Rocket league esports introduces new away jersey stickers for rlcs 2021-22

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rocket league esports store away kits

the new decals look sick and are a great way to support your favorite team in the RLCS 2021-22! | © psyonix

esports store releases new away kits for RLCS 2021/22. already in october psyonix has heralded the new season in style, by introducing their fantastic selection of rocket league esports decals. With this year’s RLCS season already heating up, psyonix is fulfilling the promise with a fierce new collection of away decals. with these you can really heat up your opponents in the arena!

the brand new away jerseys in combination with the original home jerseys offer a great choice of decals for every RLCS fan who wants to compete in the arena with the colors of their respective team. Besides, they look pretty nice (some of them at least), but it’s not always about the outside – their meaning is important too. so make sure you get all the details before you put your hard earned money into these bad boys.

in addition to all the new away jerseys two more teams have been added to the selection of esports decals in the item store. these two teams – namely complexity and misfits gaming – are now equipped with home and away jerseys respectively. So you can show directly to your mates in rocket league!

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What comes after rocket league with the away stickers?

Rocket league gets some new esports decals, including brand new away decals to be added to the original RLCS 2021/22 set, as well as home and away decals for two new teams each. Here to make one on overly accurate:

  • 37 brand new away decals, designed by the teams themselves
  • 2 new teams make their debut in the rocket league esports store.
  • These teams each get an away decal
  • These teams each get a home decal

Can’t get enough #RLCS? Support your favorite teams year-round with new away jersey decals designed by your favorite @rlesports teams.

which cars do the away decals fit to?

the away jersey stickers from each team will be available for octane, dominus and fennec. depending on the body the design differs a little bit. If you are not sure which car you want to decorate with the decals, don’t worry. We help! Octane and fennec have the same hitbox anyway and the dominus is the manuel neuer of rocket league – perfect for last second parades. check the linked guides for more details, maybe they will help you with your decision!

when are the away decals available in rocket league?

From 25./26. January at 16:00 PST and 12:00 UTC the away decals are available in rocket league. If you are reading this article, there is a good chance that the items are already live. For the RLCS 2021/22 season there are some real grenades available for both home and away kits. seriously, psyonix has outdone itself this time! The fact that the teams can design their own stickers was simply a clever move. You can see the results for yourself!

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