Rear view camera comparison 2022

The editorial team of the OE24 test and comparison portal.At presents you the best rear view cameras.

Parking, especially in the city, is often characterized by tight parking spaces. To facilitate parking in such cases, there are, for example, parking aids with acoustic signals. A additional auxiliary instrument are rear view cameras, which can also help with parking.

In our guide we have summarized for you, what to look for when buying a reversing carmera according to tests should. Search also in our comparison table for different products and manufacturers.

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Buying advice on the rear view camera test or. Comparison: we help you choose the winner of your rear view camera test!

  • Reversing cameras should make parking easier.
  • A rear-facing camera displays the images on its own display or on the screen of a navigation system or car radio.
  • you can have rear view cameras installed by garages, but also install them yourself.

It happens faster than you’d like: you miss the neighbor’s fence or a pole and an unsightly dent appears on the bumper. To minimize the risk of parking accidents, retrofitting a rear view camera is worthwhile.

So that you can feel safe when parking with the reversing system, we explain what the camera and screen must offer in terms of resolution and viewing angle.

And not only that: in our rear view camera comparison 2022 on you can find out whether the best rear view camera for you is wired or wireless and how to retrofit the rear view camera system on your vehicle.

You can not count on the product recommendations from a rear view camera test of the foundation warentest or okotest before the purchase. The organizations have not yet tested reversing video systems.

To help you find your personal favorite product in the rear view camera test winner category, we present all the important criteria for buying rear view cameras in our buyer’s guide, which covers everything from mounting systems to night vision and accessories.

1. With a rear view camera, you can reverse into a parking space without dents and scratches

rear view camera-navi

The camera at the rear delivers the images to the monitor in the cockpit.

A rear view camera consists of a 4" to about 7" monitor connected to a camera about the size of a golf ball at the rear of the car and how to transfer their images into the cockpit. As a driver, you have an exact picture of what is happening in the immediate vicinity behind your vehicle. So a rear view camera is perfect as a parking aid.

When you retrofit a rearview camera install the device on the side mirror or at the rear of the car, usually directly on the license plate. With the rearview camera on the mirror, you have a view of the blind spot. From the rear, you can see the entire area behind your car.

Even for drivers of larger vehicles, the unobstructed view to the rear offers greater safety and a better overview.

This is how rear-view cameras are fitted to trucks, and owners of motor homes also love rear-view cameras. In agriculture, the rear view camera is used on commercial vehicles during harvesting.

2. Rear view camera system types: connection via radio or cable

Reversing video systems differ in the way the camera at the rear and the monitor in the cockpit are connected to each other.

the transmission works either by simply connecting the transmitter and receiver with a cable, which you lay lengthwise through your car, or via radio.

to make it easier for you to see the two types of rear view camera, we at oe24.At features and advantages and disadvantages summarized:

  • All necessary cables included
  • Installation over cavities or the vehicle floor
  • often radio remote control / transmitter included in the scope of delivery
  • connection of camera and monitor via software on the screen

3. Buying advice: what you need to look out for according to rear view camera tests

Before you buy a rearview camera, you usually can’t do a test of the rearview camera systems. To ensure that you find a cheap rear view camera that is worth retrofitting, we will show you the most important criteria that should not be missing from any rear view video system test.

3.1. Installation: cable models are more challenging

installation of the monitor is simple and intuitive using the supplied brackets.

Wireless rear view cameras are suitable for those who want to install them with as little effort as possible, while cable rear view cameras are suitable for those who can afford the more complicated installation of the cable.

Decide for the cable variant you should make sure the cable is long enough, since you have to lay this to the front. Here applies: rather clearly too long, than too short.

If you want a rear view camera system for the side mirror, it is only available as a radio variant, as laying a cable here would be too inconvenient.

3.2. mounting: camera mounting with hole drilling recommended

The rear view video systems are almost always in two parts. As a rule, mounting the screen in the passenger compartment causes fewer problems. A rear view camera monitor is similar to a navi either by suction cup or adhesive pads on windshield or dashboard attached.

The installation of the camera involves more effort. It may be necessary to drill a hole in the car body. Although there are also cameras that are attached using adhesive pads, the drilling variant is more recommendable. Adhesive pads can come off if shaken or installed incorrectly.

3.3. Resolution of display and camera does not play a major role

When working on larger vehicles, it is definitely worthwhile to take a closer look.

