Selling an accident-damaged car – buying despite accident damage

After an accident, there are often more reasons for selling the accident car than for repairing it. to find a buyer is not always easy, however. With the support of wirkaufendeinauto.De you have found it quickly.

We are your partner if you want to sell your accident vehicle. Regardless of the condition, the age or the car model we first examine each vehicle. Then we will discuss with you if our quick sale is suitable for you. Use the online tool now and book an appointment!

Selling an accident car is not an easy task. How it is easier? Wirkaufendeinauto.De offers you the perfect alternative.

After an accident, there are often more reasons for selling the accident vehicle than for repairing the car. Finding a buyer however, it is not always easy. With the support of wirkaufendeinauto.De you found it fast.

We are your partner if you want to sell your accident car. Regardless of condition, age or car model we first examine each vehicle. Afterwards we will discuss with you whether our quick sale is suitable for you. Use the online tool now and book an appointment!

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1. Selling an accident car – when is the car an accident car??

Selling an accident car

When your used car is damaged in a collision, it is often the right decision to sell your accident car. But when is a vehicle actually an accident vehicle??

Has your used car paint scratches, dents or scratches from parking it does not necessarily have to be declared as an accident vehicle on the registration certificate. Even if a mirror is knocked off a parked car, none of the cars must necessarily be declared as an accident car.

What is my car worth?

What is my car worth?

Rate your car now for free. Quick& simply sell at the highest price!

Selling a car with total loss

In the case of an economic total loss, the costs for a repair are normally always above the car value and selling the car with a total loss or disposing of it is the only sensible alternative.

Even repairing a minor damage on the vehicle after a traffic accident is sometimes, similar to the total loss, a to high economic cost for an old car.

From a legal point of view, a vehicle is no longer "accident-free" until it has suffered significant damage. This is the case, for example, if original parts of the car have to be replaced and the amount of damage to the vehicle exceeds a certain price limit.

2. The appraisal at wirkaufendeinauto.De

After an accident with severe damage to the vehicle that goes beyond simple scratches and dents or requires a damage appraisal, many people think about repairing or consider disposing of or scrapping the accident vehicle if it is no longer roadworthy.

However, in many cases it is worthwhile for owners to sell sell unrepaired vehicles instead of scrapping them. With a purchase of an accident vehicle by a reliable partner, car owners avoid high costs for repair as well as disposal and still get the maximum out of their accident vehicle despite the accident damage.

If you want to sell your totaled car, this is often possible. But only with a personal and individual appraisal can all the damage be adequately recorded and assessed and be. That is why:

When selling an accident car, be sure to look for a serious and reliable company and have the car professionally appraised to avoid being at a disadvantage when selling an accident car.

Such a procedure decides to a large extent about the success of the sale of your car, no matter whether at the car dealer, used car dealer or at the car dealer around the corner, which guarantees you at first still a very high price, and thus a lot of money.

Contact us directly at wirkaufendeinauto.Use and benefit from our free and professional appraisal, before you sell your crashed car or leave it to the scrap press. At the scrap dealer you only get the material value of the remaining spare parts. We examine your damaged or accident-damaged vehicle in detail and determine on this basis the exact car value.

Our tipMake sure that the exterior of your car is well maintained and that it makes a positive impression.

When selling a car, turn to wirkaufendeinauto with confidence.De, because we offer you for used vehicles sales options from a single source.

3. What if the accident is concealed?

Even if the damage has been repaired after an accident and no defects or external damage can be found on the vehicle, the buyer must before the purchase truthfully about all damages be informed at the car and declare it as an accident car in the papers.

Who wants to sell his accident car, should all damages in the purchase contract indicate, even if it is otherwise maintained in a checkbook.

In this way, the buyer can not make any warranty claims, because all accident damages were part of the contract.

If a seller intentionally conceals damage to the accident vehicle, he commits a breach of contract according to § 123 BGB fraudulent misrepresentation and can even after § 263 stgb because of knowingly false information for fraud and be sentenced to a fine or imprisonment of up to ten years.

On the other hand, you have to worry about warranty claims with wirkaufendeinauto.De not worry, because with us you choose the most comprehensive service solution for any type of car.

Selling a totaled car – this is how it works!

If you are looking for an uncomplicated accident car purchase, it is best to come directly to us. Selling your accident vehicle on the basis of a competent appraisal – only wirkaufendeinauto makes it that easy and fast.

Selling accident vehicles has never been so easy. Instead of getting rid of your car for less than it’s worth, you will receive a fair offer and of course the professional assessment of one of our experts.

Moreover, our professional appraisal is not only suitable for accident cars, but also for cars that have been damaged in an accident also includes all other used cars, no matter if:

  • Roadworthy small station wagon with automatic air conditioning and alloy wheels
  • sedan with manual transmission and engine damage
  • Convertible with automatic, parking aid and alloy rims
  • Roadworthy oldtimer with high mileage, missing environmental badge and registration
  • vehicle damaged by hail and no longer repaired

Come to wirkaufendeinauto.De, instead of selling your accident car with total loss by yourself, to advertise your accident car on the market by yourself and to plunge into lengthy price negotiations.

In one of our branches, you can easily sell your damaged car. Whether your car has an engine failure, an economic total loss or the car has only a small accident damage, is at wirkaufendeinauto.De does not matter. We appraise all cars, if you want to sell your car after accident damage.

Start now with our uncomplicated online calculator and get a first estimate. Your first step to an easy and fast accident car sale with our accident car buying service!

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