Only 25.000 euro purchase price: the cheap tesla becomes the new golf?

Only 25.000 euro purchase price: will the new cheap Tesla be the golf of the electric age??

Elon musk has already announced in 2020 that tesla’s model range will be expanded to include an affordable entry-level model. The entry-level price of the as yet unnamed vehicle is expected to be only 25.000 US dollars.

The new car will be developed and manufactured in shanghai. According to the magazine "autocar", only the innovative and space-saving engines will come from grunheide in Brandenburg.

When it comes onto the market in 2023, the new model is likely to become serious competition for german manufacturers, according to car expert stefan bratzel.

Until the introduction of the model 3 around four years ago, tesla could be described as a pure premium brand. Even though the quality of workmanship did not always meet expectations, both the model S luxury sedan and the large model X SUV started at just under 100 euros.000 euro.

The mid-size model 3 sedan is considerably less expensive, but the electric million-seller with a base price of 43,000 euros is affordable for everyone.000 euro but still far from. At the battery day in september 2020, the californian carmaker announced an entry-level model suitable for the masses, which could become a kind of electric "volkswagen".

Significantly cheaper than the competition from VW

Elon musk communicated a starting price of 25 euro for the US version of the "baby tesla", which is expected to be launched in 2023.000 U.S. dollars, or the equivalent of just over 22 percent.000 euro. In Europe, the new should be slightly more expensive, in the basic version the 25.000 euro mark, but still unlikely to exceed it.

Until a few months ago, you could still get an e-up, the electric version of the VW up, for this amount. However, this has been taken out of the program in the meantime. The ID, which is more comparable in size.3 has a list price of at least 35.460 euros significantly more expensive. Even after deducting the environmental premium, there will still be a price difference compared to the future entry-level tesla. Whereby the government subsidy program could possibly be over by the time the smallest tesla is launched.

Small rather than compact car

In terms of format, the new e-car is likely to be just below the compact class. So in this country it could compete with models like the opel corsa-e, peugeot e-208, as well as the electric new editions of the renault 5 and fiat panda. The new, small Tesla would not have to fear a rival model from VW. Volkswagen and cupra do not plan to launch their small electric cars until 2025.

Even the basic version of the mini-tesla will probably get a little further than its future opponents on a single battery charge. Elon musk once said that his electric cars would have to offer a range of at least 400 kilometers. In his opinion, they would otherwise not live up to the Tesla name.

Smaller battery with more range

The latest member of the californian carmaker’s family could stand on the model 3’s shortened platform, but get new battery technology that is not only less prone to overheating, but is also expected to increase range while shortening charging times.

Tesla is planning to connect the cells of the electricity storage system with a new and much more compact component. As a result, the cell packs will shrink by around 35 percent compared to the previous variants. Per kilowatt hour, the batteries should also be able to offer about fourteen percent more range. Since the batteries are firmly connected to the body structure, fewer parts are needed in production, and vehicle weight and production costs are reduced.

The design is likely to remain close to the model 3

Visually, the new tesla will be based on its big brother, the model 3, and will be given some of its design elements, such as the headlights, the characteristic bend in the front apron and the huge panoramic roof.

However, the internal name "hatchback" indicates that there will be a change that is not typical for the brand: instead of the usual hatchback, the cheapest tesla will probably have a hatchback. Inside, drivers could be greeted by the usual minimalist layout with the huge central screen.

The new one comes from china and is not called model 2

It is not yet known what the most affordable vehicle from elon musk’s carmaker will be called. In view of its positioning and size, the "model 2" would be an obvious choice. However, elon musk denied this at a shareholders’ meeting last fall, claiming that the designation would not fit in with the rest of the tesla nomenclature. Elon musk originally wanted the abbreviations of the models to form the word "sexy", but the letter E was already protected by ford. That’s why it came onto the market as model 3, forming the word "S3XY" to date.

Even if the name is still in the stars, one important detail has already been communicated: the baby-tesla will not be developed and manufactured in the USA or in brandenburg, but in china. this was already announced by the head of the local tesla division in a video interview with the state-run chinese news agency xinhua at the beginning of last year. According to the british trade magazine "autocar", however, the electricity storage units installed are to come from grunheide in Brandenburg.

"many have to dress warmly"

Stefan bratzel, director of the center of automotive management in bergisch gladbach, sees the new entry-level model as a serious opponent for the products of local carmakers: "wherever tesla attacks in the field of electromobility, it will be difficult for german carmakers to compete with tesla. Especially if tesla, as a strong brand, offers something that is so competitively priced."

In the opinion of the automotive expert, the newcomer is likely to outstrip the established models, especially in the world’s largest car market: "In China, you’ll have to offer cheaper models in the long term anyway. But the little tesla will also be well received in europe. Many people will have to dress warmly here."

Tesla’s entry into the lower-priced segment was expected and therefore no reason to panic: "There’s no need to be afraid of that at all. Slowly, german manufacturers are also making good progress in the field of electromobility. Even if they still need to step up in the software area".

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