Unusual for cameras: resolution plays only a subordinate role. The camera does not have to deliver razor-sharp images, everything just has to be clearly visible. For this purpose, the camera with a minimum resolution of 400 x 350 record.

With a rear view camera with monitor, it’s not just the camera that counts, but also the screen must display the images well. Here, too, much lower values are sufficient than you might assume – as low as approx 320 x 240 pixels make what is happening at the rear of the vehicle clearly visible.

3.4. Viewing angle of the camera from 120 degrees

With regard to the viewing angle of the camera, the rule is: the wider it is, the more space you can see behind the car.

Most reversing systems have a viewing angle of 100 degrees or more. usually 120 degrees is enough.

But if you want to retrofit a parking aid that also makes laterally offset objects clearly visible, you should go for more expensive models, covering an angle of up to 170 degrees.

An additional plus is when the rear view camera system marks the lateral areas with guide lines on the screen.

Attention: a rear view camera does not automatically also have a distance sensor. Mostly you really only get the rear view camera with monitor and if necessary cable. Distance measurement requires sensors that signal how far away an object is, either with the aid of a sound or via distance displays on the on-board computer.

3.5. Operating voltage 12 or 24 volts depending on the vehicle

Common voltages are 12 and 24 volts. The operating voltage of the reversing video system should also be at one of these voltages, so that the monitor can be operated via the vehicle’s mains voltage.

You need a parking aid with 12 volt operating voltage if you are looking for a car rear view camera.

Larger commercial vehicles and trucks often have a voltage of 24 volts. So always look for the vehicle in which the retrofit of the rear view camera should be implemented.

3.6. environmental influences: night vision function, temperature and weather resistance

3.6.1. Night vision function for good image quality in the dark

rear view camera led

Thanks to infrared leds, you can see with the rear view camera even at night. instead of four leds it should be six leds.

In order to have a clear view to the rear even at night, it is advisable that you get a rear view camera with night vision.

For this purpose, infrared LED lamps are installed around the camera to illuminate the immediate surroundings. The matching monitor, which should be included in the scope of delivery, can output the images accordingly, so that you have an overview at night or in dark underground garages when parking.

With regard to the number of light-emitting diodes, the following applies: 6 are the minimum, but 8 LED lights illuminate even better.

3.6.2. Operating temperature from around -30°C to 60°C

Many manufacturers guarantee their rear view cameras full functionality even in extreme temperatures.

When choosing a camera, don’t just look at the manufacturer’s specifications, but also consider the region where you live and the prevailing temperatures.

Rear view camera tests have shown that for areas in germany and neighboring countries, it is generally sufficient for the camera to withstand a temperature range of minus 30 degrees celsius to plus 60 degrees celsius.

3.6.3. IP protection class for water and foreign body resistance
IP protection class

Our recommendation is IP 65. So your camera is protected against dust (number 1) and against water jets (number 2). Although many manufacturers advertise a completely waterproof camera not at all able to withstand permanent submersion, most of the time it is exposed only to splash water or in the washing plant to jet water.

The IP protection class indicates how well a device is protected against the effects of water and foreign bodies.

It consists of two digits:

  1. Describes the protection against foreign bodies and dust
  2. Describes the protection against water

In the case of IP protection class: the higher the number, the greater the protection.

3.7. Accessories in the rear view camera set and compatibility with navi and cell phone

be sure to check the scope of delivery before choosing the rear view camera of a particular brand.

rear view camera system

The right accessories for installation and commissioning should be included with every reversing system.

If you want to buy a camera with cable connection, you should check two cables included its. one is needed to connect the camera to the monitor. another cable provides power to the camera by connecting it to the rear lights.

For wireless models, it is convenient if a wireless remote control is included.

It is also important to know whether the rear view camera comes with a monitor. Do you want a rear view camera that is wireless – that is wireless – this is not always a given.

because with wireless models it is possible, connect the rear camera to other devices, such as a tablet or cell phone.

If you want to connect your navi with the rear view camera, you have to pay attention to the compatibility. It is best if your navi and also the rear view camera have bluetooth, wifi or even wireless. by the way, the same applies if you want to couple the rear view camera with cell phones.

4. things to know: installation of a reversing video system with cable

Before you install a cable rear view camera, we advise you on oe24.To perform a rear camera test and first check that all the necessary parts are really present and that the system works.

rear view camera accessories

A suitable place for the rear view camera is directly above the license plate. How to get a good view of what’s behind the car.

