Munich’s new motor temple: glamorous pieces from elvis’ convertible to the movie car from “the fast and the furious

munich – at a time when cars are usually associated with CO2 emissions or traffic calming, a new attraction in munich invites car fans to marvel and dream.

they used to repair locomotives in the flesh in this spectacular 185-meter-long and 90-meter-wide hangar in munchen-freimann. Forever ago. For decades, there was no use for the steel hall, which is a listed building. but what’s on offer here lately, my dear mr. singing club, is the most casual, over-the-top and worth seeing new opening of the year.

In the "motorworld" there are noble cars decorated with swarovski stones, workshops, conference rooms, pizzerias, a hatter, racing cars, classic cars and even hotel rooms where you can sleep right next to your car. It’s a place for people who already have everything. But it’s also a place for everyone – admission is free of charge. We present highlights of the new bavarian automobile temple.

Karaoke in front of elvis presley’s BMW

Female fans have written "i love you" in lipstick on the white convertible. Or just: "elvis, marry me!" the rock star was stationed with the u.s. army in germany from 1958 to 1960 and he got a special car. A BMW 507, which at the time already cost as much as a family home in munich*, just under 27,000 marks. now the car is in "motorworld.

Jan opalka works at BMW and knows all the details of the luxury car that used to be nicknamed the "dream from the isar". He tells us that only 251 cars of the series were built, that one example was recently auctioned off for over two million euros – and that the elvis convertible is, of course, not for sale. many fans come to opalka to hear the story, ask questions and have their picture taken. And soon, if the corona rules allow it, they may even sing. "there will be karaoke," says opalka. elvis songs right in front of the elvis car – you can hardly get much closer to the "king of rock" in this world.

Eat and drink like a racing driver

They specially procured a pizza oven from naples, weighing three tons. they hung a buick convertible from the ceiling, year of construction 1954. 400 seats are available in the "motorworld inn," an experience restaurant for all friends of pleasure and the combustion engine.

"we’re turning back time," says daniel anselment. He is one of the bosses. "we play the themes of locomotive and workshop."opening is on friday, the dishes on the menu come from the three big car nations of the world – america, italy, germany. There is the "gran torino burger" (17.90 euros), pizza salami (12.90 euros), but also "granny ernas fleischpflanzerl (14.90 euros). If you can’t afford a ferrari yet, or don’t want to, you can eat like a racing driver here. And drink like a budding formula 1 world champion. Champagne from 99.90 euros a bottle.

the perfect hat for a classic car

Andreas nuslan is a hat maker and somehow also a total work of art. He hands you a thick brochure about his hat factory, four generations, founded in 1875, 30,000 wooden hat molds in stock. there you can read that celebrities and even popes wear his hats. Nuslan "is now as famous as its customers from all over the world," it actually says.

If you still don’t know him, you can get to know the "hat king", which is also the name of the store, in the "motorworld". "can’t be done, doesn’t exist", he says. He has the right hat for every occasion – and for every car. "if you drive an old mercedes," he says, "i recommend an old panama or a narrow trilby to go with it."he has hats for 70 euros, but also for 10,000 euros. "if you buy something from bugatti or mclaren next door, you naturally want something good," says nuslan, who has his headquarters in regensburg. He’s glad to God we’re living in a hat age again. "the 1968ers," he says, "wanted to do everything differently, so they didn’t want to wear a hat either." the family business stumbled, but now all is well again. The desire for luxury is stronger than any ideology.

"the world is always divided," says nuslan. He thinks, for example, that many of the big cars with high horsepower, which are also here in the hall, should be banned from the city centers. "but out in the country, they’re needed," he says. "there you need strong vehicles – for example for pulling." and of course so that the custom hat king hat can be properly showcased.

