Multifunction knob

A multifunction knob is a retrofit control on the steering wheel. It facilitates the steering movement, similar to a steering knob. At the same time the multifunction knob the operation of the lights and signals on the car. In addition to improved control over the steering wheel, this allows various settings to be made without taking the hand off the steering wheel.

  • Low beam / high beam
  • turn signal
  • Horn
  • Wiper

depending on the model up to 18 functions can be controlled by the multifunctional knob. The signals are transmitted to the vehicle via a radio link with the vehicle’s control unit – this works without any time delay and absolutely safely!

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Multifunction knob for safe operation of the vehicle

The advantages of a multifunction knob are the one-handed operation of the steering wheel without reaching around and the operation of the vehicle functions without having to take your hands off the steering wheel.

Controlling different functions with a single handle

One steering wheel rotary knob ensures that the steering wheel is held securely in all driving situations. Even larger steering movements can be carried out safely and without reaching around using the rotary knob.

This principle will also be applied to the multi-function knob made use of. The multifunction rotary knob facilitates the steering movement and moreover operation of the vehicle functions, as these can be controlled directly from the rotary knob.

Multifunction knob for the steering wheel: one-hand operation

We offer different models for one hand operation an: multifunction rotary knob or. Multifunction knobs

Prices for multifunction knobs

The prices for multifunction knobs are depending on the model and complexity of the installation often between 2.800 EUR to 3.000 EUR (incl. TuV approval and incl. VAT). Special cases can be more expensive under certain circumstances.

Cost factor model: the available models usually have similar key functions. The devices differ mainly in their ergonomics. one driver likes this model, another one that model more. Depending on the model there are then smaller price differences.

Cost factor installation: the installation of a multifunction knob is the biggest cost variable. This is due to the different connection options of the vehicles. Installation in particularly old vehicles is often much more expensive than in modern vehicles with the latest (CAN bus) data interface.

For older vehicles it may be possible. Not every function can be controlled via the CAN bus and certain button functions have to be wired directly. This is associated with a correspondingly higher outlay.

Frequently asked questions about multifunction knobs

What must be considered legally with the multifunctional rotary knob?? To be allowed to use the multifunctional rotary knob in road traffic, must be registered in the driver’s license. If the driver of the vehicle changes, the rotary knob can be removed in seconds.

procedure for the registration of the multifunctional knob 1.) consult your specialist dealer to find the right solution for you. 2.) contact TuV / dekra to get an expert opinion on the necessity of a steering aid. 3.) the certificate must now be presented to the driver’s license office (Landkreis) and the steering assistance will be noted in the driver’s license.

Is there financial support for driving assistance?? Whether there is support for the financing of the steering aid depends largely on whether you need the steering aid in order to be able to continue to exercise your profession. Then there may be. an eligibility by the agency for work or the german pension insurance. If you are no longer in working life, the subsidy is often eliminated. Please do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to give you our assessment of your specific situation.

Is the safety of the vehicle limited by the rotary knob?? The vehicle’s safety systems are not restricted by the steering aid and the steering wheel airbag is not affected by the rotary knob.

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