Rc modeling

The scale shows the size ratio between the original and the model. Depending on the template of the model, different scales are used to create a controllable and manageable model.

There are different types of RC design. A distinction is made between ready-built models and kits. rtr (ready-to-run) and rtf (ready-to-fly) are ready-to-run and ready-to-fly models respectively.

The RC drive describes the energy supply and the type of drive of a remote-controlled vehicle. A distinction is made between electric and gasoline engines. The distinction between all-wheel drive, single-axle drive and other types of motor also serves to differentiate between the various RC drives.

The age recommendation indicates the age group for which the RC model has been designed. This ensures that the demands of use, for example by difficult assembly of the car, correspond to the physical and mental abilities of the child.

The maximum speed indicates the maximum speed of the model. Depending on the terrain and experience, different maximum speeds should be used in order not to cause damage to the model.

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RC modeling guide

Updated: 28.01.22 | author: online editorial office

Guide to RC models

Steering your own racing car, soaring through the air in a glider or exploring new waters in a sailboat. what sounds like a dream can become reality for you: with RC models. RC modeling offers you a wide range of possible vehicles with which you can experience exciting adventures. The range here extends from small off-road vehicles to large passenger jets.

the special feature of rc model building is that the models are all functional. So you can actually take to the skies in an airplane or sail across a large lake in a ship. The individual models can be purchased in different sizes, according to your personal taste. RC models are controlled by a radio remote control system, which not only allows them to steer forwards, backwards or sideways, but also to carry out special functions such as airbrakes for aircraft or bow thrusters for ships.

If you want to get started right away, RC complete sets contain everything you need for a quick start. If you are more of a hobbyist, you can buy all the components separately and build your own vehicle according to your wishes.

This guide gives you a brief overview of the different RC models, their control and particularities. It also contains valuable tips and tricks for model building.

The different models at a glance

Glowing asphalt – car models

If you are thinking of buying a remote controlled car, here is a wide range of possible models for you to choose from. First, you should consider how you want to use the vehicle. Should it be an off-road vehicle or rather a fast road racer?? You should also decide on a size. Small remote-controlled vehicles are already available in a scale of 1:43. This means that one centimeter of your model vehicle corresponds to 43 cm in reality. Larger vehicles have a scale of 1:5.

The remote-controlled cars are driven by either an internal combustion engine or an electric motor. The electric motor is particularly beginner-friendly. The battery installed in the model is connected to the mains via a separate power supply unit and charged in this way. When buying an electric vehicle, make sure it has a powerful battery. A capacity of 5000 mah, for example, gives you a long period of use and ensures that you can use your vehicle longer.

models with gasoline engines are of course much more realistic. the smell of gasoline alone makes many a man’s heart beat faster. In addition, gasoline-powered radio-controlled vehicles are usually more powerful and thus also suitable for off-road use.

In addition to the road or off-road vehicles, you can purchase RC vehicles for special areas of application. These include wheel loaders, trucks or excavators, for example. There are no limits to your imagination here.

Off into the air – airplane models

If you want to take to the air, a model airplane is a good choice for you. A basic distinction is made between gliders and electrically powered aircraft. Models with combustion engine are also available.

Gliders are made of a particularly light material and also have a small auxiliary engine. This ensures that the aircraft can reach a certain altitude before the engine is switched off. Afterwards, the plane floats silently through the air. depending on the prevailing thermals, you can achieve a long flight duration with glider models without consuming electricity or gasoline.

Similar to the car models, the motor-driven aircrafts have a small electric motor that is recharged via the wall socket. These aircraft, unlike gliders, can stay in the air for a long time and provide long-lasting flight enjoyment. Due to the electric motor installed, electric airplanes are slightly more expensive than gliders.

For a particularly high degree of reality provide aircraft with internal combustion engine. These are powered by gasoline, so they need to be refueled from time to time. Due to their increased power, models with internal combustion engines are especially suitable for experienced pilots who are already familiar with the control of a model airplane.

ship ahoy – ship models

You also have a choice when it comes to ship models. If you want to glide silently and freely through the waves, go for a model sailboat. This has overhanging sails and is powered only by the wind. Electricity or gasoline are not necessary.

If there is not enough wind available, you can also purchase a ship with an electric motor. the small engine provides sufficient propulsion in calm conditions. Electric boats are particularly suitable for beginners, as they require little maintenance and are reliable.

If you value a loud chugging marine engine, you should choose a model with an internal combustion engine. The propulsion is provided by a small gasoline engine, which not only sounds powerful, but also provides for one or the other smoke cloud over the water. This makes boating feel especially good. models with internal combustion engines do require occasional maintenance, so it is advisable to have a certain knowledge of how to handle such models.

Full control – the control

RC models are usually controlled by a mobile transmitter that transmits the control impulses to the model. Current remote controls allow you not only to make conventional inputs such as forward, backward, left or right, but also to use special functions of the model. This may include control flaps on aircraft or thrusters on ships.

The signals generated by the remote control are processed by a receiver built into the model and converted into mechanical movements. Special steering levers transfer the power to steering rods, which in turn cause a steering lock. when buying a model, please note that you usually have to buy a remote control and receiver separately.

It is important that the remote control fits your hand size. not only should it be comfortable to wear, but it should also allow you to reach all control surfaces comfortably with your fingers. A long battery life is also recommended so that you have full control of your model at all times.

Buying tips

First of all, you have to decide whether you want to buy a car, a plane or a ship. In the following, consider your preferred mode of operation. For beginners, it is best to start with an electric-powered rc vehicle. These devices are low-maintenance and only need to be recharged from a wall socket. If you are already familiar with model building and have technical know-how, then you can choose a model with combustion engine. These models offer you a high degree of realism and are particularly fun to drive.

No matter which model you finally decide on, with RC models you become your own driver. And that on land, water or even in the air.

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