A night with a dream car

dream wife, dream house, dream car, dream children. If you really have everything in the world, you might find something in "motorworld" that you haven’t had before – an overnight stay at the four-star ameron hotel. There are 156 great design rooms, including three studios where guests can sleep in a double bed right next to their car or motorcycle. Joana bunger is deputy hotel director. "we recently had a guest," she says, "who said to us that he hadn’t slept so well in a long time. He thinks it was the car."price per night: from 175 euro. "the demand for the studios," says bunger, "is enormous."

A mercedes to slow down

At "motorworld" you can buy bugattis for a few million euros, you can look at horsepower guns. Or you can go to kira gruhsem. She, too, needs a bit of pocket change, but the young lady sells automotive beauties for the company "arthur bechtel classic motors," which is all about style rather than speed.

"we have a diverse selection of mercedes benz classics," she says. A bright red mercedes benz 280 SL pagoda from 1969, for example, priced at 215,000 euros. Or a fully functional, replica benz-patentmotorwagen from 1885 for 48 500 euro. The vehicle has 0.75 hp and is slower than a horse. For some, this is exactly the car heaven on earth.

Just like in the movies: great parts for lots and lots of money

the highest bid is between five and six million euros, says sepp schmid, managing director of GT-A racing gmbh. That’s how much someone wanted to pay for the original movie car of paul walker from "the fast and the furious 4," but the munich-based specialty car company didn’t weaken. The car is one of the visitor magnets, especially young guests can hardly believe their luck to take a selfie next to the blue nissan.

"we have everything that people don’t need," says schmid. "everything that’s fun." a rolls-royce corniche for 138,000 euros, old u.s. cars, cars with three wheels. Schmid and his team also get cars that are hard to come by. How about a former le man race car, a ferrari? It is currently considered the most expensive car in the world. "the 84-year-old saleswoman imagines 110 million dollars," says schmid. "if you want, we can fly to america to see it."tempting, but maybe a ride on the U6 will do for now. you can get from marienplatz to "motorworld" in 20 minutes by car. Because sometimes it’s nicer to dream about cars than to actually have them. *tz.De is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA


the hall in munich-frimann

The "steam locomotive repair shop" or "hall 24," today home to "motorworld," was once part of the railroad repair shop. in 1916, the arms manufacturer krupp acquired the huge site in freimann. in 1919, fritz neumeyer from upper franconia bought it, manufactured hydroelectric turbines, and repaired locomotives for the german reichsbahn. in 1925, the railroad took over the plant along with the land and residential properties. The so-called reichsbahnausbesserungswerk came under the influence of the national socialists in 1933 and became a place of forced labor. The steam locomotive straightening hall itself was built from 1938 to 1942. Locomotives and freight cars were repaired there. Until 1953.

the railroad rented out or replaced buildings. this is also how the MOC event center came into being. parts of the site were listed, among them the "halle 24" and the zenith. When the railroad finally closed the plant in 1995, "halle 24" stood empty and found an investor eleven years ago in andreas dunkel. In the left half is his oldtimer paradise, in the other a bauhaus construction market. Of the remaining old buildings, most are no longer standing.

The investor

Andreas dunkel, 57, comes from schemmerhofen in the district of biberach-riss in baden-wurttemberg. The dunkels are entrepreneurs. The grandfather founded the dunkel gravel works, and in 1996 the "activ Group" was added, which develops real estate. "my three brothers and i were born with this enthusiasm for cars. We could hardly walk before we were riding motorcycles," andreas dunkel told our newspaper. the motorworld group is his baby.

Engine worlds like the one in munich already exist in cologne-rheinland and at the old Wurttemberg state airport in boeblingen. The one at the ewald colliery is in partial operation, and more are being planned in mallorca and luxembourg. In addition, somewhat smaller "motorworld manufactories" in metzingen, berlin, zurich and russelsheim are already in partial operation. The projects are built in special, mostly listed locations and are correspondingly difficult to calculate. dunkel wanted to invest 85 million euros in munich, but it turned out to be over 200 million euros. Wha

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