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With its very own light graphics in the front headlights, the dacia jogger should be recognizable even in the dark in the future.

With the jogger, dacia has replaced three vehicles and shown how the combination of SUV, station wagon and van can be cleverly turned into a versatile, spacious and practical car. Since the jogger is also visually attractive and comes with a low price to the start, it should appeal not only families.

New image, new logo, new self-confidence – the transformation of the dacia brand is visible from afar. The latest example is the jogger, a five- or seven-seater family car that the romanian renault subsidiary presented last september at the IAA mobility in munich as the successor to the logan MCV, lodgy and dokker. no wonder, the jogger is attractively packaged in a robust outdoor look, offers a lot of space and is positioned extremely family-friendly. its price should be unbeatable, starting at only 13.990 euro. Even with the best equipment it remains under 18.000 euro. Delivery starts in march.


The symbiosis of SUV, station wagon and van is particularly evident at the rear of the dacia jogger.

Actually, the jogger wants to be a three-in-one car, with design elements of a suv, the length of a station wagon and the spaciousness of a van. Marketing people like to talk about the crossover. The customer couldn’t care less. For him, other things count: functionality, space, versatility and the most economical engine possible. Because the engineers succeeded in making the jogger very light – it weighs only 1251 kilograms, which is around 200 kilograms lighter than similar vehicles – there is no need for a large and powerful engine.

Small economical engine

Under the hood is a small and newly designed one-liter three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with an output of 110 hp. It proves to be a lively companion, is good on the gas and keeps its tone even at higher revs. dacia claims a consumption of 5.7 liters, after the test drive, a mix of city, country roads and highway (limit 130 km/h) the display showed an average of 6.7 liters.

The cockpit of the dacia jogger appears tidy and friendly. But the important thing is, it doesn’t come cheap.

The six manual gears for propulsion can be changed easily and precisely. More comfortable would be of course an automatic transmission, but this is not to be found in the price list, at least not yet. It won’t be until 2023 when dacia will offer its first hybrid drive – taken from the renault clio – in the jogger as well.

As an alternative, dacia also offers its 4.55-meter crossover station wagon with an autogas engine. Here there is an additional 40-liter tank in the spare wheel well. The system is bivalent. If the liquid gas runs out, the system automatically switches to gasoline. The output of the three-cylinder engine drops to 101 hp in gas mode, and maximum torque from 200 to 170 newton meters. So a few sacrifices have to be made here in terms of agility. The reward is lower mileage costs, because autogas costs only about 90 cents per liter. But since there’s less energy in it, consumption rises proportionally. Dacia specifies a fuel consumption of 7.7 liters; in everyday use it will be a good 8.0 liters.

The trump card is the space concept

The trunk of the dacia jogger can hold up to 1817 liters.

The jogger clearly plays its trump card in the space concept. Even in the third row of seats, adults can still be accommodated in a halay acceptable manner. If you order the jogger as a five-seater, you can fit between 607 and 1819 liters in the Romanian space miracle. Some premium luxury-class station wagons can’t compete with this. As a seven-seater (surcharge: 800 euros), it has a capacity of 160 to 1807 liters. However, the latter value only applies if the two single seats in the third row have been completely removed beforehand.

It’s easy to do, though, because it weighs less than ten kilograms. If that’s not enough luggage volume, you should choose the modular roof rails as an option. It can be converted into a carrier for a box in just a few easy steps. A trailer coupling is also available for the jogger. Their advantages should appreciate especially hobby bikers and camping enthusiasts.

Not a cheap car

The seats in the third row of the dacia jogger can be removed in no time at all if necessary.

Despite the price-sensitive classification in the segment, behind the steering wheel of the jogger you don’t feel like you’re in a cheap car, even if hard plastic dominates here and there. The cockpit appears tidy, user-friendly and well finished. dacia dispenses with unnecessary bells and whistles. ventilation and air-conditioning are controlled by large rotary knobs, the steering wheel is adjustable in height and depth, so that in almost all cases a good sitting position can be found.

since the jogger does not have to use renault’s depreciated platforms, as used to be the case with dacia, but now gets the latest technology on an equal footing, this naturally has a positive effect on connectivity, comfort and assistance systems. For example, you can connect your smartphone to the media system and have a number of electronic helpers on board. Depending on the equipment variant, these include keyless entry, a rear view camera, parking assistance, cruise control and blind spot warning system. However, an automatic distance pilot for freeway traffic is not available. Customer surveys have shown that this is not desired, says dacia.

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