Race car self drive in germany – the 5 best providers

Have you ever dreamed of driving a race car yourself?? This no longer has to be a dream, because in germany you have the possibility in many places to experience, get behind the wheel of a horsepower monster and race around the track.

In this article, I’ll show you the 5 best places to take pictures race car self drive in germany before.

At the end of the article I have some useful information for you. I will answer some important questions you might have before your experience.

All the race car experiences presented here are of course also perfect for giving as a gift. Now I wish you a lot of fun with the best providers and locations for a race car ride.

1. Formula race car self drive at the nurburgring

Formula race car drive yourself

A formula racing car is the absolute royal class among racing cars. If you can drive one of these cars yourself, you probably won’t want to go back to your VW golf anytime soon.

At the nurburgring* you have the opportunity to drive a complete training in a formula race car, in which you will learn step by step how to accelerate, steer and of course brake the car.

After the detailed training you can drive the formula race car yourself and experience the incredible thrill of the race adrenalin kick of a formula driver on your own body.

Of course, you will have plenty of time to take photos of the experience so that you can remember it for a long time and show it off on facebook and instagram.

The whole experience lasts about 3 1/2 hours. Enough time to get to know the race car and then also to heat up with it properly.

You will tell your friends about this day for a long time, because not everyone has the opportunity to drive such a racing car themselves. Here you can book your race car experience at the nurburgring.*

Your race car:

  • Engine: 4 cylinder
  • engine capacity: 1200 ccm
  • Power: 103 KW/140 PS
  • Maximum speed: approx. 240 km/h
  • Maximum speed: 8.200 rpm
  • weight: 455 kg

It’s all included in your experience:

  • formula race car taster course
  • Theoretical introduction
  • Drive your own race car in a real formula race car
  • Experienced race instructors
  • Fuel for your ride
  • Rental equipment for race car driving
  • Time for souvenir photos with the car
  • Insurance for all participants without deductible

2. Porsche 911 GT3 race car driving at the hockenheimring

Drive your own racing car in Germany - The 5 best providers 1

Besides the royal class, the formula race car, you also have the possibility to drive the, drive other racing legends yourself. How about z.B. With a porsche 911 GT3? You can drive this monster on the hockenheimring.*

First you take a seat as a co-driver in the racing machine and let yourself be guided by an experienced pilot in just a few minutes 4.12 seconds from 0 to 100 catapult. After that it’s your turn. After a short stop in the pit lane you are ready to go.

You sit down behind the wheel of the porsche 911 GT3, turn on the engine, press the gas pedal and feel the incredible power of the boxer engine.

The feeling is of course completely different when you can drive this race car yourself, than just sitting next to it as a co-pilot. To book the experience at the hockenheimring, just click here.*

Technical data of the porsche 911 GT3

  • Engine: 6 cylinder boxer engine
  • Engine capacity: 3.797 cc
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h: 4,1 seconds
  • Top speed: 312 km/h
  • power: 320 kwh
  • Max. Torque: 430 nm at 6.250 rpm
  • kerb weight: 1.395 kg

These performances are included in your experience:

  • Porsche 911 GT3 racetrack training
  • 2 laps as a co-driver to get to know the car
  • 4 to 6 laps you can drive the race car yourself
  • Supervision by a professional instructor
  • Fuel
  • Helmet and safety equipment
  • Use of the race track
  • Driving on the hockenheimring, nurburgring, lausitzring or other race tracks outside germany

3. Audi R8 driving on the spreewaldring

Drive the Audi R8 yourself

Such an audi R8 is a real beast! Depending on the version, the racing bolide has between 333 and 450 hp and accelerates you from 0 to 100 km/h in just a few seconds.

On the spreewaldring you can drive an audi R8 sports car yourself.* as with the other experiences, you first take a seat as a co-driver for a few laps and then get behind the wheel yourself.

the super sports car from ingolstadt offers the perfect combination of motorsport, driving comfort, dynamism and elegance. the spreewaldring is the perfect race track to fully enjoy the characteristics of the audi R8.

The special feature of this sports car is the mid-engine and the all-wheel drive, which makes the car perfect in the curve and easy to drive even for beginners.

