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On the private car market you have the choice of placing an advertisement or choosing another method. You have every decision in your own hands, but you also have to take care of everything.

We’re buying a car.At offers you a comfortable car purchase at the best price. With us you can sell your used car directly or use our support for private sales. Start with our free online calculator and then book an appointment with us.

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1. Private car market – so you look through

Before you make your car available to the private car market, you should answer several questions about the process. On the one hand, you need to know in which area you would like to present your car to interested parties. If your car has a rarity value that makes a 200 kilometer trip worthwhile for interested parties? You must also be clear about the target group of your advertisement. Do you sell a van and want to potentially reach families or do you want your reliable used car to make life easier for a student?? You also need to know exactly about the condition of the car. Can the car still be used in Austria or should it be exported??

2. What is the benefit of a residual value appraisal?

Whichever form of sale you choose on the private car market, it is highly advisable to get an accurate picture of the condition and thus the value of your vehicle beforehand! For this purpose you can order a surveyor, which can quickly cost you several hundred euros. Get a quick and free overview with our online calculator. With the average value determined for a car of your type, you can book an appointment for our residual value appraisal. Bring all the documents related to your car to this inspection. During the inspection, which will take about half an hour, our friendly and qualified expert will precisely determine the value of your vehicle.

3. The competent car sale

the used car market is very opaque. Many buyers are vying for the attention of private sellers, who often lose out financially. Sell your car seriously and competently at wirkaufendeinauto.At! We attach great importance to a transparent valuation, which the private car market cannot offer you in this form. This takes place in two simple steps and is absolutely free of charge for you. First, an initial estimate is made using the online tool on our website. Experts then carry out an individual car valuation at one of our branches.

Exclusively, we take care of all the necessary bureaucratic formalities after the purchase, such as deregistration from the registration office. You do not need to worry about anything. present us your car – we buy any car. No matter what condition your car is in, we give every car the chance of a fair purchase. Every make and model has the chance to be sold quickly and conveniently at the best possible price. So even scrap car collectors can still get money for their vehicles!

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