Sixt car rental: how to get the right car for you

At SIXT, you can also take advantage of other mobility offers in addition to car rental

At SIXT you can also use other mobility offers besides car rental.

In germany, many car rentals established: SIXT is one of the best known car rental companies in the country. No wonder: there are already over 2200 SIXT stations in more than 105 countries around the world. Almost every car driver has certainly come across the orange and black SIXT logo somewhere at some time or other.

Nowadays, the company has a wide range of mobility offers: at SIXT you can still rent a rent a car, but also a subscribe to a car, lease or finance. Also car sharing and a cab call service the company now offers.

How to rent a car at SIXT rent a car or the car sharing you can find out in this guide.


the cost of a rental car depends on the vehicle model, the pick-up and drop-off location, your age, the payment method you choose, and the protection options and extras you add.

Yes, some vehicle classes can also be booked with a regular EC card. More information about booking and payment can be found here.

SIXT share and SIXT ride are two mobility offers that SIXT customers can use via the app. SIXT share is a carsharing offer, furthermore you can find more information here. With SIXT ride you can order a cab comfortably and everywhere.

SIXT car rental conditions

conditions at SIXT
old driver 18 years
other drivers yes
driving license (probationary period) 1 day
availability immediately available
locations 105 countries worldwide
private/business both
app available yes
additional services additional insurance, free mileage packages, additional driver, navigation system, international travel, comfort equipment, full fuel on return, flexible fuel option, automatic warranty, winter equipment, child seats
fuel regime FULL – FULL FUEL RANGE
free mileage 300 km
vehicle classes small car, sedan, SUV, van, transporter, small, medium or large truck
payment methods credit card, girocard and EC card
insurance services liability insurance
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How to get a rental car with SIXT?

SIXT car rental has all kinds of vehicles on offer, from small cars to trucks

SIXT car rental has all types of vehicles on offer from small cars to trucks.

When you SIXT car rental drivers can easily book one of the many different SIXT vehicles on the website or directly at a rental station. If you need a rental car and want to book online, you must first specify, when and where you want to rent a car with SIXT.

To the SIXT fleet in germany, there are over 70 vehicle models: you can choose from station wagons to convertibles to minibuses of all kinds vehicle types rent. If you need something bigger, be it for a move or an event, you can also rent a transporter, sprinter or truck from SIXT car rental.

SIXT car rental: rental period and pick up location

When you choose a SIXT-rental station and one period have decided, you will be shown all the available vehicles and the respective SIXT prices per day. As a rule, the rental price per day is lower if you rent the car for several days. For the 1. Up to 4. day you pay at the SIXT-car rental the so-called daily rate, for 5 to 27 days the weekly rate. From a rental period of 27 days, the prices of the SIXT long-term rental.

For example, if a small car costs 75 € for one day at a rental station, the price can be reduced to 30 € per day for a rental period of one week. You should also note when booking through SIXT car rental that there are always 24 hours be calculated. This means that if you pick up your rental car at SIXT at 10am, you should return it at 10am or earlier on the day of return to avoid being charged for another day.

The choice of pick-up station is also not irrelevant for the cost of the SIXT rental car. If you rent a car at an airport or train station, you will have to pay the so-called location surcharge include. Likewise, if you return the rental car to a different station than the one where you picked up the SIXT rental car, you will be charged a fee by the SIXT car rental company. The amount of these one-way fee based on the distance between the two stations.

If you want to drive a car for several months, you can rent with SIXT plus one subscribe to car. you pay a one-time start fee of 199 € and then a monthly fixed price. The advantage of a car subscription: the monthly payment covers all vehicle-related costs except for fuel.

Add extras to your SIXT car rental

In the rental price of SIXT car rental are always included a liability insurance and a certain number of free mileage contain. In the next step of the booking process you have the option to choose insurance coverage to expand, additional add free kilometers or more extras to add. You can see the protection options and extras offered by SIXT car rental in the table below:

protection options extras
fully comprehensive and theft cover (with and without excess) navigation system
mobility service (roadside protection) additional driver
personal accident protection diesel warranty
tire and windshield protection child seats
automatic warranty
winter tires
winter equipment (snow chains or ski racks)

payment at the SIXT car rental office

The most convenient way is to use the SIXT rental car online to pay. However, if you pay later at the rental station, on the one hand, you still have the chance to flexible rebooking. On the other hand, with SIXT, they could also without credit card rent a car. You can also pay for most vehicle classes with a regular EC card.

Can I buy a car from SIXT instead of renting it??

You can also buy new or used cars from Sixt

You can also buy new or used cars from SIXT.

SIXT offers much more than just a simple car rental. Customers can also buy new cars and used cars at SIXT. To buy a new SIXT car, you have either leasing or the so-called vario financing financing options available to you. The SIXT-vario-financing denotes a mileage leasing contract with option to buy. This means that at the end of the leasing contract you have the possibility to buy the vehicle. You can find an overview of all vehicles on the platform sixt new car.De.

On the platform sixtcarsales.De they in turn find used cars cars from different manufacturers, which they can purchase with the help of individual financing offers can buy. Here they can choose for themselves how much they want to pay numbers would like to know how much your final installment and about how many months how to finance your used car.

SIXT share – how SIXT carsharing works

The carsharing from SIXT is very easy and convenient via the SIXT app. With the app, you can not only manage your SIXT rental cars or your SIXT-plus car subscription, but you can also access the SIXT website SIXT ride and SIXT share ACCESS. To use the carsharing service, all you have to do is select one of the available SIXT-share cars on the map in your area choose. They can then reserve it for 15 minutes free of charge to get to the car.

Once you have arrived at the vehicle, all you have to do is open it using the app and you can drive away. The price for such a carsharing trip depends on time and location of the rental as well as the model from. In the app you will always immediately find the minute prices and the prices for available hourly, daily and mileage packages displayed.

If you use SIXT share without an additional package, the prices for diesel and petrol cars are 200 free kilometers included, for electric vehicles 50 kilometer. After that, users are charged 34 cents for each additional mileage unless you have chosen a mileage package from the outset.

In the app are so called business areas marked with a red line. After use, you may park the SIXT share vehicles only within these areas.

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