Maxi cosi tobi test

The maxi cosi tobi in the test: innovation. This means going new ways for maxi-cosi. Developing innovations to guarantee children comfort and safety all in one.

With the maxi cosi tobi group 1 child car seat, maxi-cosi offers a perfect example of this. A specially developed base integrated into the seat makes the seat one of the absolute showpieces of the brand.

At first glance, the model appears extremely unconventional. The integrated base makes the seat look very powerful and robust. The height adjustability makes the child seat look more like a normal car seat.

We put the tobi to the test and summarize the existing test reports for you and present the advantages and disadvantages of this seat.

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Maxi cosi tobi: easy care, heavy weight

The tobi belongs to the child seat group 1 of maxi-cosi. It is suitable for children from the age of 9 months and up to the age of 4 years. The weight of your child should be between 9 and 18 kilograms at the time of installation.

The material is a mixture of mostly polyester, some polyurethane and polyamide. The cover of the seat is washable up to 30 degrees (gentle wash). The seat has a very good padding, as well as an excellent leg support.

The installation of the seat in the vehicle takes place without ISOFIX instead of. This is due to the fact that the actual seat frame of the tobi is mounted on a special base station.

Base and seat are inseparable. They form a unit and are firmly mounted together. The base station cannot be anchored to the standard ISOFIX frame. Your car does not have to be equipped with ISOFIX.

Instead, the child car seat is installed in the car with a standard three-point belt. The installation takes place in the direction of travel. The seat weighs a whopping 11 kilograms itself. Compared to other maxi-cosi seats, this is a very high value.

Transporting the seat by hand can therefore be an effort, even without the child. Somewhat older versions (before 2010) are still a little lighter (8.9 kilograms).

However, the new and current variants from maxi-cosi have not only increased safety but also weight. The topic of muscle strength will also be taken up again later on.

The child car seat impresses with top values in all crash tests, uncomplicated buckling of the child, easy operation and physically harmonious seating positions that promise full comfort for your child.

Instructions: easy and quick installation – even without ISOFIX!

How to fix such a heavy child seat without ISOFIX? This question initially raises justifiable doubts about the safety of the child car seat. But don’t judge the seat too quickly! Because the tobi knows how to mitigate this flaw with clever belt routing.

At the upper end of the seat, the seat has a belt locking device. this extra includes an additional belt tensioner, which makes it much easier to install the seat with the standard three-point belt.

The belt lock ensures that the belt wraps as tightly as possible around the body of the seat.

So you have the permanent assurance that the child seat is rock solid in your vehicle.

High comfort and a view like a big one

Color variant "digital rain

But it’s not just the additional belt tensioner that scores points for the seat. The seat is designed to give your child a comfortable and relaxed car ride. This is where the base station comes into play! The fixed combination of seat and base gives the seat a height of 75.6 centimeters.

Your child sits at about the same height as an average-sized adult during the ride can perceive the view from the window.

your child will not miss anything from the outside world and will see much more during the ride than in other child seats and baby carriers. And while your child enjoys the view, you can concentrate on driving all the time.

But that’s not all. If your child wants to close its eyes and sleep in spite of the view, the impressions from the outside could be a hindrance. Dermaxi cosi tobi child seat has five comfortable positions. From the conventional sitting position to the resting position, where your little darling can slumber in pleasure.

The five seating and resting positions are adjusted by means of a spring-loaded actuator. So it is very easy to switch back and forth between the different positions. You can easily adjust your child to the different comfort positions, even if he or she is already sleeping or napping.

( + ) easy installation (3-point belt) due to practical belt guide
( + ) built-in base station allows good external visibility
( + ) very good crash-test scores

( ) no ISOFIX
( ) very heavy seat due to integrated base station
( ) quick wear and tear possible

Easy to understand operation thanks to colored display

This ease of use is also guaranteed when the child is buckled and unbuckled. The maxi cosi tobi’s "easy out" harness system means your child is buckled into the seat in seconds and can be removed from the seat just as quickly.

