Special license plates: these license plates are available for cars in germany

 Special license plates: these license plates are available for cars in germany

special license plates these license plates are available for cars in germany

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 Special license plates: these license plates are available for cars in germany

Special license plates: These eight license plates are available in Germany. Source: dpa

the red field on the side indicates an export license plate, the yellow field is a short term license plate for test drives.

What do standard license plates look like?

besides the many special license plates there is one standard license plate in germany. It has a blue border on the left with stars of the EU. Next to it is the country code of the country where the car is registered – for example, a "D" for germany. To the right of the blue bar are one to three letters indicating the administrative district of the registration authority. To the right are two stickers: 1. The inspection sticker. It indicates when the next main inspection (HU) is due. 2. The stamp badge. It shows the coat of arms of the state and the name of the licensing authority.

Then comes the so-called ID NO: it consists of one to two letters as well as a number sequence of maximum 4 digits. This results in a license plate with the following pattern: D – ABC – 1234

car license plates: what are the options??

In addition to the standard license plate with black letters and numbers on a white background, there are a large number of special license plates for road traffic. The eight types of special license plates:

Special license plate number 1: the transfer plates

Transfer license plates combine several special license plates: the short term license plate, the export license plate and the so-called special license plate with red numbers. The transfer plates are used for domestic or foreign transfers of unregistered cars, as well as for test or inspection drives. The various transfer plates differ as follows:

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  • The short-term license plate
    the short term license plate, also known as 5-day license plate or day license plate, valid for five days only. It is used for test drives and transfers. However, only for transfer journeys within germany. For transfer journeys from abroad there is the export license plate. unlike the special license plate with red numbers, the day license plate is also available to private individuals.
  • The export license plate
    the export license plate is also called customs license plate or export license plate called. It can be recognized by a red field on the right side, where also the validity date is written. In contrast to the daily license plate, the export license plate is used for the permanent export of a vehicle and is valid for 12 months.
    Notice: if you want to transfer a car from spain to germany, for example, you have to apply for the export license plate in spain.
  • Red license plate
    the red license plates differ from the standard license plates by their red lettering. Unlike the short-term license plate, the special red license plate is only available to businesses and is not available to private individuals. In addition, these special license plates have a red frame and a certain numerical abbreviation in the identification number. The following number abbreviations can occur: 05, 06 and 07.
  • The red 05 license plate is used by technical inspection bodies and monitoring organizations.

The red 06 plate May be used by vehicle manufacturers, parts manufacturers, dealers, and workshops for test drives, inspection drives, and transfer drives. This special license plate is also dealer license plate called. For private persons it is only accessible in the context of a test drive. A log book and a special vehicle registration book must always be kept on board.

The special license plate is not tied to a specific vehicle, so it can be used for different vehicles. not every dealer or manufacturer is authorized to use the 06 license plate. Only dealers and manufacturers classified as reliable are allowed to have. The license plate is valid for only 12 months for the time being. If the dealer or manufacturer proves to be reliable, the license can be extended indefinitely.

The H-plate is only allowed for cars with historical value. the first registration must be 30 years ago.

special license plate number 2: the H license plate

The H license plate represents historical license plate and is valid like the red 07 license plate for oldtimers. In contrast to the red classic car license plate, the H license plate is intended for registered classic cars. The special license plate is vehicle-specific.

Which criteria must a vehicle fulfill for an H license plate??

  • first registration is at least 30 years ago
  • Main components of the car are in original condition
  • The typical look of the time is preserved
  • passed main inspection (HU)
  • A valid oldtimer certificate is available

Like the oldtimer license plate, the H-license plate is also tax-advantaged. In addition, the car needs for the H license plate none environmental plate.

Special license plate number 3: the changeable license plate

Owners of a changeable license plate can drive two cars of the same vehicle class alternately. A prerequisite for this is that both vehicles have a valid general inspection. costs, such as taxes and insurance, however, are for both cars.

In addition to a part that is similar to the EU standard license plate, the changeable license plate also consists of a vehicle-related part for each car. This part of the license plate is affixed to the specific vehicle as long as it is valid. The vehicle-related part is therefore an extension of the license plate and shows, among other things, the main inspection sticker.

Special license plate number 4: the seasonal license plate

The seasonal license plate is ideal for vehicles that are only driven during a certain period of the year – for example, convertibles or mobile homes. If a car has a seasonal license plate, it may only be driven within the specified period.

The vehicle owner specifies a period in which he wants to drive the car in each year. The period must be at least eight weeks long and may last no longer than eleven months.

The seasonal license plate has two numbers on the right edge. the upper one indicates the month from which the vehicle is allowed to participate in road traffic. The lower the last month of registration. The taxes and insurance costs are accordingly only due for the authorized period. The car does not have to be registered and deregistered for this purpose.

special license plate number 5: the diplomat license plate

The diplomat license plate is, as the name suggests, only for diplomats. This special license plate is not vehicle specific but personal. Owners of such a license plate enjoy some advantages and privileges: they have diplomatic immunity, they are treated preferentially in case of a traffic accident, they are allowed to pass safety barriers, they are not penalized in case of a misdemeanor and they do not have to pay car tax.