The acceleration of the audi R8 causes a pleasant tingling in the whole body and in the tight curves of the spreewaldring shoots the adrenaline into your bloodstream. Supported by the rich sound of the V8 engine you will surely have an unforgettable racing experience here! The spreewaldring is also considered the fastest race track in germany!

to drive an audi on the spreewaldring, you just have to click here and book the experience.*

Here you can find the technical data of the audi R8

  • V8 naturally aspirated mid-engine
  • engine capacity: 4163 ccm
  • Power: 420 hp at 7.800 rpm
  • Top speed: 301 km/h
  • Torque: 430 nm at 5.250 rpm
  • 0 – 100 km/h: 4,6 s
  • weight: 1635 kg

These are the benefits you get when driving the audi R8 at the spreewaldring

  • Audi R8 race track training
  • professional introduction to the car and the track
  • Experienced instructor as co-driver
  • 2 laps as a co-pilot
  • 4 laps in the audi R8 sports car drive yourself
  • track rental for the spreewaldring
  • Time for souvenir photos
  • fully comprehensive insurance with deductible of 10.000 €.

4. Lamborghini gallardo self drive on the lausitzring

Race car self drive in Germany - The 5 best providers 2

If the performance of an audi A8 is not enough for you, then hold on tight now, because this race car is sure to impress you, too. we are talking about the lamborghini gallardo.*

  • Engine capacity: 4961 ccm
  • Acceleration: 0-100 km/h

Well, does that sound like fun? Well then off to the race track, because at the lausitzring in the east of germany you can drive this race car yourself!

Here the whole thing is a little different, because after a short introduction you can get right behind the wheel of the lamborghini gallardo. Buckle up and get the most out of this thing!

In only 3.8 seconds the italian accelerates you from 0 to 100 km/h and in the tight curves of the lausitzring you will feel the indescribable G-forces in your own body.

This is what it looks like when a lamborghini gallardo heats up over the lausitzring.

For the last two laps, you can sit back and relax in the passenger seat as an experienced race driver gets behind the wheel and revs up the lamborghini at the race taxi get everything out of the race car that you can. A lot of fun!

These services are included

  • racetrack training in the lamborghini gallardo
  • 2 laps in the lamborghini race taxi
  • 4 laps lamborghini drive yourself
  • Professional instructor
  • rental equipment and safety equipment
  • Insurance with 5.000€ deductible
  • Participant certificate

5. Aston martin V8 vantage N430 S driving + race track training at the hockenheimring

Race car self drive in Germany - The 5 best providers 3

Are you ready for another experience? Then get into the aston martin vantage N430* and race it around the track. This elegant sports car has a power of 436 hp and you can drive it yourself (of course only if you want to).

the road holding of the aston martin is simply awesome – thanks to the transaxle design even every race car beginner can drive this english car and have a lot of fun on the race track with it.

According to four laps behind the wheel hand over the wheel to an experienced racer who will get the most out of your machine and raise your pulse to astronomical heights.

This race car has the license to overtake and you can now drive it yourself! Here you book the aston martin V8 racetrack training.*

Aston martin V8 vantage N430 data:

  • Engine: V8
  • engine capacity: 4700 ccm
  • power: 436 hp
  • Maximum torque: 490 nm at 5.000 rpm
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 4,8 sec
  • maximum speed: 305 km/h

Performances of the experience:

  • Aston martin V8 vantage N430 racetrack training
  • Experienced race pilot as instructor
  • Briefing with track explanation
  • 4 laps race car drive yourself
  • 2 laps as co-pilot
  • soft drinks& snacks
  • fuel& track rental
  • fully comprehensive insurance with 5000€ deductible

Drive your own race car – a dream come true

You will be amazed what a great feeling it is to drive your own car behind the wheel of a real race car to sit. If you’ve always wanted to drive a race car, you have the opportunity to do so by booking one of these experiences.

You can drive with race cars like aston martin SP10, audi R8, porsche 911 (GT2, GT3, GT4), lamborghini gallardo, ferrari, aston martin GT4, nissan GTR, lamborghini huracan, toyota 98 GT, and many more to drive.

This of course happens on a real race track. The cars are fast and extremely spectacular to drive. there are race tracks all over germany and europe where you can drive such a race car yourself.

You can reach speeds of 300 km/h and more during such an experience. This is an insane adrenaline kick and feels just great.

