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Scaring martens away from the car. Twice in the space of a year, I’ve had the misfortune of being bitten by a marten in my car. The pine marten went on a rampage in the engine compartment and caused four-figure damage.

but which means for marten defense in the engine compartment should i use?

finally after a lot of trial and error, i found an effective combination for marten repellent.

Since then I never had problems with marten attacks on my car again. I will tell you how I did it in this article. Let’s go!

marten engine compartment

Scare the marten away from the car.

Scare martens from the car – are there remedies that help?

Yes, there are means with which you can scare away martens from the car. In the process, you should apply the defenses in combination to enhance the deterrent and defensive effect.

In the following section, I have compiled for you the 5 best means with which every marten will leave your car in peace.

The 5 best ways to scare martens out of the car!

1.) wash the engine

After a marten damage in the car you should definitely perform an engine wash. You have to banish the scent of the marten from the engine compartment.

Without an engine cleaning you will not succeed in the long run. The resident marten is triggered again and again by the scent of the alien marten. Another marten bite is the costly consequence.

To get the scent of the marten safely out of the engine compartment, special cleaning agents for the engine such as SONAX 543200 engine cleaning spray* should be used.

2.) use of a wildlife camera against martens

If the car is parked in a fenced area or garage, a wildlife camera can be placed near the car.

With the help of the camera, you can find out whether you are dealing with a single marten or several animals. For this you should choose a camera with night vision function.

If you discover different martens on the pictures, it is possible that you live in a border zone between two marten territories. In this case you should look for a new parking place.

I use the SECACAM homevista full HD profi outdoor wildlife camera* with night vision function. It has a release time of 0.4 seconds and will incl. SD card and batteries supplied. The camera has over 2000 positive reviews on amazon.


At regular intervals I check whether my measures to scare away martens are still effective!

3.) neem oil and marten repellent spray against martens in the car

Neem oil is very effective against martens. The smell of the neem oil irritates the fine smell organs of the marten. Neem oil is a herbal repellent obtained from the seeds of the neem tree.

neem oil is a pure vegetable oil and has no negative impact on the environment. Pre-mixed neem oil mixtures* can be sprayed in the engine compartment and around the car with special pressure sprayers*.

You should spray neem oil in the engine compartment at regular intervals. In my car I had renewed the neem oil every 5 days.

Marten repellent spray

If you don’t want to use neem oil, you can also use commercial repellent sprays for the car. DFNT marten repellent spray* should be renewed every 2-4 weeks to ensure effective protection.

4.) ultrasonic repellent for the engine compartment

I have installed in the engine compartment of my car a so-called "marderschreck". This is connected to the battery of the car and emits ultrasonic waves at regular intervals.

Martens hate these sound waves inaudible to humans. The installation of the device is feasible for everyone, even with little technical knowledge.

When you consider what garages charge to install these devices, the 26 euros is a real bargain. I have chosen the gardigo marten-free car repeller* and I am very satisfied with the device.

5.) marten grid

Every day in the evening hours I put two layers of rabbit wire (bent in different ways) under the engine compartment.

the amount of work is minimal and i increase the marten protection (i live in a rural area with a very high marten population).

A peculiarity of the stone martens is that they do not like it from not to climb off solid surfaces. Through the rabbit wire the marten paws do not find a stable hold and the stone marten is prevented from climbing into the engine compartment.

I have built my own marten guard out of rabbit wire.

If you want you can also buy prefabricated marten grids*. The marten grid is placed under the engine compartment. Ready!

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