Stiftung warentest: fully automatic coffee machines tested

How to find the best fully automatic coffee machine

fully automatic coffee machines tested by stiftung warentest: which machine convinces with espresso and cappucino?? Stiftung warentest has tested fully automatic coffee machines in all price categories. We summarize the results and show which automatic machine conjures up the most delicious espresso.

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Stiftung warentest: fully automatic coffee machines for great espresso (12/2019)

The best espresso in town at your home? At least the best full auto you can have and at an acceptable price, as the test results show:

  • The test winner at stiftung warentest comes from expresso expert jura: its jura ENA 8 is the top product in the 12/2019 test at stiftung warentest with a grade of 1.9. It is on a par with the jura ENA 8 platinum from the same price segment (test 12/2016) and the significantly more expensive jura J6 (test 12/2017).
  • You get a delicious espresso with the jura ENA 8 – especially fast and with creamy foam. At the touch of a button it can also prepare cappucchino, latte macchiato and flat white. By the way, the expensive jura J6 from the 2017 test was no better in terms of taste, as the test results show. The water tank of the ENA 8 is chic, the display is also quite good, and the milk hose is easy to replace.
  • The brew group of the jura ENA 8 is permanently installed and cannot be removed for cleaning. In return, however, the cleaning program works reliably, according to stiftung warentest. This also applies to the E8 platinum model.
  • However, the first cup of espresso in the 2018 models is apparently not hot enough. The temperature is acceptable for the 2019 models. When buying, customers should therefore go for the new model. but don’t worry: if you have a 2018 version, you can get a free replacement at your local jura dealer.
  • The jura ENA 8 machines are available in various colors from approx. 900 euro available (white, black, red).

Top fully automatic machine by stiftung warentest: a favorable alternative (12/2016)

Around 900 euros for a fully automatic coffee maker? This can also be done more cheaply:

  • the melitta caffeo varianza CSP also scored 1.9 (test 12/2016), but costs only approx. 520 euro. It does take a lot longer to heat up than the jura ENA 8, but then it also brews a very tasty espresso with a good crema.
  • The melitta caffeo varianza CSP is easy to use and makes a very good milk foam. special feature: the fully automatic machine has two separate compartments for beans, so that different types of beans can be used. However, the water reservoir is difficult to insert, complains stiftung warentest, and the coffee compartment holds only 140 grams of beans.
  • You can find all the details for a fee on test.De.

Buying an automatic coffee maker: these are the criteria you need to consider

Espresso lovers should not miss stiftung warentest’s test of espresso machines. Here are some important tips to help you choose the right fully automatic machine:

  • The right pressure and the right water temperature are crucial. This presupposes that the interaction of water pressure, temperature and the quantity of coffee grounds and water is correct. Once again: quality has its price. More details you will find in the CHIP automatic coffee maker advice.
  • Regular maintenance is a matter of course, but it can be quite difficult with some machines. Most of the time, the automatic milk frother causes problems or components can not be removed.
  • If all this is too complicated for you, you should take a look at the test results of pod and capsule machines. The handling is much easier and there is no accounting for taste.

Tip for the thrifty: we’ve picked out good and cheap espresso machines that other buyers rave about.

CHIP- test report: good (test of 12 2018)

Product description: EQ.6 plus s300 TE653501EN – automatic coffee maker with cappuccinatore – 15 bar – black / silver. Manufacturer’s warranty: 2 years. dimensions (width x depth x height): 28 cm x 46.5 cm x 38.5 cm. Weight: 9.6 kg.

CHIP- test report: satisfactory (test of 11 2018)

Product description: krups EA8108 – automatic coffee maker with cappuccinatore – 15 bar. Manufacturer warranty: 2 years. Dimensions (width x depth x height): 28.7 cm x 38.1 cm x 48.3 cm. Product type: automatic coffee maker with cappuccinatore.

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