The 0-license plate is a special form of the diplomatic license plate. The country code 89 is assigned to the state of morocco. To the german government number 0-9.

The 0 license plate
a special form of the diplomatic license plate is the 0-license plate. It is only available to diplomats of a particularly high rank, such as the German president or chancellor. The license plate of a member of the federal government can be recognized by the 0 followed by the country code and the corresponding rank number.

special license plate number 6: the green license plate

The green license plate differs only in color from the standard license plate. It has the same structure, only the color of the writing is not black but green. For vehicles with this license plate fall no taxes. However, it must be possible to prove the purpose of the vehicle at any time. Which vehicle receives this type of special license plate depends on the use of the vehicle.

For which purposes a green special license plate is available?

  • Vehicles for winter service or road cleaning
  • Commercial vehicles of agriculture or forestry
  • Milk transporter
  • aid organizations
  • show business
  • rescue vehicles
  • disabled transport
  • Special license plates for sports equipment
  • Animal transport
  • working machines which, due to their design, are allowed or able to travel at a maximum speed of 20 km/h

Instead of roaring exhaust pipes, the rear of the Mustang Mach-E has an electric E in the license plate Source: Ford

E-plates are issued for electric cars.

Special license plate number 7: the E license plate

In the case of an E-plate, the standard plate is supplemented on the right-hand side by a "E" for electric or hybrid vehicle on the right side. vehicles with this special license plate are allowed to use the bus lane and get tax advantages. In some cities, owners of such vehicles can even park free of charge.

special license plate number 8: the X and Y license plates

The special license plates X and Y come from the military context. license plates with a Y belong to the german armed forces. Vehicles whose license plates begin with an X belong to NATO.

On the Y-plates of the federal armed forces the german flag is shown on the left. This is followed by the Y with a hyphen and a numerical code, the identification number. This number consists of a maximum of six digits.

Similar, but without the German flag, looks the X license plates for NATO service vehicles from. This special license plate begins on the left with an X followed by a dash and a four-digit identification number.

Can the license plate be designed differently?

The design of the German license plates and special license plates is defined in the vehicle registration ordinance (FZV) and may not be changed. A black license plate with white writing, for example, is therefore not allowed. According to the FZV, a license plate may not be changed by stickers or the like, not even afterwards. However, vehicle owners have leeway when compiling the identification number. You can request a license plate of your choice at the registration office.

The desired license plate

The desired license plate is a regular standard license plate, which the vehicle owner has already chosen and reserved before registration. Except for the city abbreviation, vehicle owners can choose their license plates, provided that the desired license plate has not yet been assigned. However, there are rules that must be respected. according to the vehicle registration ordinance, no abbreviations are permitted that are contrary to public decency. For example, combinations of letters with a national socialist background – such as HJ, NS, KZ or SS – are prohibited in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Note: the road traffic office offers vehicle owners the possibility to check and reserve their desired license plate online.

The costs: what does a license plate cost??

The costs you have to plan for as a vehicle owner for a license plate depend on whether you are registering the vehicle for the first time or only re-registering it.

For the registration or re-registration you should calculate with 10 to 30 euro. Prices vary depending on the registration district and whether it is a new or used car.

In addition, there is the cost of the new license plates, which are issued to you when you register or change your registration. usually 20 to 30 euros. If you decide on a desired license plate, a surcharge of 10.20 euros is due nationwide. Reservation fees are added if you serve the desired license plate before registration. These are normally 2,60 euro.

The vehicle authority costs according to the road traffic office at a glance:

service price
registration: new car 26,00 €
registration: used cars within the registration district 11,00 €
registration: used cars within the registration district with change of holder 18,00 €
registration: used cars from outside the registration district without change of owner 26,00 €
registration: used cars from outside the registration district with change of holder 28,00 €
re-registration: without change of holder 26,00 €
re-registration: with change of holder 29,00 €
deregistration for vehicles belonging to the district 6,90 €
deregistration for foreign vehicles 10,00 €
rectification of vehicle documents 11,00 €
short-term license plate (5 days) 10,00 €
export license plate 33,00 €
classic car license plate 40,00 €
seasonal license plate 30,00 €
red license plates 100,00 €

Checklist for vehicle registration: these are the documents you need to keep in mind

  • registration certificate part II (former vehicle registration certificate)
  • Valid identification document
  • In case of registration by a representative: power of attorney
  • electronic confirmation of insurance (evb-number)
  • SEPA direct debit mandate for vehicle tax (formerly direct debit authorization)

Whether and which further documents you need, such as the registration certificate part I, i.e. the vehicle registration certificate, depends on your request to the registration office of the city or municipality. At the road traffic office, you can find out exactly which documents you need to submit for your request.

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