Rent, installment plan and leasing: financing models for foxes

If you don’t have the money, but you need a new thresher, you can rent or lease it. these forms of financing offer advantages, but also pitfalls.

Especially very large and expensive machines are often rented or leased. Then both the farmer or contractor as well as the dealer or manufacturer have greater financing security. (source: photos: bensing, bertling, wilmer, werkbild)

Sharp calculate and rent

Leasing with free choice of equipment

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You can select your tractor or self-propelled machine (combine, forage harvester, loader, etc.) here.) and read the long term opinions of professional colleagues.

On the entry page to the long-term assessments, you will see a list of the new long-term assessments since your last visit. By clicking on a machine type in the list, you can directly read the new review for that machine.

Of course, you can only read the long-term assessments of the individual machine types when profi-internet visitors have seen your tractor, combine harvester, loader, etc. Have judged.

On the results page you will find some technical details (possibly with a picture), next to it in the green area the overall rating as well as the detailed ratings of all opinions already received on average. on the right side of the page, the average usage profile of the tractor is shown. In the white window below you can read the individual opinions and detailed ratings of the practitioners. If you would like to see more reviews of the machine you are viewing, click on the review headings in the yellow box to the right. ">,

Here you can find a list of all the machine types that have already been rated, such as.B. Tractors, combine harvesters, forage harvesters, telescopic loaders, yard loaders, etc.

In parentheses after the machine type is the number of ratings. For example: tractor (730) means that there are 730 long term judgments about tractors stored in the online knowledge base of pro. The list grows with each new judgment written.

If you click on the number in brackets, the corresponding list of manufacturers will appear. The list is sorted alphabetically. In brackets behind it the number of existing judgements is shown again.


  • Case IH (112) \n
  • Deutz-fahr (101) \n
  • Fendt (135) \n
  • John deere (125) \n \n

in the next step you can select the manufacturer (again by clicking on the number). A list of the already evaluated types of the selected manufacturer will appear. The number of individual ratings and the average overall rating are given in parentheses after each type.

    John deere 6910 A (10) ++ \n

Means that 10 practitioners have rated their john deere 6910 A, on average they have rated this tractor type ++.

Other manufacturers could be in this list if you have your own tractor, combine, loader, etc. Judge.

to read the long term reviews available so far, please click on \"read reviews\" ">,

If you want to evaluate your tractor, your combine or any other machine, please click on "write your own evaluation" in the yellow menu above.

A new window with a selection list appears. \in the selection list, first choose the type of machine, then the manufacturer and finally the exact type. If your machine is not in the list, you can also enter the type yourself. But please always look through the list first.

If you continue your selection with \"weiter\" Once you have completed the evaluation, the evaluation form for your machine will automatically appear on the screen.

Please fill out this form as completely as possible. your first and last name will be automatically added to your opinion text. Furthermore, it is necessary to indicate the vehicle’s registration number when assessing your tractor. We do not publish this information and do not pass it on to third parties. Please also note that you only have to evaluate each tractor and machine type once.

We wish you a lot of fun with our online knowledge database.

Please log in to make a long term judgment.

Sharp calculation and rent

Leasing with free choice of equipment

Late payments can be expensive

Leasing companies


End of the leasing contract

It gets exciting when the leasing contract expires. In the simplest case, the farmer or contractor will give the machine to the dealer or. The lessor back. If he wants to keep them and the lessor makes a good offer, he can buy them. The emphasis is on "can. Because the "leasing decrees" stipulate that a lessee may not have a purchase option guaranteed in the contract. This would be interpreted as an installment plan, which would have far-reaching consequences in the tax and accounting area. One sticking point is the calculated residual value. In principle, the lessors offer two options for this. In the first case, the farmer or contractor may be entitled to a share of any difference between the calculated residual value and the actual market value.
In the second variant, which is the rule, the lessor determines a residual value that safely covers the later market value. If the price is higher, the company can collect the difference in proceeds at the end of the contract. If the market value is lower, the lessor usually offers to buy the machine from the farmer or contractor. If the customer cannot or does not want to buy it, but wants to continue using it, the lease can be extended or renewed.

Renting machines for seasonal peaks in workload is often cheaper than buying underutilized equipment. (image source: bensing, bertling, wilmer, werkbild )

In some cases, the manufacturers themselves offer as-new machines for lease through their dealer network. (picture source: bensing, bertling, wilmer, werkbild)

Calculate interest.De is one of many calculation tools on the internet when it comes to determining a shoe size for the cost of a lease in advance. (image source: bensing, bertling, wilmer, werkbild)

The leasing decrees do not apply to an installment plan, so the farmer or contractor and his dealer are completely free in drawing up the contract. (image source: bensing, bertling, wilmer, werkbild)

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