There is also the possibility to rent a sports car, so you can cruise through the city or on the highway. Here are 12 great offers to rent a sports car and drive it yourself.

Are you ready for your racetrack training??

providers like motion drive even offer a complete race track training, where you learn step-by-step how to drive and maneuver a race car yourself. You can choose from different cars like. B. Lamborghini, ferrari, porsche& select audi R8.

During each of these trainings you will be accompanied by an experienced motorsport instructor who will sit with you in the car and show you what you need to pay attention to.

The packages usually include sports car, race track, instructor, fuel& insurance. These racetrack trainings are even for complete beginners& suitable for motorsport beginners and participation is possible from the age of 18!

Are there any size or weight restrictions when driving a race car??

Also for bigger, more portly people it is possible to drive a race car by yourself. In formula experiences, the drivers are usually only allowed to drive max. be 1,90 m tall and weigh 95 kg. But most other sports cars can fit people up to 105 kg, or even up to 2015 kg.

You should also be absolutely fit. even during my simulator drive in the audi R8 i noticed how much power you have to use just for braking in a racecar.

Can I drive outside the race track?

There are also possibility with a ferrari, lamborghini, aston martin, porsche, mclaren, lotus etc. Driving on a public road. These experiences are a little bit cheaper, because here the rent for the race track is omitted. But of course you can’t race around the corners on the public road like you can on a real race track.

Where can I drive?

In germany there are extremely many beautiful race tracks as well as terrain to drive yourself with a real sports car or race car for once. The most popular race tracks are those mentioned above, such as the hockenheimring, lausitzring or nurburgring.

But also outside of germany, z.B. In zandvoort, near amsterdam there is a great race track to drive yourself, or at the red bull ring in austria.

Is the whole thing dangerous?

A certain there is always a risk of course. But you do not need to be afraid. On site at the race track, there are experienced pilots who will give you a briefing on how the race car works and show you all the important safety precautions.

And you are never completely alone, because even though it is called "drive your own race car", an experienced pilot always sits next to you and intervenes if necessary. But I am convinced that you are an you are a really good pilot and have no problem maneuvering the race car around the track.

What is the difference between a sports car and a race car??

Not all sports cars are the same

Sports cars are vehicles that usually only offer space for a maximum of two people, are built very low and have a low engine high engine power have. Road-going cars, which have a few more horsepower than normal cars, are also often called sports cars.

A race car on the other hand is specially designed for racing. These vehicles are therefore often not approved for road use. the reason for this is usually the modifications that have been made to the car or cockpit to make the race car more powerful, lighter and safer.

racing cars differ from sports cars in one important aspect: they are designed and equipped for racing. This often has the consequence that these vehicles are not registered for road traffic.

Often airbags are removed, sport steering wheels are fitted, roll bars or grilles are installed, which would endanger other road users when used on the road.

Race cab – what is it actually?

With a race cab ride you do not drive yourself, but take a ride on the race cab passenger seat space. The pilot is an experienced racer who knows the track inside out.

When he presses the gas, you will be pressed into the seat and sweat will be on your forehead. In the race taxi you will be shaken like in a roller coaster. Don’t think you can sit back and enjoy the ride in peace.

Such a race taxi ride is a extreme experience and not for the faint hearted.

Does race car driving also take place in bad weather??

Since safety is the top priority, it is possible that the ride will be canceled in case of bad weather. When the track is slippery, it is often too dangerous for beginners who have no racing experience.

Well, did you get the desire? Then let’s go, what’s stopping you?? Where in germany would you like to drive a race car yourself and with which car?? Tell me in the comments!

Drive your own race car – frequently asked questions

Where can i drive a race car myself?

In germany you can drive a race car on many race tracks and even on the road. the most popular race tracks are the hockenheimring, lausitzring or nurburgring. But also outside germany, z.B. In zandvoort, near amsterdam, there is a great race track to drive yourself, or at the red bull ring in austria.

Driving a race car yourself as a gift – where to buy?

As an experience gift you can give away a ride in a race car. the best thing to do is to buy a voucher from a provider such as jochen schweizer or mydays. You can also give choice vouchers, so that the recipient can choose for himself where he would like to drive a race car.

How old do I have to be to drive a race car??

Most of the organizers require a valid car driving license. you should also be over 18 years old. With some providers you have to be older than 21 years if you want to drive a race car yourself.

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