The belt system remains open after unbuckling, so that it is not annoyingly in the way when buckling up and also minimizes the loss of time. You save valuable time when buckling and unbuckling and reduce the stress on your nerves.

This child car seat also has a very low risk of misuse. a visual indicator shows you whether your child is correctly secured in the child seat. This colored signal lights up green as soon as the belts around your child are properly tightened and have reached optimum tension.

The tobi is still a seat that grows with the size of the child. The headrest is adjustable from the front, as is the harness system. The different size settings can be easily adjusted, as there is no need to unthread the straps. A high and stable back support also helps here.

Highest safety level

the maxi cosi tobi also knows how to convince in the area of safety. Like all maxi-cosi seats, the seat also fulfills the following requirements the requirements of the approval label ECE R 44/04.

all child car seats approved in the european union have this orange label on the bottom of the seat. It confirms that the seat meets the requirements of the EU safety regulation and is approved for use in road traffic.

But maxi-cosi is not stopping there with this child seat. In addition to the obligatory safety aspects, the child car seat scores points with the side protection system (SPS) specially developed by maxi cosi side-protection-system (SPS).

The SPS is an optimized protection concept for a side impact. Two additional protective pads around the hip and neck area absorb the forces of the impact and distribute them better. This safety is also certified by the ADAC and the Austrian Motorists’ Association (oAMTC).

the ADAC gives the child seat the mark in the crash test good, while the oAMTC rated the seat as highly recommended rating. The responsible production of the child seat is also confirmed by the predicate made in europe guaranteed.

Maxi-cosi offers the seat in almost any color scheme. Black raven, robin red, river blue, etc… the seat can be purchased in all the classics of the color palette. The range of accessories is also available to match the seat. With a cup holder, a summer cover or a sunshade, the appearance and functionality can be individually designed.

Operating instructions and possible colors

Side view of the child seat

The operating instructions / instructions for use can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

The child seat is currently available in a wide range of colors. We present a selection here:

  • Black crystal
  • Earth brown
  • Robin red
  • Black
  • Concrete grey
  • Confetti
  • Mosaic blue
  • Grey
  • River blue
  • Black raven
  • Dress blue
  • Digital rain


If there are any shortcomings at all, then only in terms of durability. Since the seat is only firmly secured in the vehicle with the belts, these belts exert a lot of pressure on the material of the seat.

With constant use and continuous storage in the car with the belts under tension, signs of wear can quickly appear on the material. In the "workmanship" category, the ADAC also gave the child seat a rating of just satisfactory.

Customer experience has shown that the seat occasionally needs to be repaired after only a short period of use. The belts can also be affected and may wear out.

It should also be mentioned that a certain amount of muscular strength is required to tighten the belts. The lack of ISOFIX fastening is compensated for by the tight belt guide.

Accordingly, a certain belt length is necessary. If this is not available, you can quickly encounter resistance when fitting the seat.

Conclusion about the maxi cosi tobi

Nevertheless, the tobi can be fully recommended for purchase! Not for nothing the ADAC comes to the conclusion that the seat is one of the best seats with standard three-point belt installation.

safety, operation and comfort are the three main arguments in favor of a purchase

the top scores in various crash tests guarantee full safety, easy seat installation and uncomplicated buckling of the child prove the easy operation and the physically harmonious seat positions promise full comfort for your child.

The high seating position makes the tobi a pleasant exception to conventional child car seats and infant carriers.

While you concentrate on the ride, your child can look out of the window with pleasure.

The child seat is therefore a must, especially for those who either do not swear by ISOFIX or do not have an ISOFIX anchorage in the car. in this case the tobi must be on your interest list. There is hardly a better seat on the market for fastening in the vehicle with a standard three-point belt.

If the maxi cosi tobi is not your first choice, you will find a variety of child seats in our best list. Or you can use our interactive guide to find the right seat for your child and your vehicle. You can find both in the upper navigation bar.

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