Rental cars with winter tires: the most important questions and answers

For safety reasons, your rental car should be equipped with winter tires in winter. In many countries this is even compulsory. Therefore, in winter, many rental companies automatically include the appropriate tires in the rental price. Find out here, with which providers winter tires are included and where you have to expect extra costs.

Winter is just around the corner, and your own car has long since been fitted with winter tires. But what about the rental car for winter vacation? Are winter tires always included, do they cost extra and do I have to take care of them or do the car rental company?? You can read the answers here.

In which countries are winter tires obligatory??

In most of the european countries there is a situational winter tires. This means that cars do not necessarily have to be equipped with winter tires from october to march, but they do if the weather conditions require it. This applies for example in germany, austria and luxembourg. Anyone who drives there in snow or ice without the appropriate tires must reckon with high fines.

in many other countries there is no winter tire obligation at all. However, you are still liable to prosecution if you cause an accident or traffic obstruction because of incorrect tires. Who goes skiing to italy, france or in switzerland even if there is no legal obligation, you should switch to winter tires – if only for reasons of safety.

compulsory winter tires for rental cars: who is responsible??

In fact, most car rental companies in germany and europe equip their rental cars with winter tires or winterized all-weather tires when the time comes. However, you are not legally obliged to do so, but the driver is.

If you are caught driving a rental car in snow and ice without winter tires, you and not your rental company will have to pay the fine. You should therefore be on the safe side and check carefully when booking whether winter tires are included in your offer or can be booked additionally.

legal obligation or not – for sensible car drivers, winter tires or winter-compatible all-weather tires should be an absolute matter of course, even for rental cars.

Note: you can only make sure that your rental car has winter tires. Whether it is winter tires or winter all-weather tires, they can not influence. Both types of tires are recognized as winter tires in germany and will bring you safely through the cold season.

Are winter tires already included in the rental price?

Most car rental companies equip their fleets with winter tires germany, austria and the switzerland every year at the right time with winter tires with M+S seal from.

In some countries without compulsory winter tires like italy and france winter tires are almost never included in the rental price and can only rarely be booked additionally. therefore, check offers in these regions very carefully and write if necessary. write your request for winter tires in the comment box. If these are not available, snow chains are a common alternative. You can usually get these from any rental company.

Attention: in the USA and canada is there no winter tires, no matter where and for when you book a rental car. Partly, however, the cars are equipped with all-weather tires. If you are planning a winter vacation in canada’s mountains, it is best to contact your rental company before picking up the car. This is how you can check in advance whether your rental car has suitable tires.

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