Missing student in the usa: police find car after 45 years

On the night of 27. january 1976 kyle wade clinkscales was on the road with his ford – but he never arrived at his destination. For almost 46 years, the then 22-year-old has been missing in the USA. Now investigators have a new lead, police announced on facebook.

The missing man’s car is believed to have been found in a creek on the route between lagrange, georgia, and auburn university in neighboring alabama state. The 22-year-old is said to have been on his way to the university town where he was studying at the time. In lagrange, about 45 minutes away by car, he worked as a bartender, according to a report. A witness reportedly alerted to the sunken car.

Human remains found

The car is an older model ford with a 1976 georgia license plate, police said. After running the license plate, investigators determined that it and the VIN number matched a 1974 ford pinto runabout that the missing man was last seen driving that night in january 1976.

According to a media report, human remains were also found in the car. However, it is still unclear whether these belong to clickscales. More bones are being searched for. Investigators also recovered an ID and credit cards in the car. These are believed to belong to the missing man, a local sheriff told the U.S. newspaper newsweek.

Parents of missing man are deceased

"for 45 years we searched for this young man and for this car", sheriff said. "We’ve drained seen, we’ve searched here and there, we’ve checked this theory and that theory, but nothing has ever come of it." clinkscale’s father died in 2007 and his mother died this year. So you’ll never know about your son’s remaining.

Louise Clinkscales: the missing man's mother died in 2021. (Source: AP/dpa/Renee Hannis/Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Louise clinkscales: missing man’s mother died in 2021. (source: renee hannis/atlanta journal-constitution/AP/dpa)

"It was always their hope that he would come home", sheriff told newspaper. "It was always our hope that we would find him for her before she dies. Just the fact that we have probably found him and the car now gives me a little relief."

Two suspects arrested in 2005

A stranger’s fault is not excluded furthermore. According to the report, two people were arrested in 2005 in connection with the disappearance. Clinkscale’s parents had received a call from a man who claimed to have witnessed their son’s body being dumped when he was a seven-year-old boy. The corpse had been covered by concrete in a barrel and thrown into a pond. The two suspects have been accused of making false statements, he said. One pleaded guilty and served seven years and eight months in prison.

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The local sheriff told newsweek further: "i want to see what the GBI finds in the car, how many bones they find, if they find a skull. (. ) he was murdered and left there? Did he run off the road and crash there? That’s what we hope to find out, but it’s been 45 years." the mystery of kyle wade clinkscales is still waiting to be solved.

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