doubts about whether the fine is justified, you should seek expert advice, z.B. With a lawyer or a lawyer from an automobile club.

Important: in no case should you simply ignore traffic tickets, because you can get problems at the latest when you re-enter the country. Here too is a legal advice z.B. About an automobile club or your legal protection insurance helpful.

driving license gone – what to do?

If your driver’s license is taken from you in a foreign country, the driving ban applies only to that country – unless you are a resident of that country. you are allowed to drive in austria and all other countries, but you will have to pay a fine for not carrying your driver’s license.

If your driver’s license is stolen? a new driver’s license can only be issued in austria. Ask your local police if a report of theft or loss is sufficient to continue your journey.

Sick abroad – what the e-card really means

"with the e-card i am also insured abroad"!" they think? This is not true. Here are the most important infos in the fact check:

the european health insurance card on the back of the e-card .

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