A set usually consists of the following components:

  • Camera
  • Cable connection
  • Fixing material for the camera
  • Wiring harness with different connections
  • If applicable. Monitor with bracket

If everything is in place, you can connect the rear view camera. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • look for the right connection for the camera on the supplied monitor or on your navi/moniceiver (hint: often the camera connector is marked yellow).
  • Connect the red plus connection of the harness to the power supply of the car’s reversing light (camera is activated when reverse gear is engaged).
  • Attach the minus cable in the center console.
  • it is best to run the cable over the passenger seat and the carpets and trims in the trunk.
  • Clean the camera mounting area at the rear (do not cover the license plate and lighting)!)
  • Attach the camera with the bracket supplied by the manufacturer and lead the cable through the existing holes of the license plate bracket into the interior of the car.
  • connect the camera cable to the counterpart inside the cabin.
  • finally, carry out a rear view camera system test.

Tip: if you’re unsure, let the professionals do it for you. Independent garages handle the installation of a rearview camera for around 500 euros, with authorized garages of your car brand it can be more expensive.

What has the rear view camera test or. -comparison result?

  1. AUTO-VOX CS2 wireless , available from 119,99 euro, rated very good.
  2. AUTO-VOX solar wireless , available from 154,99 euro, rated very good.
  3. Boscam K3 wired , available from 59,99 euro, rated very good.
  4. Boscam K7 , available from 130,99 euro, rated very good.
  5. Boscam sungo , available from 139,99 euro, rated very good.
  6. Yeddy rear view camera wired , available from 99,99 euro, rated very good.
  7. Boscam K2 wireless , available from 109,99 euro, rated good.
  8. Vega solutions WT-7RM , available from 107,89 euro, rated good.
  9. AUTO-VOX M1PRO , available from 67,99 euro, rated good.
  10. CSL parking aid , available from 59,85 euro, rated good.
  11. YYKJ rear view camera , available from 44.99 euro, rated good.
  12. AEG solar powered rear view camera , available from 119,97 euro, rated good.
  13. PARKVISION rear view camera , available from 115,99 euro, rated good.
  14. Chetoo CT001 , available from 25,99 euro, rated good.

How many manufacturers did the editors select and examine for the rear view camera comparison??

In order to offer you the widest possible choice, the rear view camera comparison contains 16 products from 9 different manufacturers. You will find rear view cameras from AUTO-VOX , boscam , yeddy , vega solutions , CSL aplic , YYKJ , AEG , parkvision and chetoo . More information "

Does the rear view camera comparison only include expensive rear view cameras?

In our comparisons, we pay attention to a variety of different products. Therefore we list you inexpensive rear view cameras from 25,99 euro as well as more expensive models for 159,99 euro. if you are interested in a rear view camera with the best product features at a reasonable price, we recommend our price-performance winner boscam K3 wired for 59,99 euro . More information "

Have previous customers praised one of the rear view camera models in particular?

AUTO-VOX M1W wireless backup camera kit generated the highest number of comments among customers so far. Previous customers report in 6975 comments about positive as well as negative experiences, from which they learn important tips and tricks in dealing with the product. More information "

Which are among the best rated manufacturers from the rear view camera comparison?

In total, the following 8 rear view camera models received the grade "VERY GOOD": AUTO-VOX M1W wireless backup camera kit , AUTO-VOX W7 wireless , AUTO-VOX CS2 wireless , AUTO-VOX solar wireless , boscam K3 wired , boscam K7 , boscam sungo and yeddy rear view camera wired . More information "

Which products are listed in the above table from the rear view camera comparison?

The editors have selected a total of 16 products from 9 different manufacturers for the rear view camera comparison. Therefore you can choose between the following products: AUTO-VOX M1W wireless backup camera kit , AUTO-VOX W7 wireless , AUTO-VOX CS2 wireless , AUTO-VOX solar wireless , boscam K3 wired , boscam K7 , boscam sungo , yeddy rear view camera wired , boscam K2 wireless , vega solutions WT-7RM , AUTO-VOX M1PRO , CSL parking aid , YYKJ rear view camera , AEG solar powered rear view camera , PARKVISION rear view camera and chetoo CT001 . More information "

What other products have customers who have bought a rear view camera shown interest in??

Customers who previously searched for rear view cameras often also entered keywords such as rear view camera radio, rear view camera motor home or AEG rear view camera. To help you find the best product, we have compiled a number of very good products for you in our rear view camera comparison as well as other matching comparisons. More information "

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