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Here you can find out how to register your car correctly, what documents you need for this and what the registration costs are.

  • What do i need to register a car?
  • When is a power of attorney necessary?
  • What does the registration cost?
  • How to register a car?

What do I need to register a car?

You need these documents to register a car:

  • identity card or passport with confirmation of registration
  • Evb-number of the car insurance (proof of insurance coverage)
  • registration certificate part 2 (formerly vehicle registration document)
  • SEPA mandate for collection of vehicle tax (available as a form online or directly from the registration office)
  • Positive report of the main inspection (for used cars)

An EC declaration of conformity (COC) is also important for cars from other EU countries.

Power of attorney to register a car

If you have a representative do the car registration for you, make sure you have a signed power of attorney.

In addition, you should provide a copy of your identity card and the signed SEPA direct debit mandate for the collection of the vehicle tax.

Your representative must also provide proof of identity when registering the car.

What does it cost to register the car??

26 euro costs the registration of a new car.

28 euro costs to register a used car (change of owner) from another registration district.

If you register a car from abroad in germany, the costs depend on the processing time of the registration office. It can be up to 100 euros here.

These costs can be added:

How to register a car?

you register your car at the registration office of your place of residence (primary residence).

For the registration of vehicles different authorities can be responsible. This depends on your town or district.

  • district office
  • Citizen’s Office
  • district administration office
  • Road traffic office

The registration of a car is usually done in person.

Either you go to the authority yourself. Then we recommend you to book an appointment in advance. How to avoid long waiting times.

Alternatively, you can also commission a representative to register the car for you.

Register the car online

Registering a car online is still not possible everywhere in Germany in 2021.

Learn here how the online registration with i-kfz works.

Answers to your questions

Where can I register my car?

The registration office of your place of residence is always responsible for the registration of the car. Specifically, this is the authority at your primary residence.

You cannot register a car everywhere (in another city, another district or another registration district) in germany.

Registering a deregistered car?

Registering a deregistered car works the same way as described above. You need the same documents.

Registering a car with foreign documents?

You need the complete vehicle documents. It is also useful if you can show the contract of sale.

In the case of a car from the EU the EC declaration of conformity (COC) is also required. If this is not available, you can also request the certificate from the manufacturer.

For a car from a non-EU country the registration office also wants to see the customs documents.

Deregister old car and register new car?

You can do both processes, i.e. the deregistration of the old car and the registration of the new car, together at the registration office.

Find out what you need to deregister your old car here.

If you want to continue using your existing license plates, tell the registration office. Then you save the costs for new license plates.

Registering a car without a license?

Yes, that is possible. you need to identify yourself (identity card or passport with registration certificate). A driver’s license is not necessary for the registration of a car.

Registering a car without a vehicle registration document?

Yes, this is possible. You need in any case the registration certificate part 2 (Fahrzeugbrief) for the registration of a car.

Registering a car without a registration document?

No, that is not possible. You must make an affidavit that you do not (or no longer) have the vehicle registration certificate (Zulassungsbescheinigung 2) for the car. The vehicle registration certificate will then be published in the traffic bulletin. After 6 to 8 weeks you will receive a new vehicle registration certificate from the registration office.

Register a car without TuV?

For used cars the answer is clearly NO. You will not be able to register a car without valid proof that you have passed the main inspection (HU report).

For new cars (up to 3 years) on the other hand no TuV is necessary.

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